sole f65 treadmill review

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Sole F65 Treadmill Review. The Sole F65 is a solid foldable treadmill worked for open to running and strolling at home.This mainstream cardio mentor is much more impressive and open than previously, in addition to it has an updated console, a coordinated tablet holder, Bluetooth sound speakers, and a USB charging port. Key specs incorporate a 3.25 CHP engine, a 60″ x 22″ track with power slant, and a business deck for astounding stun assimilation.

sole f65 treadmill review


The Sole F65 Treadmill has a low markdown cost of $1,299 yet the quality to coordinate with its $2,299 MSRP. Well known for home exercise spaces, all things considered, it’s foldable to save room in the middle of exercises and it works discreetly because of excellent parts and keen designing.

The most up to date F65 Treadmill model as of late refreshed with a few overhauls over the past adaptation: Bluetooth network, an improved tablet holder, a marginally more grounded engine, a more extensive and longer track, a bigger exercise screen, and a decision of control center points.

Peruse on for insights regarding its exercise programming, different highlights and cutthroat guarantee for home use.

Sole F65 Treadmill Review

Gain more from our full Sole F65 Treadmill review beneath.


Rating: 89.6%


Our Rating

Rating: 89.6/100. The new Sole F65 Treadmill is the second of five steel-outlined collapsing treadmill models in the Sole Fitness arrangement. With an online deal cost of just $1,299 (MSRP $2,299) it offers a reasonable method to get Sole’s club-quality preparing at home. Sole Fitness is one of only a handful few makers that produces collapsing treadmills without compromising.

Very much like numerous non-collapsing choices that expense something similar or more, the their F65 has phenomenal padding, a roomy 22″ x 60″ track for fast running, an incredible 3.25 CHP engine and other top notch basics. Particularly valuable for additional test and preparing variety is the treadmill’s mechanized grade, which has slant settings up to 15 degrees.

All treadmills in the Sole Fitness arrangement have Bluetooth for incorporating a cell phone and adjusting with wellness following applications. They likewise have 10 exercise programs including manual mode, two client planned projects, two pulse controlled exercises and five exemplary preset projects like Hill, Fat Burn and Interval.

The control center for the F65 Treadmill shows progress on a 7.5-inch screen or on the client’s own cell phone running the Sole Fitness application. In the middle of exercises the machine can undoubtedly be put away upward to save floor space.

sole f65 treadmill review


• Sturdy yet foldable edge

• 3.25 CHP engine

• 22″ x 60″ track

• Advanced stun ingestion

• 30 slant levels up to 15%

• Bluetooth association for wellness following

• 7.5″ show is not difficult to peruse, has customizable point

• Option to utilize cell phone as treadmill screen

• Secure tablet holder

• Wireless chest lash included

• Contact beat sensors

• Personal cooling fans

• Integrated tablet holder

• Bluetooth sound speakers

• USB charging port


• Short side rails

• Cannot download new exercises

How long will the Sole F65 last?

There is a motivation behind why the football players had their own personal luxury plane and forte suppers before the games while us band kids heaped on to a hot, unsteady transport and stacked five to a lodging: the players needed to last any longer with considerably more strength. In addition, let’s be honest, they got the cash while we just assisted them with sounding great.

Similarly, assuming you deal with your machine like a little ole band kid, you can’t anticipate that it should run like an adjusted machine. Making little strides like unplugging it when you’re set and setting up a cleaning routine will help any machine last any longer.

All things considered, not all football players are intended to be linebackers. The F65 will without a doubt perform like a gaunt kicker as it isn’t probably going to withstand substantial, consistent use. A light to a moderate client will have a decent run with this treadmill; simply make certain to remember the general nature of the F65.

In general Quality

Most everybody has been to Panera Bread and been inquired as to whether you might want to add a cake for simply a dollar more. Except if you are on a careful nutritional plan or all they have left are oats raisin treats, your first answer will be, “duh.” The worth of the enormous, scrumptious baked good far exceeds the additional dollar.

Shockingly, the Sole F65 isn’t care for a delectable cake. For only a couple hundred more, you can get Sole’s F80 which is worked with considerably more quality. All things considered, in the event that you should adhere to this value section, the F65 is somewhat better compared to a portion of the treadmills out there.

While not the best, the F65 makes them recover characteristics. Most quite, Sole has furnished the F65 with three-year deck, parts, and gadgets guarantee and a one-year work guarantee. While this isn’t the longest sponsorship that we have seen, this is a lot of significant worth to add to a passage level machine.

The form of this treadmill is nice, yet as expressed previously, one can track down a sturdier machine at a similar cost. At that point, obviously, are the standard highlights that match this sticker price: foldability, two pulse grasp handles, 12mph limit, 15% inline ability, and a 22 inch strolling region.

One thing that ought to be noted is that while the F65 accompanies in any event ten inherent projects, Sole isn’t known for its innovation. Maybe, they are known for their strong forms and quality parts. The F65 doesn’t coordinate with their common norm of assemble which is the reason we suggest their higher model.


Throughout the long term, we have noticed that Sole has not done the best occupation in making an in the middle of model that can legitimize the additional hundred bucks. The F80 is a greatly improved quality while the F63 helps set aside cash. We just enjoy not seen a benefit to buying the F65 as it looks at to the next Sole models that are very little extraordinary in cost.

Be that as it may, among different treadmills in this value range, the F65 sticks out and we chose to make the F65 our fourth spot champ in our 2021 Best Buy list for the $1,300 to $1,499-dollar classification. This fourth spot is a stage down from where it put in 2020, and is in a more exorbitant cost zone.

Exercise Programs

The F65 and all Sole treadmills offer a decision of 10 exercise programs that control the track’s grade and speed.

Five are exemplary treadmill exercise programs named Cardio, Fat Burn, Hill, Interval and Strength.

Two are constrained by the client’s pulse to help keep up practice inside a predefined pulse zone. (A chest lash is incorporated for remote checking, in addition to there are hold sensors.) The leftover program openings are filled by manual mode and two client planned exercises.

At the point when the Sole Fitness App is utilized, a limitless number of clients can save their uniquely designed projects. A looking over message place assists learners with planning new exercises or select from all set alternatives.

Sole F65 Features

The Sole F65 Treadmill has a foldable casing. Collapsing and unfurling is made simple with pressure driven help, which has the machine do the greater part of the work. A creative plan and steel development help make the F65 similarly as steady as treadmills that can’t be collapsed.

sole f65 treadmill review

The F65 has an incorporated tablet holder, Bluetooth sound speakers, and a USB charging port.

The learner’s own cell phone, regardless of whether Android or iOS, can function as a program screen when running the Sole Fitness portable application. The Sole application permits the accommodation of touchscreen program arrangement and can gather preparing information for neighborhood long haul stockpiling. It can likewise adjust with wellness applications, for example, iHealth and MyFitnessPal that assist individuals with getting an outline of their different exercise exercises and wellbeing details.

All Sole treadmills are furnished with power slants. On the Sole F65 there are 30 grade settings to browse, and the greatest is a 15 degree point. A slight slope imitates the impact that breeze obstruction could have, and each increment in steepness normally gets a lift metabolic rate and an alternate test for muscles. Another advantage of slope preparing is that strain on knees is decreased as a result of how weight is moved contrasted and level strolling. Slope controls are helpfully incorporated into the handlebars and the control center.

For cardio checking all Sole treadmills have contact heartbeat screens on the handlebars and are viable with remote chest ties. The F65’s price tag incorporates a lash.

Another top of the line include on this unit, and extraordinary for a $1,299 treadmill, is the track. While others are single-utilize and inclined to requiring substitution inside a couple of years, the F65 track is two-handle for life span and calmer activity. Its exercise surface measures 22″ wide and 60″ long, which surpasses the norm for gym treadmills. (A past variant of this treadmill had a 20″ x 58″ track.) Its 2.5″ rollers are among the best found on treadmills for home use.

A fundamental benefit of treadmill preparing versus outside preparing is the improved effect retention, which makes running-related joint affectability more uncertain. Sole treadmills are especially compelling at redirecting sway; the CushionFlex Whisper Deck on the F65 has been found to do as such by up to 40% better than black-top running tracks. It additionally limits the sound of effect for calmer instructional courses.

This cardio mentor has a maximum velocity of 12 mph, so it can uphold a top running rate without getting pushed as far as possible. For security the treadmill has short siderails and a stop rope.

The F65 has individual cooling fans, two jug holders and an embellishment plate.

Guarantee and Guarantee

The Sole F65 guarantee incorporates:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Motor: Lifetime

– Deck: 3 years

– Parts and Electronics: 3 years

– Labor: 1 Year

Sole treadmills are sold with 30-day unconditional promises.

Who Should Buy the Sole F65 Treadmill

• Buyers who would prefer not to use up every last cent to buy a treadmill.

• Weightlifters who need to consolidate cardio into their preparation.

• Homeowners hoping to add their treadmill to a multi-use room. This present treadmill’s foldable component can assist clients with putting away it away and save some floor space at whatever point it’s not being used.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Sole F65 Treadmill

• Folks searching for a more smaller treadmill that can fit in a little space.

• Tech fans who like their wellness hardware to have the most current and progressed highlights like a HD touchscreen or intelligent exercises.

Runners who need more assortment in their included exercises.


The Sole F65 gives sprinters some fundamental highlights that are definitely not essential. Its solid engine offers high rates and grades, while it’s four adjustable projects permit sprinters to make exercises that best fit their objectives.

Grade range

This treadmill has 30 settings for slants. Sprinters can build their points from zero percent to 15% for extremely steep runs. This will profit those adding races to their preparation as an approach to reinforce their legs. Clients can without much of a stretch change their slopes with the speedy select catches on the control center or the handrails fifty-fifty augmentations.

Speed range

The Sole F65 treadmill’s speed can be controlled with the fast select catches on the running hood and armrests. With a solid engine, this treadmill can arrive at velocities of up to 12mph. A few treadmills around a similar value reach will simply approach ten miles each hour.

Included exercises

This treadmill offers ten pre-introduced exercises for their sprinters. Five of these projects are a portion of the more exemplary treadmill schedules. A few sprinters may be comfortable with projects, for example, cardio, calorie-consuming, slope, span, and strength preparing. It additionally offers a manual mode setting so sprinters can make their own exercise.

The Sole F65 permits its client to modify their running exercises considerably further. Two clients can store their tweaked programs into the control center, making it advantageous for sprinters to get directly into their runs. Consistently tallies when you’re attempting to beat your best running time, and not spending it entering your weight and tallness each and every time before you start your exercise is advantageous.

There are additionally two adjustable projects to use with the pulse screen. When sprinters pick the pulse screen they like, the Sole F65 will create an arrangement to oblige their objectives.


The Sole F65 show is direct and simple to peruse. This 7.5-inch screen may be more modest than some other treadmill screens, however its blue LCD backdrop illumination enlightens the screen so that it’s lively thus you can without much of a stretch read your measurements. Such data incorporates speed, slant, time, distance, calories, heartbeat, and speed.

This treadmill additionally shows a 1/4 mile track include and a pinnacle and valley diagram for various projects. Sole additionally incorporated a message board framework that aides sprinters all through their exercises.


For the individuals who sweat all the more yet need to remain cool as they run, this treadmill includes a fan. Found right over the showcase, this cooling fan lounges around eye level (contingent upon your stature) and can be calculated to suit any individual who may be somewhat taller or more limited.

Pulse Monitoring

The Sole F65 offers its sprinters two alternatives to screen their pulse. Clients can seize the contact beat screen on the rails or tie on the chest screen included with the treadmill. With its Bluetooth similarity, sprinters can transfer their heartbeat measurements to the control center or their handheld gadget.

sole f65 treadmill review

HDMI, USB, and Other Inputs

Sole has redesigned a portion of its highlights in contrast with their more seasoned models. For example, the F65 currently has a USB port. This new component is useful for sprinters who need to utilize their tablet or telephones to watch recordings or tune in to music while running yet at the same time have a completely energized gadget toward the finish of their exercise.

Bluetooth and Audio Options

Another overhaul the Sole F65 sports is its Bluetooth similarity. This treadmill permits clients to tune in to music playing on their keen gadgets through the underlying speakers. This component is a decent reward for any individual who is building a home rec center and needs to tune in to their music out loud as opposed to through earphones.

Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

The Sole F65 offers a huge load of putting away space. It has two cup holders on each side of the control center appropriate for both your container of water and electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your long runs. On the off chance that you don’t really want to have any of your things in your view, there’s an advantageous utility plate underneath the control center for you to store considerably more things. Sole Fitness likewise added a removable tablet holder over the presentation screen.

Item Specs

The Sole F65 has an incredible engine that can withstand a higher weight limit and a padded belt that can help lessen sway while running. Characteristics, for example, these can decide how a treadmill runs and if it’s the correct pick for you.

Engine Size

The Sole F65 probably won’t have the most recent innovation in highlights, however its engine makes it a practical competitor for a reasonable yet incredible treadmill. Its 3.25 hp engine gives more torque than some different treadmills whose engines check in at 3.0 hp or 2.75 hp. This engine can oversee top running rates without being exhausted or pushed a long ways past what it can deal with.

It’s additionally worth referencing that this engine is a DC type. An immediate current engine is a lot calmer than an exchanging current engine. This will show those hoping to put a treadmill their home, particularly in the event that they live with their family or flat mates who they would prefer not to upset while running.

Running Area

The Sole F65 gives its clients a lot of room to run serenely. With a 22″x60″ running region, this treadmill is greater and more extensive than its past model that deliberate 20″x58″.

Weight Capacity

This treadmill is strong enough for a wide scope of clients. With its steel outline and amazing engine, the Sole F65 can uphold sprinters of as much as 350 pounds. Regardless of whether the sprinter is large and tall, the treadmill’s rollers will help the belt run unobtrusively and easily.

Collapsing Options

Indeed, even with its wide running region and a lot of capacity choices, this treadmill actually makes it advantageous for clients to save space in their home exercise centers. At the point when not being used, sprinters can overlay this treadmill effectively with its helped collapsing highlight. This water powered arm permits the treadmill to crease and unfurl itself. After the client lifts the deck or pulls the delivery switch, they should simply venture back and watch the treadmill wrap up of the work.

Impression While In Use versus Collapsed

This present Sole’s treadmill has an impression that is quite standard in size. Its 82″x 35″x 57″ measurements will occupy some room however nothing strange. Beneficial thing it’s impression when collapsed is 50″x34″x70″.

Electrical Requirements

The Sole F65 can be connected to a 120-volt and 15-amp grounded outlet. While this sort of voltage is standard for most home divider outlets, it is prescribed not to utilize similar one for different gadgets or bits of hardware.


Sole Fitness is known for its trustworthy treadmills as well as for its solid guarantees. Purchasers can feel great buying the Sole F65 realizing that its casing and engine are completely covered under their lifetime fabricating guarantees.

Sole Fitness likewise offers three-year guarantees on the treadmill’s deck and parts. They likewise allow clients one year of inclusion on work.

Belt Information and Roller Size

The Sole F65 has four layers that make up its belt. It’s made out of two uncompromising elastic layers and a PVC sheet that assists the belt with remaining. It additionally has a nylon layer to furnish sprinters with a smooth and sans static surface.

Sole Fitness prepares the vast majority of their treadmills with enormous rollers. This present treadmill’s 2.5″ rollers permit the belt to have more contact surface to move through and can help the belt last more by forestalling the measure of typical wear it goes through.

Padding and Feel

With its four-layered belt, the Sole F65 gives sprinters progressed stun retention. Alongside its CushionFlex Whisper Deck, the Sole F65 can reduce a sprinter’s foot strike sway by dependent upon 40% regardless of whether it’s an ideal opportunity to supplant your exhausted running tennis shoes. The Sole F65 gives its clients a calm however extremely padded running establishment.

Exercise Apps and Compatibility

Sprinters can browse an assortment of exercise applications to use with the Sole F65. They can download the free Sole Fitness application in the event that they simply need to follow some essential information or they have the alternative to utilize some other viable applications, for example, Sole wellness application, Fitbit, iHealth, and My Fitness Pal. With a Bluetooth network, clients can utilize their savvy gadgets to track and save their exercise information.

Membership Options

While Sole Fitness doesn’t give a membership to exercises and instructional exercises, sprinters can in any case utilize a portion of their #1 streaming stages while working out on the treadmill. Its tablet holder over the showcase makes it simple for sprinters to remain drew in with their exercise recordings.

Sole F65 Treadmill Review

Spots to Buy

The Sole F65 can be found on the Sole Fitness site. It can likewise be bought from Amazon.

Organization Information

Sole Fitness is known for its reliable and vigorous line of treadmills. They produce simple to utilize and solid wellness hardware for both business and home use.

Merchandise exchange

The entirety of Sole’s treadmills are sold with a 30-day unconditional promise. On the off chance that the purchaser isn’t happy with their treadmill, purchasers can present a Return Merchandise Authorization structure on Sole’s site inside 30 days of conveyance for a total discount.

Purchasers can likewise demand their treadmill to be picked by Sole Fitness for their return.

In general Build and Quality

The Sole F65 is for the most part steel and worked to support substantial effect. It’s hand-welded to make a harder casing that won’t self-destruct with typical mileage.

This treadmill is framed with a plastic foot rail which can offer a milder footstrike when sprinters step on to begin their meetings.


The Sole F65 is a top tier home treadmill for sprinters and walkers from one of the business’ most legitimate brands. For just $1,299 it offers long stretches of club-quality exercises for cardio wellbeing, weight reduction and muscle conditioning. Progressed sprinters, nonetheless, should contrast it and the Top-Rated F80 prior to submitting; the F80 costs just $200 more and has additional torque.


Is the F65 reasonable?

It’s reasonable considering the highlights and the item specs you’re getting. Standard treadmills range inside $1,000 to $2,000. Despite the fact that you can discover a treadmill two or three hundred dollars less expensive than the F65, it most likely will not have an amazing engine, a wide running region, or a weight limit that is just about as high as the F65. It additionally presumably will not have a similar maximum velocity and grade rate as the F65.

What is the distinction between the Sole F65 and the Sole F63?

There are a couple of contrasts between these two treadmills. The initial one is their engine size. The F65 has a 3.25 pony-controlled engine while the F63 has a 3.0 torque engine. The two of them will give a similar speed and slope goes however the distinction in engine size permits the F65 to withstand more weight as its weight limit is 350 lb and the F63 can just hold 325 lb. The F65 likewise gives a more extensive running region. The treadmill is 22″ wide while the F63 is 20″.

Is the F65 substantial?

The F65 is one of the lighter treadmills in the Sole assortment. It weighs 262 lb which is about 40lbs lighter than the F85. It should just take one individual to move the F65 whenever it’s collapsed and the vehicle wheels are locked in.

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