Woodway Treadmill review – read before you buy

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Woodway Treadmill review. Woodways Treadmill is a worldwide brand of top-of-the-line wellness gear with an extraordinary spotlight on treadmills.

This Woodways Treadmill brand will in general pull in customers from fitness centers, clinics, and other business settings. For home use, a Woodways treadmill could without much of a stretch keep going for an age.

Willi Schoenberger established Woodway in 1975 in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The name Woodway is gotten from the German word Waldweg, which means “wald” signifying “wood” and “weg” signifying “way.”

Schoenberger needed to plan a treadmill that offered a characteristic however firm surface, just as highlight a specialized framework that disposed of the erosion found in transport line style treadmills.

In 1988, the organization conceded a permit to a U.S. firm in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to be the essential maker of Woodway treadmills. Alongside two different plants in Germany and Japan, Woodway is currently the biggest particular treadmill maker on the planet.

They sell basically to colleges, clinics, governments, and professional athletics groups, and they are moving into the private home market.

The organization’s worldwide home office is in Wisconsin. Woodways treadmill is worked in the USA, Germany, and Japan.

Woodway Treadmill review - read before you buy

Woodway Treadmill review

Woodways treadmill is recognized by its one-of-a-kind track (called Slat Belts), which keeps going for 150,000 miles before substitution. That is multiple times the exhibition limit of the run-of-the-mill business treadmill belts. On certain units these tracks are particularly huge:

The Woodway 4Front treadmill has a 22″ x 68″ exercise space and Woodway likewise makes a treadmill for skaters that is basically a smaller than expected arena with around 50 square feet of the exercise room.

The Woodways treadmill Curve is particularly eye-catching. It has a more customary size than the Blade yet includes a bent track.

Fueled by gravity and the client’s moving body weight, the Curve is an engine free treadmill that offers particularly quick calorie consume contrasted with the standard business options.

Woodways treadmill is worked for all expertise levels and preparing purposes. They’re accessible with medical clinic grade hardware and some are explicitly intended to help serious active recuperation and stride examination.

Over the product offering, excellent designing for low support and low vitality utilization make Woodways treadmill savvy purchases if long haul worth is a top need.

Woodway takes into account its top of the line customers with numerous custom choices. Most Woodways treadmill has 15% grades as a standard spec but on the other hand, is accessible with 25% slopes.

Various screens are accessible, some giving access to computerized diversion and remote information following. Switch track movement and extra-rapid limit are likewise accessible.

Other treadmills provided by woodway


This top-selling Woodway treadmill is totally self-controlled, without the engine of the 4Front and different models. It has a 17″ x 67″ running surface and remote pulse ability, with limitless applications for light, medium or substantial preparing with no most extreme speed levels as the whole exercise is self coordinated. It includes an essential LED show showing you your speed, calories, distance, heartbeat, and time.

Bend Trainer

The Curve Trainer is indistinguishable from the normal Curve, yet it has a lower ascend at one or the flip side to make it simpler to run at a consistent speed.


The Woodway Mercury has a 16″ x 68″ running surface, and is smaller than the comparative 4Front making it the most minimized treadmill offered by the organization. Something else, the 2 machines share comparative specs.


Similarly as the Mercury is smaller than the 4Front, the Path is more limited, with a 22″ x 52″ running surface and 47 individual supports instead of 60. It also has the very highlights and abilities that the 4Front and Mercury have.

Desk Mill

The Desk Mill is a small scale variant of Woodway’s ordinary, non bending treadmills, intended for use while you work. You can change the maple or cherry shaded work area from 27″ up to 50″ and it has a running surface that is 15″ x 39″, with two reassure alternatives.

Which Woodway Treadmill Should You Choose?

The Woodway treadmills are magnificent, however, they are additionally very costly and are ordinarily held for top-of-the-line rec centers, colleges, and recovery offices.

In any case, if you can swing the $6000+ label price, these are an incredible decision for your home gym, expecting practically no upkeep and enduring twice the length of most regular treadmills.

To the extent which one you should purchase, the choice should come down to cost, clearly, just as whether you need a mechanized or non-mechanized machine and what your space limitations are.

We referenced over that the Curve and 4Front are the most famous decisions, yet you may track down that one of different models turns out better for you.

Since the Curve and Curve Trainer are self controlled, they are the most economical Woodway treadmills. However for the individuals who like to decide their own velocities and make changes on the fly, those could be the ideal decisions.

Woodway Treadmill Review – Read Before You Buy

They consider a wide range of preparing from essential strolling to HIIT stretches and full scale runs. They additionally save you a great deal of cash in power, settling on them a really green decision.

Woodway Treadmill Review

Assuming you favor an engine, slant levels and exercise programs, certainly take a gander at the Woodway 4Front, despite the fact that it is about $4000 more costly than the Curves. In the event that space is an issue, think about the Mercury and Path, the two of which have more modest profiles and may fit in better in your home rec center.

How long do Woodway treadmills last?

150,000 milesThe average Woodway treadmill has a life expectancy of up to 150,000 miles for the running surface.

What’s in store in a Specialized Treadmill

Rather than a moving belt pulled by end rollers across a deck, Woodway treadmills utilize singular braces that coast along two low rubbing metal ball rails. The vulcanized elastic braces get across the strolling stage and over the finishes like tank tracks, both in forward and switch movement.

Woodward depicts the stun assimilation properties of the treadmill’s supports, with a Shore A Hardness of 38-43, as the sensation of running on a bed of delicate pine needles covering a way in the backwoods.

Specialists at the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, Germany, decided this to be the ideal surface non-abrasiveness, the sweet spot maybe, to keep up appropriate biomechanics step while killing the unsafe stun to joints and muscles.

Investigate the whole Woodway group on the copmany site!

Likewise, this low rubbing framework turns unreservedly to convey smooth and steady speed, with no slippage – ever. Tests show that the framework never strains the engine and performs with a similar pull yield whether there is an individual remaining on the belt or not.

Without over the top weight on the engine, drive framework, and electrical parts, these treadmills offer lower fixes, insignificant support, and longer life. Contrasted with standard 2-utilize treadmill belts, which can last up to 20,000 miles, Woodway’s licensed Slatflex transportation framework can last up to 150,000 miles.

Intended for Optimum Comfort

Woodway currently offers a self-fueled home treadmill, called the Curve, that moves so smoothly it is difficult to accept there is no engine pulling the support stage.

Going in costs beginning around $6,000 for home models, and climbing to $24,000 for clinical testing and recovery models, Woodway treadmills score high as far as padding, commotion level, strolling region (up to 68″ long), dependability, guarantee, and quality.

No other conventional treadmill can contact a Woodway. It is the best treadmill you can claim, and potentially the last treadmill you will at any point need to purchase.

What We Like:

  • Long-Lasting Tracks: Woodways treadmill tracks beat every single other brand. While customary exercise tracks are produced using ceaseless sheets of material, for example, nylon and PVC, Woodway’s licensed tracks (called Slat Belts) are involved many interlocking braces of vulcanized elastic.
  • These braces are fantastic safeguards and incredibly solid. Combined with Woodway’s smooth track directs, a Slat Belt can support up to 150,000 miles of preparing before execution begins to wind down. That is around multiple times the strength of tracks utilized on other business treadmills.
  • Energy Use: Woodways treadmill is particularly vitality effective. Those in the Curve arrangement are really motorless, utilizing gravity and client weight to convey extraordinary training. Treadmills in other Woodway groups have amazing engines yet draw about a large portion of the power contrasted and contenders from different brands.
  • Unique Curve: The Curve arrangement of Woodways treadmill bolsters particularly fast calorie burnt because of interestingly bent exercise surfaces. The Curve, the Ecomill, and others in this accumulation let a client control track speed just by moving their body position.
  • Track Sizes: Woodway manufactures treadmills for individuals all things considered and circumferences. The 22″ x 68″ exercise space on the Woodway 4Front, for instance, is one of the biggest in the business. (Commonplace business treadmills for sprinters have 20″ x 60″ tracks.) Most extensive of all is the Woodway Blade treadmill for skaters. It has a 94″ x 83″ preparing surface for rehearsing sidelong developments and hybrids.
  • Inclines: Most Woodways treadmills have power slants with a top setting of 15% and can be redesigned with a max of 25% slopes.
  • Workout Programming: Monitors for Woodway cardio coaches are stacked with various preparing programs and an assortment of wellness tests. Also, they let clients set aside 99 redid schedules.
  • Data Sharing: Trainees can send out treadmill exercise information utilizing USB ports. Moreover, some Woodways treadmills are accessible with online information following.
  • Displays: This brand utilizes an assortment of consoles. Some are “carefully the same old thing” and just show exercise information (pulse included) on straightforward LED screens. Others have 19″ HDTV screens, touchscreens with altered on-request programming, and other cutting-edge innovations.
  • High Capacity: Typical business treadmills have 400-pound client weight limits. Numerous Woodways treadmills surpass this elevated expectation and can securely suit as much as 800 pounds.
  • Decks: Woodway’s decks, much the same as their tracks, are developed to serve for 150,000 miles.
  • Warranties: Woodway guarantees are aggressive for the business treadmill industry. A model is the four-year entire machine guarantee on the 4Front treadmill that worked to clinic grade benchmarks.

What We Don’t Like:

  • High Prices: Woodway treadmills cost more than others in advance. They convey excellent incentives over the long haul since they are for all intents and purposes support free and draw generally little power (assuming any!), however, a few customers may be keen on renting another Woodway or picking a renovated model to set aside cash.
  • Heavy Machines: These treadmills are not effectively moved. The 4Front, for example, weighs around 450 pounds. The Blade, a treadmill for skaters, gauges 3,000 pounds!

What is the best treadmill for the money?

A Woodway really is the World’s Finest Treadmill, intended to give a definitive in customer solace, regardless of whether it be training for your next race or improving and keeping up your fitness level.

A Woodway home treadmill is planned and worked to similar norms as our business treadmills, with the unrivaled support belt running surface that is milder on joints and ligaments and keeps going longer than traditional belt and deck treadmills.

Our Verdict:

Woodway is a top brand for customers with higher spending plans. The splendid building brings about treadmills that vibe rich to utilize and are effectively kept up. With choices going from emergency clinic grade hardware to on-request music recordings, the Woodways treadmill line has something at each customer in its cost class.

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