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Sole F60 treadmill review

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Sole F60 treadmill review. The Sole F60 treadmill features a 2.75-cv motor, a 20′′ run surface 60′′ control of the guts rate entertainment feature, and an MP3 input & a. Folding Treadmill the foremost inexpensive runner by the manufacturer is meant and made with good parts but gives limited rudiments. 

Also if you’re on a budget it’s advised to place a couple of more bucks in and upgrade to the F63 model. The F63 model has more features than the quality variant. This review Sole Fitness F60 2021 is out there here.

Sole F60 treadmill review

It is an economic treadmill that doesn’t sacrifice quality, SOLE’s F60 certainly packs a punch, and is that the perfect platform for any cardio lover. Features pulse control, an outsized running surface, cushion flex suspension, and space-saving folding design.
The folding Treadmill is that the most inexpensive machine offered by the corporate which has been designed and created with good components but gives you limited frills. albeit you would possibly get on a budget, it’s recommended to spend a couple of more bucks and choose the F63 Model.

Which offers more features, in contrast to the only F60. For the worth, the essential model Sole F60 has been designed with good quality components and materials, read the in-depth Sole Fitness F60 review 2021 here.

Sole f60 treadmill price

Without going very far the retail price of $1,399 only for F60 does an awful lot.

The treadmill features a 20″ x 60″ running surface, 2.75 CHP motor, easy-assist folding, LCD display, and pulse monitoring and is what you’ll describe as a “middle of the road” trainer.

Did the best fit to Whom?

  • The Sole F60 Treadmill is best fitted to Users who:
  • Are on the lookout for a budget-friendly treadmill – Treadmills from popular manufacturers are expensive, so if you’re trying to find a reliable and affordable treadmill, then the only F60 may be a good selection .
  • Want an easy workout machine- The console, also because the overall interface of the only F60, is sort of straightforward, simple and straightforward to use. This makes it an excellent equipment for an individual who doesn’t wish to form use of a manual to figure out on their machine.
  • Want a treadmill for walking- Though this treadmill can reach a speed of 10 MPH, it’s not recommended because the Sole F60 Treadmill wasn’t created for top speed and is best used as a machine for walking.
  • Are on the lookout for a budget-friendly treadmill – Treadmills from popular manufacturers are expensive, so if you’re trying to find a reliable and affordable treadmill, then the only F60 may be a good selection .
  • Want an easy workout machine- The console, also because the overall interface of the only F60, is sort of straightforward, simple and straightforward to use. This makes it an excellent equipment for an individual who doesn’t wish to form use of a manual to figure out on their machine.
  • Want a treadmill for walking- Though this treadmill can reach a speed of 10 MPH, it’s not recommended because the Sole F60 Treadmill wasn’t created for top speed and is best used as a machine for walking.
Sole F60 treadmill review

Sole F60 Review

Sole Fitness F60 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The treadmill comes with a manual that provides step-by-step instructions with pictures. This makes the assembling process quite easy. you’ll assemble the machine in a few “> a few couples of hours. you’ll either assemble the only treadmill on your own or seek the help of Sole Professionals.

You must note that if this folding treadmill is unpacked the incorrect way, it’d cause serious injury. The treadmill base features a Velcro strap installed and this prevents the treadmill from accidentally unfolding while being shipped.
In case this strap is incorrectly removed, it can cause the treadmill to spring open suddenly and might injure the person standing next thereto.

To form sure that you simply are safe at the time of removing the velcro strap of the machine, make sure that the position of the treadmill is flat on the bottom, almost like the way it might be just in case you were using the treadmill.

The treadmill must not be turned on to its side while you remove the strap, as this can cause the treadmill to spring open. just in case the Velcro strap end is under the deck of the treadmill, just reach for it under the deck and grab it; confirm that the machine isn’t tilted to urge access to the velcro strap.


The Sole F60 treadmill makes use of a Full Deck design, which is exclusive and ensures the treadmill isn’t shaky and insecure. The frame of the only F60 treadmill is solid enough to handle users of various weights and heights. the utmost weight it can handle is (325lbs).

The running deck is meant in a unique way that offers the user a quiet and convenient workout session. It comes with a cushion flex which reduces the impact of up to 40% as compared to running on asphalt, and this ensures a safer and cozy workout training session for the user.

The treadmill is additionally well-equipped with a blue backlit LCD console which makes it easy to look at the info. It offers detailed feedback on crucial workout statistics like time, distance, speed, incline, pulse, laps, calories, program, pace, and therefore the hr complete blood count.

The user also can select from amongst 10 workout programs which include manual, strength, hill, interval, fat burn, cardio, 2 user-defined also as 2 pulse control programs. additionally, to the present, the console is equipped with the feature of the 1/4 mile lap track.

If you’re running in need of space, then the only F60 may be a great treadmill. When using the machine, the measure of the F60 is 35” wide, 72” long, and 54” tall. When the machine is folded up, it measures 35” wide, 49” long, and 62” tall.

Manoeuvering the only F60 Treadmill is sort of simple, so you’ll just roll it off once you don’t require it. If you would like a better version, you’ll inspect the only F63 Treadmill.
The Sole F60 treadmill comes with the feature of a simple folding system which makes the machine quite convenient and storing is straightforward when it’s not required.

Just a flip of a switch results in the unfolding of the deck slowly, with no assistance and it also folds back to an upright position securely. confirm to see out all the simplest treadmills for walking before you create your choice.

Sole Fitness F60 Treadmill Features


The Sole F60 Treadmill comes with a motor of two .0 CHP, which ensures that the machine runs quietly and smoothly. the facility isn’t enough for tough workouts but is sufficient enough for walking and jogging.


The Sole F60 Treadmill provides an honest incline range right from 0% to a 15% incline. This extra incline enables you to push yourself and make your workouts a challenge and causes you to achieve your fitness goals faster.


The Sole F60 Treadmill comes with a belt width of 20” and a length of 55” thereby supplying you with enough space. However, if you’re around 6’2” tall or more, this treadmill might appear to be a touch shorter for you, especially once you need to make use of the incline feature.

Sole F60 treadmill review


The F60 treadmill is well-equipped with a blue backlit LCD console which makes it easy to look at important workout details and this provides you all the important feedback on your workout like speed, incline, time, distance, calories, pulse, program, pace, laps also because the hr complete blood count.

You can select from any of the ten workout programs which include manual, strength, interval, hill, cardio, 2 user-defined programs, 2 pulse control programs, and fat burn. along with side these, the console is additionally equipped with the feature of the 1/4 mile lap track.

You can monitor your pulse by simply grasping the heartbeat grip sensors on the handlebars, but like most machines, if you would like to make sure of accuracy, we’d recommend investing in a compatible chest strap transmitter. With one among these inexpensive devices, your pulse is wirelessly transmitted straight to an inbuilt receiver within the console; In doing so you’ll be ready to let your arms swing free during training, get super-accurate readings and luxuriate in the two pulse controlled programs on offer here.

In case you face any issues with the F60, you’ll undergo the only F60 treadmill troubleshooting which can assist you mapped out most of the problems.

Other Features

18mm thick phenolic deck and unique design cushion flex1.4mm thick running beltComputer with 5.5″

blue backlit LCD, dot matrix profile display feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Incline, Calories, Program, Pulse, Pace, Laps, HR % Profile

10 Programmes: Manual, Hill, Strength, Interval, Cardio, Fat Burn, 2 User, 2 HRC1/4 mile lap track feature: YesPulse measurement via grip sensors and wireless receiver (requires using optional chest strap)Conveniences:

dual turbo cooling fans,

Finally, at the top of the console, there’s a dual-fan system that does a surprisingly effective job at blowing cool air. such a lot so, that while standing next to the machine making notes (resting!) we found ourselves turning them off to stay pages from being blown around! Maybe the very fact that Sole has treated us to 2 cooling fans goes how to form recompense for scrimping on the display size!

dual water bottle holders,

Audio system with Apple device/MP3 connectivity

The convenient layout extends to having an Mp3/iPod jack plug next to at least one holder and a socket for your headphones by the opposite. MP3 connectivity is becoming a widespread feature on many machines, which may be great for music lovers, except for those nearby who won’t share equivalent musical tastes, it’s an excellent idea to possess the choice of a headphone socket. If you’re not too concerned about disturbing anyone else then the integrated loudspeaker can pump out the tunes with decent clarity and volume.

Quick speed and quick incline keys

Transport wheels, easy to assist folding design

Product Weight: 85kg / 187.4lbsMaximum User Weight: 136kg / 300lbs

Dimensions in use (L x W x H): 187.5cm / 73.8” x 84.5cm / 33.3” x 135cm / 53.1”

Dimensions folded (L x W x H): 121cm / 47.6” x 84.5cm / 33.3” x 159.5cm / 62.8”


The Sole F60 Treadmill helps in achieving the guts Rate measurement quite easily by making use of the hand pulse grip sensors or maybe a wireless receiver. The chest strap isn’t included with this model.

For users who like to compute taking note of their favorite music numbers, are going to be happy to listen to that the only F60 Treadmill comes with an integrated audio system along with side speakers also as a compatible MP3 player sound cord which allows you to use any audio device with the assistance of a headphone jack.


The Sole F60 Treadmill also comes with CushionFlex technology which helps in reducing the joint impact by around 40% as compared to road running. This makes running on the treadmill safer than running on roads. Sensitive runners are going to be satisfied with this feature.

Sole F60 treadmill review


The sides of the console of this treadmill have some very handy storage compartments. tons of attention has been paid to details, for instance, raised icons are embossed under every single holder. They display a bottle, phone, keys, and Mp3 player.

Space is enough to store all of your important items safely and within easy reach. However, it doesn’t have a tablet holder. Higher versions of treadmills will have tons of additional features and just in case you’re interested, you’ll inspect a number of the simplest treadmills under $2500.


  1. Fans: the bottom of the only F60 features a fan that isn’t overly powerful, but since it’s placed near your core, it’s not as useless as other Sole treadmills where the highest of the consoles have the fans.
  2. Safety key: the only F60 Treadmill features a magnetic safety key alongside a lanyard. to work the treadmill, the control console must have the key. If the key’s not present, the treadmill can’t be used, and this is beneficial especially once you have children who tend to fiddle with equipment.

The safety key comes with a lanyard that features a small plastic clip that’s fixed to at least one end and this will be attached to the clothing of the user. just in case the user accidentally falls while using the treadmill.
The key is going to be achieved from the console thereby making the treadmill involves a halt. inspect the only Fitness treadmill reviews wherein you’ll get all the insights about the offerings of Sole.

Sole Fitness F60 Treadmill Workout Programs

Though this treadmill doesn’t have tons of labor out programs to pick from, 5 pre-set programs are unique and can not make your workout regimen monotonous and boring.
Also, you’ll come up together with your workout sessions by using the two user programs which leave the control of speed, incline, and time within the hands of the user.

Sole F60 treadmill review

All the compute programs are divided into many segments and just in case of any new changes, a “beep” sound is formed by the console. Additionally, it’s the feature of the good quarter-mile track display, which is extremely challenging, motivating, and fun.

At the edges of the monitor, 6 one-step quick keys allow you to go on to your required speed level or desired incline.

Sole Fitness F60 Treadmill Warranty

Sole Fitness brand is sort of popular for its or its great warranty conditions. they provide a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, and this makes the user worry less about durability. It offers a three-year warranty on parts and electronics also as a 1-year warranty for labor.

In contrast to other treadmills, the only F60 offers some great warranty conditions! just in case you’re buying the only F60 from SOLE Canada and need to return it in 30 days, a Return Authorization Number will need to be procured from their customer service.

The F60 has been given a maximum user capacity of over 21 stones to add further proof of its durability. the dimensions of the running area make it very accommodating for all shapes and sizes too. At such a bargain price we were surprised and delighted by the proportions of the machine. Measuring 20” by a whopping 60” the running deck is 5” longer than the F63 and usually longer than most other machines period!

It wasn’t just the dimensions of the deck that impressed us, but also the texture of it underfoot. To plagiarise from Sole’s spec sheet, the F60 has an “18 mm thick phenolic deck with a singular design cushion flex whisper-quiet running deck”. In actual use (and plain English) all those complex-sounding features combine to make sure some very simple and pleasing benefits. to explain any running deck as ‘whisper quiet’ must surely depend upon who is pounding away thereon but despite the punishment inflicted thereto by our reviewer, the F60 did a sterling job of absorbing impact and comfortable doing so without an excessive amount of noise or vibration.

The ‘Comfort’ factor has got to be an impressive plus-point of this particular treadmill. Here may be a machine that despite its low cost, seems to possess undergone no evident compromises during this area. The cushioning system is basic but effective – it provides adequate cushioning (even for our heavy-footed reviewer!). A ‘serious’ runner would probably want/need to take a position more during a high-performance machine except for the marginally less discerning, the F60 is often great for running sessions. The vast expanse of the running area provides unrestricted freedom to maneuver and therefore the 2.5 CHP motor is happy to line at 10mph if you are!

Even more impressive is that the incline capability. you’ll send the deck right up to fifteen and with such a steep gradient, it feels very reassuring to possess all of that 60” long treadmill belt to stride out on. If we had to seek out some reason for criticism it might be that the treadmill belt itself felt slightly on the skinny side at 1.4 mm, but having said that, it might be unreasonable to ever think that Sole could have factored in an orthopedic belt at this price point!

Do remember that a 15% restocking fee is applicable alongside freight charges just in case the F60 isn’t returned within the same box.

Customer Reviews

This Treadmill is Discontinued.
Sole may be a leader within the treadmill industry that offers something for everybody. The folding F60 is their most inexpensive treadmill that’s made with good components but offers few frills. albeit you’re on a budget, we recommend spending stepping up to the F63 model, which offers much more bang for the buck.

Normally we’d dismiss an $800 treadmill directly, but Sole features a great reputation to guard. The folding Sole F60 treadmill still features a full 20” x 60” running surface and a good 2.75 CHP motor. If you weigh 275 pounds or less, you’ll get some decent workouts from this budget treadmill.

Our Rating

Rating: 76.6/100. one of the primary treadmills we’ve seen to possess flywheels within the motor, designed to scale back amp use also as extend the lifetime of the motor. New for 2013, offered at an affordable price.

H2Which is best for whom?
H2Pros and Cons of Sole Fitness F60 treadmill

Sole Fitness F60 Treadmill Pros & ConsPros

• The F60 isn’t just affordable but is extremely durable.

• It is sort of sturdy and not very noisy when in use.

• The F60’s running surface is sort of spacious, and measures 20 inches by 60 inches.

• Comes with straightforward assist folding technology.

• It features a 5.5” LCD monitor that permits you to trace some time and stay informed.

• The pre-set programs include weight loss, endurance, and interval training programs.

• It comes with a cooling fan also as a pulse monitor.


  • • It has limited pre-set programs.
  • • The F60 doesn’t have pulse control programs, although it’s equipped with a pulse monitor.
  • • Although it’s well-equipped with a audio system , the sound quality is simply average.


• It features a high-quality motor which features a lifetime warranty.

Talking about budget-friendly treadmills, the F60 isn’t a nasty choice. it’s equipped with in-built workout programs, a sturdy frame, and an honest incline range. But as compared to other treadmills within a similar price range, the F60 doesn’t appear as if an honest choice. a couple of examples are:

  • • NordicTrack T 6.5 Si – it’s a motor of two .6 CHP and an HD touchscreen of 10”, whereas the F60 features a motor of two .0 CHP and an LCD Display of 6.5”.
  • • ProForm Performance 400i – This equipment has 50 in-built workouts also as a free iFit Coach membership for a year. In contrast, the F60 has just 26 in-built programs and doesn’t offer any educational program membership.
  • • Horizon T101 – This machine is priced reasonably at $599 also as is provided with Bluetooth-enabled speakers, whereas the F60 comes at a price of $999 and comes with the aux cord plug-in speakers.

A lot of treadmills are available within the market, some are budget-friendly and a few are on the expensive end. inspect a number of the simplest treadmills under $1000 which can assist you to compare the F60 model with other treadmills.
You can have a glance at the varied treadmills available within the market then make your choice on whether you would like to travel for the only F60 Treadmill or higher versions.

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