Using Twitter Tools To Tweet Your WordPress Blog – Social Networking

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Not only that, this plugin is chock full of customization features, so you have more room to play around with the design, layout, and use of your social login buttons. The customizer options make it easy to add your social media links, upload your own logo, select theme colors and choose whether or not to display the home page post slider.

So if a user updates their name, that change will flow down from higher up components like a Page component down to a PageHeader, down to a NavBar, down to a UserStatus. A 302 redirect should be used when you eventually plan to use the original URL (Page A) again as a separate page, but temporarily want to redirect it to a second page (Page B).

  1. A full service SUNet ID
  2. Create a backup of the .htaccess file. (you can reload it if the changes break your website)
  3. Easy to manage and manipulate content
  4. Custom sidebars areas
  5. Check the front of your website to make sure your menu is appearing in the right place
  6. Photo focused
  7. Select All the database tables in the selection box

Note – if you wanted to get really creative, speed up wordpress you could create a second custom post type for Directors and then link the two together using a relationship… It has been designed to be modern and fresh and is suitable for any type of website, blog or e-commerce store. See, it doesn’t just help you register a custom post type – it also helps you display it on the front-end without needing to know any custom code.

Basically, custom post types are what make WordPress an all-purpose CMS, instead of just a blogging platform. Where did your custom fields go off to? For customers who are already using the WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin, it is possible to switch to using Native Domain Mapping also no benefit or reason to do so yet.

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Troubleshoot any possible database issues – This is another advanced step, but there likely are a few things you can check on your own before contacting your web host. Users can customize the theme or in other words, the web layout, background colors, font etc to better suit his content or give a more classy and unique look for his blog. Now a lot of users install WordPress themes on their live websites just to test them out.

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