Pineapple Juice For Weight Loss: The Tarty power To lose weight

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Pineapple Juice For Weight Loss. Pineapples are tropical organic products that are full of Vitamins, catalysts, and antioxidants. They may help support the invulnerable framework, build solid bones, and aid indigestion. Also, regardless of their pleasantness, pineapples are low in calories.

Pineapple juice for weight loss

Pineapples belong to the bromeliad family and are the just bromeliad that produces edible fruit, as indicated by the Purdue University Center for New Crops and Plant Products. The natural product is made of many individual berries that become together around a focal center. Every pineapple scale is an individual bloom or berry.

The wholesome advantages of pineapples are pretty much as alluring as their unique anatomy. “Pineapples contain high measures of vitamin C and manganese,” said San Diego-based nutritionist Laura Flores. These tropical natural products are likewise a decent method to get significant dietary fiber and bromelain (a protein).

Pineapple juice contains a protein called bromelain. This compound is found in the juice of pineapple and helps in using protein, which thus helps burn with extreme heat the excess paunch fat.

Pineapple Juice For Weight Loss

Nutrition Information

A 1 cup serving of unsweetened pineapple juice contains:

  • Calories: 133
  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Fat: 0 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 32 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Sugar: 25 grams

Pineapple juice is a decent wellspring of:

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B6
  • Thiamine (B1)

Pineapple juice is likewise an extraordinary wellspring of beta-carotene and vitamin A. These cell reinforcements advance sound skin, recuperate wounds, and may decrease untimely skin maturing.

Dynamic, tropical, sweet, and tarty, pineapple might be a touch intense natural product to strip, however we as a whole expertise habit-forming the delicious and thick organic product can get. Pineapples are a standard component in natural product chaats, raitas, chutney, and smoothies. As well as being tasty and astonishing, pineapple is a storage facility of medical advantages.

As per the book, ‘Mending Foods’ by DK Publication House, pineapple makes for a decent wellspring of manganese, which can support richness and contains a huge amount of vitamin C. Both the tissue and center of the organic product are bountiful with supplements.

The center contains a proteolytic chemical, bromelain which has amazing mitigating properties that can be utilized to treat inside abnormality, sore throats, and joint issues. ‘Recuperating Foods’ additionally takes note of, that squeezing pineapple could help lower fever, ease sore throats and go about as characteristic expectorant. Aside from this, the tarty and astonishing juice could likewise be probably the smartest choice for powerful weight loss.

The tarty and astonishing juice could likewise be probably the smartest choice for powerful weight reduction

Here’s How Pineapple Juice Could Help In Weight Loss:

  1. Good for digestion:

Pineapple contains a chemical called bromelain. This compound is found in the juice of pineapple and helps in processing protein, which thusly helps consume with smoldering heat the overabundance of tummy fat. You would be astounded to realize that the star protein bromelain likewise works with different catalysts, for example, lipase to process fats which help smother your craving.

2. Great source of fiber:

As well as being an incredible wellspring of vitamin C and manganese, the tissue of pineapple is additionally a fair wellspring of fiber. Fiber will in general top you off and in the long run, winds up instigating a feeling of satiety. This would at last prompt less gorging. (Likewise Read: Top 5 Sweet And Savory Ways To Eat Pineapple)

The tissue of pineapple is likewise a respectable wellspring of fiber.

3. Digestion:

As indicated by the book ‘Recuperating Foods’, bromelain separate is a compelling digestive guide, while utilizing the juice as a marinade for meat dishes helps soften them, making them more edible. Decent processing implies a quick weight reduction. Advisor Nutritionist Dr. Rupali Datta clarifies, “Terrible absorption can prompt weight to acquire, as we can’t ingest and acclimatize our supplements appropriately.

Besides, it will be unable to kill squander from our body proficiently all things considered. This may prompt easing back down of the metabolic rate, which causes it harder to consume calories properly.”How to Make Pineapple Juice: You can set up a new glass of pineapple juice in the solaces of your kitchen.

Pineapples are best when devoured new, as the compounds and supplements start to vanish rapidly once left cut. Pineapple juice makes for a mind-boggling summer refreshment as well. This is what you would have to do. Cautiously strip the pineapple and cleave it into little pieces.

  • Presently add these pineapple pieces in a blender alongside the water.
  • Mix well until you get a smooth juice.
  • Strain the juice utilizing a sifter.
  • You can add more water if the consistency of juice is excessively thick for you.
  • Pour the juice into a glass.

Take Note: Pineapple juice is certifiably not a recommendable pick for diabetics. It might bring down their glucose levels. Pineapple juice contains two sorts of basic sugars – fructose and glucose. In any case, there is no damage in getting into the entire natural product. Drinking a lot of pineapple juice may hamper your weight reduction objectives as well, because of the presence of fructose which adds to your vacant carbohydrate level.

Fructose advances the sensation of eating more, rather than glucose which incites a sensation of satiety. Anything in abundance would just mischief you over the long haul. Balance is the way to weight reduction and ideal wellbeing. So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Drink up and shed those additional kilos normally!

Reasons why eating a pineapple slice a day can help you lose weight

Pineapple isn’t just low in calories yet additionally wealthy in supplements. What’s more, this makes it the ideal weight reduction food. Thinking about how this delicious natural product can help you shed kilos? At that point continue to scroll!

1. Pineapple is low in calories and carbs

Pineapple is an incredible nibble due to its tasty flavor and low-calorie pleasantness. One cut of pineapple has just 42 calories, out of which only four percent is carbs.

Pineapple juice for weight loss

2. It contains proteolytic proteins and targets gut fat

Pineapples contain bromelain, a proteolytic catalyst that assists with breaking protein atoms in the body.

Lovneet Batra, a famous nutritionist from Delhi-NCR, additionally says: “Bromelain helps in better protein processing and usage, and hence assists you with acquiring slender weight. It additionally helps in preparing tummy fat.”

Bromelain additionally has lipolytic and proteolytic impacts, which helps consume in general muscle to fat ratio. In any case, it explicitly focuses on your paunch region when joined with diet and way of life changes.

On the off chance that your obstinate gut fat will not say a final farewell to you, attempt pineapples.

3. It helps absorption

As we referenced above, the bromelain in pineapple advances processing by separating protein atoms and advancing supplement retention. Appropriate processing additionally expands digestion which can assist you with losing those additional kilos. In addition, great processing can likewise help diminish bulging.

4. It is stacked with fiber

Pineapple contains both solvent and insoluble fiber which assists you with getting more fit by keeping you full for quite a while and initiating the sensation of satiety.

5. Controls hunger and keeps you hydrated

Pineapple is loaded up with cancer prevention agents, fiber, and water which keeps you full and hydrated simultaneously. At the point when your body is appropriately hydrated, it checks your craving and keeps you from gorging.

6. It is loaded with manganese

Pineapple is loaded up with manganese that controls the digestion of fat and starches in your body, hence advancing all-encompassing weight reduction. An investigation additionally found that admission of manganese is conversely relative to gut fat.

Note: Pineapples can likewise cause an unfavorably susceptible response, so if you experience any indications of hypersensitivities kindly counsel your primary care physician right away.

Advantages of Pineapple for weight reduction normally!

Pineapple is injected with an assortment of supplements and chemicals, which consolidate together and help in boosting digestion. It is reviving and relieving for the body and subsequently, is prompted during summers. Particularly, if you are enjoying some weight reduction exercises, eating a moderate measure of this valuable organic product can help you shed those additional kilos quicker.

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Great source of fiber:

Pineapple is useful for your gut, it is wealthy in fiber and along these lines, helps in assimilation. You can have pineapple to improve your stomach-related wellbeing and it will save you from stomach afflictions. Filaments are additionally extraordinary for boosting your digestion.

Helps in assimilation:

Because of the presence of bromelain which is a calming catalyst, pineapples can be best for individuals with joint and body torments. Likewise, this chemical is known to help your assimilation interaction.

Low in calories:

This marvel natural product has an extremely prepared taste to it, which makes it ideal for nibbling. At whatever point you feel hungry you can have not many cuts of this low-calorie natural product to keep you satisfied for a truly prolonged time.

Source of antioxidants and vitamin C:

Pineapple has a bounty of vitamin C and antioxidants, the two of which are needed for the immune system. You may have heard that pineapple can prompt weight reduction. There is not a ton of proof to back up that case, however, a creature study distributed in April 2018 in Food Science and Biotechnology found that pineapple juice may help decline fat development and increment fat breakdown. More examinations in people are expected to affirm that outcome, however.

Regardless of whether it doesn’t significantly affect your digestion, it’s a decent nibble decision since it (and different organic products) is low in calories, high in significant vitamins and minerals, and does exclude soaked fats or trans fats, Andrews says.

“There is no particular organic product or vegetable that straightforwardly causes weight reduction, however, they’ll help top you off without pressing in calories,” Andrews says. “So individuals will, in general, eat fewer calories by and large on the off chance that they burn through a few cups of foods grown from the ground every day as a feature of an even eating routine.”

You may likewise track down that the organic product fulfills your sweet tooth. “Pineapple is lower in calories than other sweet treats, so on the off chance that you appreciate a serving of pineapple versus a frozen custard for your daily pastry, you may burn through fewer calories and, thus, shed pounds,” says Colleen Christensen, RD, a dietitian situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pineapple additionally conveys some fiber (2.3 grams in 1 cup, per the USDA), which can help control your glucose level and assist you with eating since it keeps you feeling full, as per the Mayo Clinic.

Pineapple Juice For Weight Loss

Pineapple Is Packed with Disease-Fighting Antioxidants

As per an examination distributed in June 2014 in Molecules, pineapple is an extraordinary wellspring of cancer prevention agents, explicitly phenolics, flavonoids, and vitamin C. “Cell reinforcements are compounds in food that may help battle irritation and free extremists in the body,” Knott says.

As per the NCCIH, free revolutionaries are atoms that can make cells harm and lead to medical problems, including coronary illness, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s sickness, and eye issues. Topping off on cell reinforcement-rich food varieties like pineapple can assume a part in countering those dangers.

On account of Its Antioxidants, Pineapple Has Cancer-Fighting Properties

Malignant growth happens when unusual cells in the body duplicate and assume control over the sound tissue, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic. While there’s no ensured approach to forestall malignant growth, specialists recommend eating a solid eating regimen — in a perfect world one that is high in cancer prevention agents, which you can source through pineapple, to assist battle with offing extremists — to diminish your danger, as per Stanford Health Care.

An examination distributed in November 2018 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that diets and blood focus high in cell reinforcements were related to a lower hazard of malignancy.

It has great carbs:

Voraciously consuming food is something you can’t handle, so having a bowl brimming with this delectable organic product with some dark pepper sprinkled on top is an extraordinary thought. Remember about the carb admission, if you are on a low-carb diet. Albeit, the natural product has great carbs however it is constantly encouraged to eat carbs with some restraint when you are attempting to shed your additional inches.

Keep you hydrated:

It is the best summer natural product as it will help you in remaining cool from the inside. Pineapple has a decent substance of water in them, in this way, it helps in hydration. Additionally, if your body is adequately hydrated, shedding pounds turns out to be truly simple. Have a glass of pineapple juice after your activity or even in the middle of your dinners to tame your desires.

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Controls your craving:

Pineapple checks your hunger and controls your dietary patterns, yet an abundance of anything is terrible for wellbeing. Because of the presence of fructose which can expand your calorie and sugar level in the blood, it is prescribed to devour any organic product with some restraint.

Heart Health

Bromelain may likewise separate blood clumps and cholesterol stores in your conduits, which can uphold sound bloodstream and diminish your danger of coronary illness.

Cold and Allergy Relief

The bromelain in pineapple juice may likewise thin bodily fluid that causes clog in the sinuses or chest. Along with its calming properties, pineapple juice may diminish manifestations of the regular cold and hypersensitivities.

These properties have driven scientists to contemplate its capacity to treat asthma. While research is continuous, considers have discovered a connection between bromelain admission and the decrease of aviation route aggravation, an essential side effect of asthma.

Great Vision

The vitamin C and cancer prevention agent content in pineapple juice may decrease your danger of vision misfortune. Pineapple juice contains significant degrees of vitamin C, beta-carotene, and vitamin A, all of which lessen the danger of macular degeneration, a condition that causes age-related waterfalls and vision issues.

One examination additionally found that pineapple juice diminishes the event of eye floaters, which are little shapes or spots that hinder your vision.

May Aid Digestion

The catalysts in pineapple juice assist break with bringing down protein in your gut, which can help diminish stoppage, gas, and swelling. Bromelain additionally has antibacterial properties that can shield your gut from the runs causing microorganisms like E.coli and lessen gut aggravation.

Pineapple Juice For Weight Loss

More examination is expected to affirm these stomach-related impacts since contemplates have zeroed in on the impacts of concentrated bromelain higher than the sum found in pineapple juice.

Force to be reckoned with of manganese:

Alongside calcium, the minor element manganese is fundamental for keeping up solid bones, as indicated by the University of Rochester Medical Center. Pineapple is one of the top food wellsprings of the mineral, as per Oregon State University — a solitary cup of pineapple contains around 76% of the suggested day-by-day worth of manganese.

Manganese may assist fight with offing osteoporosis and improves generally speaking bone and mineral thickness, as per Oregon State University. Be mindful so as not to try too hard, however — manganese admission can be hazardous and may build the danger of psychological problems if you burn over 11 mg each day, as per an investigation distributed in The Open Orthopedics Journal. However, don’t worry: It’d be hard to arrive at those levels because ½ cup pineapple has under 1 mg manganese, Andrews says.

Expected Risks of Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice’s high supplement substance can mess wellbeing up for individuals with certain ailments.

Converse with your PCP to see whether pineapple juice is a decent expansion to your eating regimen. Think about the accompanying before drinking pineapple juice:


A few groups are sensitive to pineapple, which can cause a rash, hives, or breathing troubles. Keep away from pineapple juice if you experience these side effects when eating pineapple.

Stomach Problems

High measures of vitamin C can cause sickness, diarrhea, or indigestion. Similarly, bromelain can cause loose bowels, unnecessary feminine dying, or a skin rash if you burn through something over the top.

Pineapple’s causticity may likewise build indigestion manifestations in individuals who have gastroesophageal reflux sickness.


Eating unripe pineapple or drinking unripe pineapple juice is risky, as indicated by the cultivation division at Purdue University. Unripe pineapple is poisonous to people and can prompt serious runs and heaving. Also, try not to eat a lot of the pineapple center as it could cause fiber balls to shape in the stomach-related lot.

You should just drink pineapple juice produced using matured pineapple. Unripe pineapple can be harmful to people and can cause extreme runs and heaving.

Kidney Disease

Individuals with kidney infections ought to address their PCP before drinking pineapple juice to guarantee its potassium content is alright for their eating routine.

Tooth Decay

Pineapple juice’s sugar and acidic substance can harm enamel, which can prompt holes.

Frequently asked questions

Can pineapple juice reduce belly fat?

Pineapple and Papaya: These two tropical organic products contain the compound bromelain, which has calming properties and psychologists paunch fat.

When should I drink pineapple juice for weight loss?

Keep you hydrated:
Pineapple has a decent substance of water in them, subsequently, it helps in hydration. Additionally, on the off chance that your body is adequately hydrated, getting in shape turns out to be truly simple. Have a glass of pineapple juice after your activity or even in the middle of your dinners to tame your longings.

Does pineapple juice gain weight?

Pineapple juice is low in fiber yet wealthy in sugar, and drinking an excess may prompt weight gain or sickness. This refreshment may likewise collaborate with prescriptions and trigger indigestion or reflux in certain individuals.

Which juice is useful for weight reduction?

Celery juice
Celery juice has as of late become a mainstream fixing among wellbeing cognizant customers. It’s low in calories as well as contains over 95% water ( 1 ). Studies show that picking food varieties and drinks with a lower calorie thickness could be useful for weight reduction and fat loss

Does pineapple juice cause you to get thinner?

Regardless of whether it’s your sugar longings or food cravings, pineapples can fulfill your taste buds without stacking you up with additional calories. Pineapple isn’t just low in calories yet additionally wealthy in supplements. Also, this makes it the ideal weight reduction food.

Is pineapple a natural fat burner?

Actually: Pineapple is a much-publicized fruit for its fat-burning properties. It was already through that this thorny tropical fruit which contained the bromelain compound, helped split fat. Anyway, it helps in processing protein.

How can I lose my belly fat overnight?

If you need to thin down your tummy short-term, it is fundamental that you have a quick bite and keep away from food varieties that advance swelling. All things considered, organic products are your closest companion with regards to getting thinner and midsection fat. Organic products like apples are loaded with healthy flavonoids and strands that may help consume paunch fat.

What fruits burn midsection fat quickly?

Apple. New and crunchy apples are loaded with sound flavonoids and filaments that may help consume stomach fat. …
Tomato. The tart integrity of tomato may do marvels to cut your midsection fat.

How does pineapple juice help the female body?

Eating it very well might be especially favorable for ladies since its high nutrient C substance assumes a significant part in supporting solid bones and lessening the danger of osteoporosis. Besides, pineapple gives supplements, like copper and a few B nutrients, that are significant during pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of pineapple?

Flores called attention to a potential negative to pineapple’s undeniable degrees of nutrient C. “Given the great measure of nutrient C that pineapples contain, burning-through huge amounts may actuate the runs, queasiness, retching, stomach agony, or acid reflux,” she said.

Are pineapples useful for eating fewer carbs?

Eating Pineapple May Enhance Your Weight Loss
Regardless of whether it doesn’t significantly affect your digestion, it’s a decent nibble decision since it (and different organic products) is low in calories, high in significant nutrients and minerals, and does exclude immersed fats or trans fats, Andrews says.

Does pineapple juice make you poop?

Why Pineapple Can Help You Poop Like a Champ. Pineapple contains a chemical called bromelain, which is said to have magical anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. There’s a motivation behind why you should add pineapple juice to your morning smoothie, and it’s not really in light of its sweet tang.

How can I lose weight in 2 days?

The most effective method to get thinner and lessen paunch fat in 2 days: 5 basic hints that depend on logical examination
Add more protein to your eating routine.
Make fiber your closest companion.
Drink more water.
Eliminate sweet beverages.
Take a 15-minute stroll after every dinner.

What can I drink to lose weight overnight?

Greek yogurt protein shake. As verified above, having protein before bed—particularly if you’ve worked out in advance—animates the maintenance and revamping of (muscle protein amalgamation) while you rest.
Chamomile tea. Chamomile is a known narcotic, but a gentle one.
Red wine.
Soy-based protein shake.

How can I lose my stomach fat?

Eat a lot of solvent fiber.
Avoid food varieties that contain trans fats.
Don’t beverage an excessive amount of liquor.
Eat a high protein diet.
Reduce your feelings of anxiety.
Don’t eat a lot of sweet food sources.
Do oxygen-consuming activity (cardio).
Cut back on carbs — particularly refined carbs.

What are the healthiest fruits for weight loss?

Grapefruit. Offer on Pinterest.
Apples. Apples are low in calories and high in fiber, with 116 calories and 5.4 grams of fiber per huge natural product (223 grams)
Berries. Berries are low-calorie supplement forces to be reckoned with.
Stone Fruits.
Passion Fruit.

Is pineapple good for skin?

Pineapple is wealthy in supplements, cancer prevention agents, and the chemical bromelain — all of which may improve your skin wellbeing.

Is it OK to eat pineapple at night?

Pineapple. Another fruity treat to appreciate before bed is the unassuming pineapple. Likewise high in melatonin, analysts found that after eating pineapple, the melatonin markers in the body could increment by 266%. Pineapple can support your melatonin levels, assisting you with nodding off more without any problem.

What are the foods that burn belly fat?

Belly Fat-Fighting Foods.
Chocolate Skim Milk.
Green Tea.
Citrus. Grocery store stunner: Vitamin C in vivid produce, similar to oranges and red peppers can help you destroy up to 30 percent more fat during exercise, research from Arizona State University at Mesa recommends.

What are the best fat-burning foods?

Coconut Oil.
Green Tea.
Whey Protein.
Apple Cider Vinegar.
Chili Peppers.
Oolong Tea. Oolong tea is perhaps the best refreshment you can drink. …
Full-Fat Greek Yogurt. Full-fat Greek yogurt is amazingly nutritious. …
Olive Oil. Olive oil is perhaps the best fat on earth.

Are there fat-burning foods?

Burning through specific food sources can prompt a decrease in muscle versus fat. At the point when an individual adds these fat-consuming food sources to the eating routine, they can consume fat and get in shape over the long haul. Such fat-consuming food varieties incorporate eggs, nuts, and sleek fish

What is the flat belly overnight trick?

Level Belly Overnight’s stunt comprises of two eBooks involving a layout and a detox equation alongside a progression of three-minutes viable exercise recordings that mean to help clients in shedding the difficult midsection fat via doing the correct practicing procedures.

How can I flatten my stomach naturally?

Eat More Fiber, Especially Soluble Fiber.
Take Probiotics.
Do Some Cardio.
Drink Protein Shakes.
Eat Foods Rich in Monounsaturated Fatty Acids.
Limit Your Intake of Carbs, Especially Refined Carbs. Do Resistance Training.
What would it be a good idea for me to eat around evening time to get more fit?
Small small bunch of nuts.
Sliced natural product with unsweetened yogurt.
Vegetable chaat.
Sprout salad.
Roasted pumpkin seeds.
Sliced natural product with nuts or nut spread.
Roasted chickpeas (channa)
Hummus with vegetables.

What causes a big stomach in females?

On the off chance that you eat excessively and practice pretty much nothing, you’re probably going to convey abundance weight — including tummy fat. Likewise, your bulk may decrease somewhat with age, while fat increments.

Does apple cider vinegar burn belly fat?

As per this examination, adding 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple juice vinegar to your eating regimen can assist you with shedding pounds. It can likewise lessen your muscle versus fat ratio, cause you to lose paunch fat, and diminish your blood fatty substances. This is one of a couple of human examinations that have explored vinegar’s consequences for weight reduction.

What should I eat for breakfast to lose fat?

Eggs. Plentiful in protein and an abundance of significant nutrients and minerals, like selenium and riboflavin, eggs are a genuine force to be reckoned with of nutrition.
Wheat Germ.

Is it good to eat pineapple every day?

Eating a couple of cuts of new pineapple daily can shield your body from hurtful free extremists and sickness, help your absorption by cleaning the body’s organs and blood, increment your energy admission and lift digestion, sustain your hair, skin, nails, and teeth and keep you for the most part sound – in addition to it tastes incredible!

How does pineapple help menstruation?

Pineapple contains a protein called bromelain. It helps in shedding the coating of the uterus, which begins your periods. This organic product likewise expands the creation of red and white platelets, which helps in the bloodstream.

Is pineapple good for female fertility?

Why pineapple may help fruitfulness: It contains bromelain, a calming and against coagulation (blood diminishing) specialist that, per a recent report, can affect the safe framework. It might improve implantation by expanding the bloodstream to the uterus.

What are the disadvantages of drinking pineapple juice?

High measures of nutrient C can cause sickness, runs, or acid reflux. Moreover, bromelain can cause diarrhea,
excessive menstrual bleeding, or a skin rash on the off chance that you burn through something over the top.

Is pineapple core healthy?

“Pineapple cores have supplements, as does the pineapple tissue,” she says. “Eating it raw is the most ideal route from a wholesome outlook. It is slightly harder and less sweet than the rest.”

Is pineapple high in sugar?

Pineapple and its juice can be high in sugar.

Is peanut butter good for weight loss?

Though it’s high in protein, peanut butter is also high in fat content, packing nearly 100 calories into every tablespoon. But research suggests that consuming peanut butter might not stop you from losing weight. Eating it might even help you shed pounds.

Is cucumber good for weight loss?

It’s high in valuable supplements, just as certain plant mixtures and cell reinforcements may help treat and even forestall a few conditions. Additionally, cucumbers are low in calories and contain a decent measure of water and solvent fiber, making them ideal for advancing hydration and supporting weight reduction.

How can I lose weight fast?

Eat a high-protein breakfast.
Avoid sweet beverages and organic product juice.
Drink water before dinners.
Choose weight reduction agreeable food varieties.
Eat dissolvable fiber.
Drink espresso or tea.
Base your eating regimen on entire food varieties.
Eat gradually.

In this way, it’s an ideal opportunity to pig out on a piece of pineapple to get in shape!

  • Read more about pineapple and discover pineapple formula thoughts from Berkeley Wellness, a venture from the University of California Berkeley.
  • Learn more about this eatable bromeliad and other bromeliads on
  • Find out additional about the social history of pineapples from Encyclopedia Britannica.

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