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MYX Fitness Bike review

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MYX Fitness Bike review. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you’re cognizant of the fitness craze that’s Peloton. you’ll also now remember the competitors that have taken notice of the world’s fascination with Peloton and have decided to develop their own spin (no pun intended) thereon.

MYX Fitness Bike Review
Credit: MyFitness

That’s where MYX Fitness comes into the fitness game. This direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup home gym equipment brand is a sister company to Schwinn, one of the world’s most renowned bicycle brands.

They recognized a couple of things; first, that not everyone wants to compete during their workout, and second, that not everyone has $2000+ to spend on a piece of gym equipment.

Pros and cons of MYX Fitness Bike


  • Sturdy, commercial-grade bike
  • Offers personalized pulse zone training
  • The large and varied on-demand class library
  • Integrates with Apple Health
  • Connects to Bluetooth headphones
  • Good music
  • Companion app supports scheduling
  • Most affordable within the category
  • Additional ergonomic adjustments
  • Option of clip-in shoes or standard toe cages
  • Swiveling screen for off-bike workouts
  • pulse monitor included
  • Independent volume controls for both trainer and music
  • Inexpensive monthly subscription ($29 rather than $39 from competition)
  • Engaging professional coaches
  • 41-pound flywheel
  • 350-pound user weight capacity
  • Transport wheels


  • No live classes or leaderboards
  • Membership costs extra
  • Lacks integration with Fitbit and Strava
  • Doesn’t show cadence on screen
  • Short warranty period
  • Limited interactivity between rider and instructor compared to Peloton

MYX Fitness Bike Review

MYX Fitness pitches a Peloton-rivaling experience that comes at half the value and in half the time — literally, Peloton’s shipping estimates fall around two months, whereas your very own MYX Fitness Bike can arrive in a fortnight.

MYX Fitness Bike Review
Credit: MyFitness

Besides faster availability for people hoping to realize 2021 fitness goals, the MYX Fitness Bike also slices into Peloton’s share of the simplest exercise bikes with a softer $1,299 tag, swiveling display, and many proprietaries, heart-rate-based workouts.

It’d not offer live sessions, but the 1-to-1 dialog with charismatic trainers offers a refreshing change from the competitive nature of group classes. MYX Fitness is as close as you’ll get to on-demand personal training without inviting someone into your home.

There’s more you would possibly want to understand about this exercise bike-fitness service hybrid than buckets of sweat and sculpted abs before making an investment.

With an in-depth selection of classes available, MYX Fitness makes it easy to build up your workout routine, no matter your fitness level. However, it lacks several key features offered by other brands, which can be a deal-breaker for a few.
This article reviews MYX Fitness to work out what it’s, how it works, and whether you ought to provides it a try.

Myx Fitness: The Value Proposition

Starting with the hard facts, the bang-for-buck quotient on the MYX Fitness bike is basically solid. because it stands, any of the opposite players offering this level of kit are coming in with prices north of $2,000. Echelon touted itself because the most affordable alternative previously, however, because it stands their bike (when on sale already) comes in at $1,639.98 before shipping or monthly subscription fees are added.

The MYX Fitness Bike on the opposite hand comes in at $1,299.00 including shipping. If you’re looking to require further advantage of their off-bike training, you’ll also choose the MYX Plus bundle. This adds three sets of dumbbells, a kettlebell, a resistance band, a foam roller, and a stabilizing mat. The weights are available in three different ranges (broken out has a light, medium, or heavy).

While it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to shop for these things on your own, they add great value to the package purchasing of the MYX Fitness bike. At $1,499, this is often still less costly than the Echelon Smart Connect EX5S.

The next element of the worth proposition at hand is that the subscription cost for streaming classes to your MYX Fitness bike. Where competitors like Peloton, NordicTrack, and Echelon all charge $39 per month for his or her interactive training offerings (in some cases rolled into the value of the bike for the primary year), the subscription for the MYX fitness bike is merely $29 per month, saving you $120 annually. Again, it’s not an enormous saving, but once you add it all up the savings found within the MYX bike are definitely noteworthy.

How it works

Monthly membership to the MYXfitness app is required to access the complete functionality of your bike. The app includes unlimited access to many fitness classes, with new workouts added hebdomadally.

MYX Fitness Bike Review

Each account can have up to 5 users, which can be especially beneficial for households hoping to share access to the equipment.

Some of the kinds of classes available through MYX Fitness include:
• barre
• total body sculpt
• ride, tone, and restore
• bodyweight high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
• rhythm ride
• yoga
• meditation
MYX can hook up with your pulse monitor. Plus, all workouts offered within the app integrate pulse zone training, which may help monitor the intensity of your workout supported your pulse.

The app also includes access to the MYX Assessment, a feature that uses an algorithm to work out your fitness level, personalize your pulse zone targets, and keep track of your progress.

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The Experience: Resistance and Ride

The biggest difference between the friction resistance of the MYX Fitness Bike and therefore the magnetic resistance of its competitors involves how resistance adjustment takes place. At a mechanical level it’s simple, friction uses friction—specifically a friction pad on the highest fringe of the flywheel. Magnetic resistance, again self explanatory.

The proximity of a robust magnet is adjusted in reference to the flywheel, and therefore the closer the magnet, the greater the resistance. With the MYX Fitness Bike, you’re setting resistance by feel using the control knob, instead of working with preset increments as you’d see using the “digital resistance” on a magnetic resistance exercycle.

In the grand scheme of things, this is often a far better option for many, as you would like to be ready to self-guide your training and set the bike’s resistance to levels best suited to your fitness level anyway.

Unlike older friction resistance bikes, the MYX Fitness Bike remains quite quiet, and also very smooth overall. this is often partially because of its extra hefty flywheel design and heavy-duty construction, which allows for its 350-pound rider capacity. On this subject of resistance, we do get to call this out because of the first key differentiator Peloton, and therefore the MYX Fitness Bike.

Generally speaking, the utilization of friction resistance is more “low tech” than magnetic resistance, however from a practical user standpoint, it really shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Realistically, it’s a good trade if streaming training may be a priority for riders who just aren’t willing or ready to spend the larger sticker price on the Peloton bike.

Depending on how strong a rider you’re, a friction resistance bike isn’t necessarily getting to be noticeable. These systems show their colors when you’re maxing out resistance, and therefore the added heft of the flywheel will help avoid that more choppy feel you’ll get from a friction resistance bike.

MYX also notes that their pads are designed to last between 5 and 10 years, and are easily replaceable when the time comes.

MYX Fitness Bike: Price and availability

There are two costs that accompany MYX Fitness: the particular bike and therefore the class subscription. The MYX bike costs $1,299, but if you drop $200 more for MYX Plus, you furthermore may get a Polar OH1 cardiac monitor, large exercise mat, 6-piece dumbbell set, kettlebell, foam roller, and a resistance band. you’ll use any of the simplest yoga mats, best adjustable dumbbells, or best resistance bands of your own, though.

MYX Fitness Bike Review
Credit: MyFitness

MYX offers free shipping and currently estimates 2-5 weeks for your bike to arrive. By comparison, Peloton estimates it’ll take 8-10 weeks for free of charge delivery. Echelon and NordicTrack charge $199 for shipping, but neither company is facing severe shipping delays. you’ll also return the MYX bike in 30 days if it’s to not your liking.

A MYX Fitness subscription costs $29 per month for access to the category library. Although the membership is technically optional, you’ll need it to require advantage of classes on and off the bike as you’d with Peloton, Echelon and NordicTrack. Those memberships all cost $39 per month.

MYX Fitness Bike review: Design and setup

The MYX Fitness Bike is not any dainty machine. Luckily, the 134-pound unit comes pre-assembled, and therefore the company’s delivery partners assist you to get found out in your home. The servicer can position your review model (it also comes in black) on top of the included floor mat, plug it in, and show you the way to create your account.

You can change the position after they leave, which isn’t difficult because of the 2 wheels on the front base bar of the bike also because of the four adjustable leveling feet.

MYX Fitness Bike Review

While the MYX Fitness system is more compact than a standard home gym found out I still needed to make a nook for the 4.5 x 3.9 x 1.8-foot exercycle. I make it work for my apartment, although it’s dwarfed my front room a touch bit. On the brilliant side, it’s sleek-looking because of limited branding and hardware details, so I don’t mind that it’s in plain sight.

And since the 21.5-inch touch display swivels and tilts, I can move the screen to face wherever I’m understanding, albeit it’s 180 degrees from where I’d sit on the bike. (If you would like a rotating screen on your Peloton, you’ll get to upgrade to the Peloton Bike Plus, which starts at $2,495.) MYX’s other manual adjustments include seat height, seat depth, handlebar height, handlebar depth, and, of course, a resistance knob.

Once you’ve found your adjustments you’ve got two options for using the food pedals. On one side you strap regular sneakers into cages, and on the opposite you clip in any of the simplest shoes for Peloton and other exercise bikes. I both use and recommend investing in spin cleats for both safety and sturdiness.

MYX Fitness Bike review: Display and interface

Before my first workout, I took a while to explore the MYX Fitness Bike’s display and interface. additionally, to the facility button and volume controls on the side of the screen, there’s a built-in USB port for charging your pulse monitor or another device. All other features are controlled via a touch screen.

MYX Fitness Bike Review
Credit: MyFitness

The interface’s home screen gives you an excellent overview of your profile. you’ll see a running tally of your minutes exercised, calories burned and classes you took the week prior. Next thereto, you’ll see a highlighted class, which is typically one among the most recent uploads.

Then, as you scroll down, you’ll see Netflix-like menus for classes supported workout format, recommendations, and classes you’ve favorited. There’s also a neighborhood for scenic rides, the Newsy channel, and original MYX programming around topics like psychological state.

Across the highest menu, there are dedicated tabs for bike, floor, cross-training, and recovery classes. Within those submenus, you’ll filter classes more thoroughly supported type, length, and level.

When you’ve found a category you wish, click thereon to read a quick synopsis, see the equipment you’ll need, pair your pulse monitor and/or Bluetooth headphones, and hit start.

MYX Fitness Bike review: Experience and performance

Once you’ve started a ride or other MYX Fitness Class, a dashboard appears on the left side of the screen showing you the time elapsed, calories burned, and current pulse. If you’re conversant in OrangeTheory or other heart-rate-based training, you’ll know that an accurate gauge of your pulse is vital to pace yourself in school.

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Over the course of time, you learn tons about pulse zones. regardless of the category type, the coaches offer verbal cues for what zone you ought to be in. Instead of an Apple Watch Series 6 as the pulse monitor, they include Polar OH1 to wear on your forearm to offer instant readings.

This helps know when it is time to place more effort in or scale it back. Most classes provided quick warm-ups and cooldowns for managing pulse zones, too.

As for the texture of the bike itself, MYX uses a 41-pound flywheel with friction resistance, which differs from Peloton’s magnetic wheel. I tend to prefer magnetic because it’s quieter and offers more specific resistance changes, but MYX’s wheel makes little to no noise, and that I felt acute control over the wheel’s weight beneath my feet.

Still, a magnetic wheel would perhaps feel a touch smoother — sometimes once I changed resistance drastically the MYX bike’s pedal momentum threw me off balance. The MYX bike couldn’t automatically change my resistance just like the Peloton can, either.

MYX Fitness Bike review: Class selection

MYX Fitness classes are more personal than competitive. There are no leaderboards like within the Peloton app — instead, the coaches speak as if you’re having a one-to-one conversation, motivating you to figure on your individual fitness goals.

MYX Fitness Bike Review

You will enjoy how they talk the whole class, chiming in with personal stories, recommendations on attitude, and relatable struggles a bit like an in-person trainer might.

Within the bike category, there are endurance rides, resistance-heavy climb rides, HIIT rides, rhythm rides, warm-up rides, and recovery rides. you can also cycle to the beat of the music with rhythm rides, although I always did a warm-up ride before a floor-based workout, too.

Unlike Apple Fitness Plus, where most of the trainers are dedicated to picking workout types, most of MYX’s bike coaches also train on the ground for targeted strength training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), kettlebell training, barre, mobility, pilates, core, yoga, and dance.

You can diversify the exercise regime while building this weird virtual relationship with certain coaches.
The classes vary from 5 to an hour, and cross-training classes combine multiple workout styles into one session. New workouts are added hebdomadally, but you’re taking classes from the whole MYX backlog also. Peloton features a larger library of classes, plus live classes every day, but even after understanding almost a day for 3 months with MYX, I haven’t run low on options.

I have to admit Peloton does music better than MYX, though. MYX uses a Pandora-like radio system, so there’s no set playlist for each class. you’ll skip songs, but you aren’t hearing an equivalent music because the coaches did once they recorded the category, so it seems like there’s a disconnect.

Plus the stations can get repetitive. Luckily, you’ll adjust the music volume independently of the coach’s volume if you would like to enjoy your own tracks.

MYX Fitness Bike review: SmartMYX training programs

As of April 2021, there are over 1,000 training programs currently available for the MYX Fitness bike, split between the categories of endurance, high-intensity interval training, stretching, yoga, et al.

MYX Fitness Bike Review

They’ve been learning the pace since launch, and are adding many classes monthly, ensuring that there’s no lack of diversity within the training calendar. this is often a reasonably big jump considering that they launched with roughly 500 classes recorded, and were initially adding 40 classes per week.

This figure is rapidly catching up with the likes of Peloton and NordicTrack too, who like to sell the thought that they need “countless classes to settle on from”.

The truth of the matter is, albeit you’re doing a category each day, every single day (you won’t be), it’ll still take a couple of years for you to catch up to the entire number of programs on the MYX Fitness Bike, and that’s under the presumption that MYX stops recording classes immediately (not gonna happen).

As we noted above, the monthly subscription cost to access this streaming video training is $29/month.

The overall user interface/configuration of the software on the MYX Fitness bike has been alright received. Its home screen features a very “Netflix feel”, so to talk, as users will scroll past recommendations, also as a breakout of the various workout categories.

They need also added access to Newsy to the MYX Fitness Bike interface—a news resource for those that occasionally just want to see in on the state of the planet as they ride.

There also are options for scenic rides, also as more rest/recovery/mindfulness-focused content for once you want to unwind on the bike instead of breaking a sweat and burning all the calories.

MYX Fitness Bike Review

Who Should Use The MYX Fitness Bike?

The MYX Fitness bike is a stimulating one because it has a similar appeal to those coming into the space craving support via streaming training sessions, can reach a broader audience with its more approachable price point, and also opens the door to those that don’t have an interest within the often competitive nature of spin classes.

With brands like Peloton and Echelon, it’s all about the leaderboard, about maintaining together with your friends, colleagues, and people who ride during a similar pacing bracket to you.

With the MYX Fitness bike, the main target is more personal. It’s about how briskly and hard you would like to ride, what your personal goals are, and not how you’ll beat so-and-so on your next ride.

As an entry-level rider, this will be especially useful in curtailing the intimidation factor that comes with the spin class world. It’s also worth noting that the tracking metrics and methods are different here than they’re with Peloton et al.

The core data capture, and where the encouragement and updates come from during streaming training are tied to pulse. You won’t be told to up your cadence, or to extend or decrease resistance to specific levels.

Those suggestions are going to be more approximate, with the intent to be to specialize in working a touch harder to push that pulse up to where it must be.

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MYX Bike Vs. The Competition

In the streaming training indoor cycling space, there are only a couple of competitors, and every one of them is available at a better sticker price than the MYX bike, both for the bike and for the accompanying monthly streaming service.

MYX Fitness Bike Review
Credit: MyFitness

The competitive pool includes the Peloton bike, the Stryde Bike, the NordicTrack S22i, and therefore the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 (which may be a near carbon of the NordicTrack).

All of those competitors offer magnetic resistance. The Stryde and Peloton have monthly subscription costs that are added to the bikes, whereas the NordicTrack and ProForm bikes both include the first year of membership.

Realistically speaking there are only two key shortcomings of the MYX Fitness Bike versus this competitive pool, and one that has helped the brand from becoming a target of Peloton’s legal department.

Peloton has already taken down the upstart Flywheel, whose technology ran a touch too similar for the tech giant’s liking. Where MYX decided to vary the equation is by not having speed and resistance fed into the bike’s programming.

This suggests that you’ll get instructors telling you to extend or lower resistance, but not calling you out if you’re not up to hurry. Instead, MYX Fitness bike trainers specialize in pulse zones, which has proven to be quite effective when optimizing workout performance.

Whether or not this last difference matters will really be a private choice for several. The hardcore spin class enthusiast will know tolerably what proportion to push themselves when training, and therefore the rookie rider is presumably to be engaged and satisfied enough with the power to chase alongside a streaming trainer that that level of detail won’t really be necessary.

Still, there’ll be some who crave ALL the bells and whistles, leaving them options like Peloton, or better yet the NordicTrack Commercial S22i.

MYX Fitness vs. Peloton

MYX is a new sport but supported by my experience, it’s the starting of the gate sprinting. The most important direct competitor is clearly Peloton.

The standard Peloton Bike begins at $1,895, while the Peloton Bike+ starts at $2,495. However, Peloton’s price is certainly reflective of its current status symbol within the at-home fitness community.

Owning a Peloton is nearly an Instagram flex and about sharing your fitness experience with others, as you’ll ride with other Peloton users and compare your stats. In no way is that this a takedown of the Peloton or its users, however; MYX Fitness just offers tons of great features for a way lower cost than the Peloton.

[affieasy_table_content id=10]

I can not compare the experience exactly. I can only compare the costs; you will need to dig deeper into the offerings. It’s safe to mention that the MYX Bike may be a more budget-friendly bike with an excellent offering of classes and instructors.

Other MYX competitors

The MYX bike is that the most budget-friendly out of all of the Peloton competitors, but you’ll never call this an inexpensive bike.


Echelon and Peloton aren’t related, albeit the names sound familiar. Echelon features a few tiers of bikes, with some basic models as low as $500 at Walmart (you get six months of free membership with this bike) and Amazon.

The simpler Echelon bikes are for people that don’t need an attached tablet to partake in classes. These are designed for people that already own a tablet that they will attach to their bike.

The Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-5S is that the best bike to match to the MYX or Peloton, because it is that the only model that comes with an attached (rotating) tablet. That bike costs $1,639.98 which cost is simply for the bike—no classes or anything.

Echelon offers three tiers of membership, between $19.99 and $39.99, for access to its classes and pulse monitor.


NordicTrack’s setup is analogous to Peloton therein both bikes offer live class features. The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle costs $1,999. The bike comes with a rotating monitor, so you’ll transfer from the bike to weight lifting in one class.

NordicTrack is understood for the incline on its other products, and this bike fits that mold, with a 20% incline opinion and a tenth decline. It also has live incline control during some classes.

The first year of membership is included together with your bike (great deal), then it’s $39 per month for access to classes, live and pre-recorded, also as scenic virtual trails to ride.


SoulCycle didn’t originate the trend of cycling classes, but, almost like the Peloton, it’s another status symbol brand that has grown to massive popularity and caused a resurgence.

If you’re an enormous SoulCycle fan, but not going back to in-person classes, the SoulCycle bike is out there for purchase. It isn’t actually a SoulCycle-branded bike; it’s the Variis bike, and it costs $2,500 for just the bike.
You can do a 7-day free trial for the Variis app, but then, it costs $40 per month.

MYX Fitness Bike review: Verdict

Although I tend to modify my workout routines, I’ve found myself eager to get on the MYX bike or launch an MYX floor class almost a day since I’ve had it in my apartment. The relatable trainers and abundance of exercise styles have made staying in shape as painless as it’s ever been.

You can compute for a quarter-hour at 11 in the dark and feel good after. I found there’s basically no excuse (outside of injury) to not use it since it’s right within the dining room. the value is budget-friendly compared to its competitors. Max may be a good transition for anyone who was previously paying tons for a specialty gym membership.

No question about it: The MYX Fitness Bike is that the best Peloton alternative for the worth. And price aside, for people that prefer a customized workout experience over a class-like one, I’d say MYX’s program may be a more sensible choice than Peloton.

It’s the massive, swiveling screen and diverse class portfolio, and you’ll actually catch on delivered (for free) within a couple of weeks. No culty vibes, either.

Click here to buy from the manufacturer.

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