11 alarming reasons for stomach feels hungry after eating exposed

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Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating. Our body depends on food for energy, so you expect to feel hungry if you don’t eat for a couple of hours. However, if your stomach has a steady thunder, significantly after a meal, something could go on with your health.

11 alarming reasons for stomach feels hungry after eating exposed
Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating

The clinical term for outrageous craving is polyphagia. See your doctor, if you continuously feel hungry.

A few Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating hunger.

1. Diabetes

Your body transforms the sugar in food into fuel called glucose. When you have diabetes, glucose can’t arrive at your cells. Your body pees it out rather and makes you eat more.

Individuals who have type 1 diabetes, specifically, may eat a lot of food and still lose weight.

Notwithstanding a spike in your craving, manifestations of diabetes may include:

  • Extreme thirst
  • The need to pee all the more frequently
  • Weight loss you can’t clarify
  • Blurry vision
  • Cuts and wounds that take a long time to mend
  • Tingling or agony in your grasp or feet
  • Fatigue

2. Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia is the thing that you have when the glucose in your body drops too low levels. It’s a typical worry for individuals with diabetes, yet other medical issues can cause it, as well. They include hepatitis, kidney issue, neuroendocrine tumors in your pancreas (insulinomas), and issues with your adrenal or pituitary organs.

11 alarming reasons for stomach feels hungry after eating exposed
Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating

In serious cases, individuals with hypoglycemia may appear to be smashed. They may slur their words and experience difficulty walking. Different indications can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Feeling like your heart is skirting a beat
  • Pale skin
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Tingling around the mouth

3. Absence of Sleep

Not getting enough rest can influence the hormones in your body that control hunger. Individuals who are restless have a greater hunger and think that it’s harder to feel full. You’re likewise bound to long for high-fat, fatty foods when you’re drained.

Different impacts of lack of sleep include:

  • A hard time remaining focussed
  • Change in disposition
  • Clumsiness
  • More mishaps
  • Trouble remaining alert during the day
  • Weight gain

4. Stress

At the point when you’re restless or tense, your body discharges a hormone called cortisol. These amps up your sentiment of appetite.

11 alarming reasons for stomach feels hungry after eating exposed
Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating

Many individuals under pressure additionally hunger for nourishments high in sugar, fat, or both. It might be your body’s endeavor to “shut off” the piece of your mind that makes you stressed.

Different signs of Stress include:

  • Angry upheavals
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sleep issues
  • Upset stomach

5. Diet

Not all nourishments top you off in a similar way. The ones that check hunger best are high in protein – like lean meats, fish, or dairy items – or high in fiber. Great sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.

Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating
Reasons For Stomach Feels Hungry After Eating

Solid facts like those found in nuts, fish, and sunflower oil can bring down your cholesterol levels. They’re vital to a decent eating regimen and can assist you with feeling fulfilled after you eat.

Baked things, white bread, many packaged meals, and fast foods do not have these supplements. However, are high in fat and undesirable carbs.

If you eat much of these, you could get yourself hungry again not long after a meal. You may eat more than you should.

You may feel more full after a meal if you put aside more effort to bite and make the most of your nourishment, instead of eating it rapidly.

It can likewise assist with focusing on what’s on your plate rather than the TV or your telephone.

6. Drug

A few medications can make you need to eat more than expected. Antihistamines, which treat hypersensitivities, are known for this, as are antidepressants called SSRIs, steroids, some diabetes meds, and antipsychotic drugs.

11 alarming reasons for stomach feels hungry after eating exposed

If you’ve put on weight since you began a drug, the medication could cause you to feel hungry. Converse with your doctor to discover what different medications may work for you.


Many mothers notice an immense jump in cravings. This is your body’s method for ensuring the child gets enough supplements to develop.

Most ladies gain somewhere between 4 and 6 pounds during the initial 3 months (your doctor will call this the main trimester) and afterward 1 pound seven days during the second and third.

Different signs that you may be pregnant are:

  • A missed period
  • The need to pee regularly
  • Upset stomach
  • Sore breasts or breasts that get bigger

Thyroid Problems

The thyroid is a butterfly-formed organ in your neck. It makes hormones that control the rate at which each organ in your body works. If your thyroid is buckling down, you could have hyperthyroidism.

Other than an expanded thyroid organ, different indications of the issue are:

  • Fast beat
  • Feeling anxious
  • More sweat than typical
  • Muscle shortcoming
  • Thirst considerably in the wake of drinking

Diet Soda

Many drinks without sugar are used to decrease calories or get in shape. Yet, the phony sugar in these beverages advises your cerebrum to expect calories it can use for fuel.

At the point when your body doesn’t get any, it turns on your “hunger switch” and instructs you to get calories from food.

If a diet soft drink is making you hungry, you may likewise take note:

  • Headaches
  • Sugar longings
  • Weight gain


Is it true that you are ravenous or simply parched? You can’t differentiate the signs you get from your body.

Different indications of parchedness include:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling tired
  • Peeing less frequently or having dim shaded pee

Some research shows that if you have a glass of water previously or during a meal, you may feel full on fewer calories.

The amount You Exercise

Your body consumes calories for fuel when you work out. This prompts a lift in your metabolism, the procedure by which your body uses energy. In certain individuals, that can set off an expansion in hunger.


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