Kiss My Keto Review: Taste, Test, and Personal Opinion!

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Kiss My Keto Review. Is it true that you are battling to keep your sweet tooth under control subsequent to beginning the keto diet? I realize I sure was. I was continually helping myself to remember every one of the scrumptiously mouth-watering desserts I could presently don’t have. It was pain. Notwithstanding, this all changed when I found Kiss My Keto snack bars.

Kiss my keto review

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So some low-carb bars professing to find a way into the keto diet are possibly fulfilling during that moment when the chocolate first contacts your taste buds and you are quickly back in delight. Over the long haul, nonetheless, most leave an odd taste after you eat them that is adequately foul to trust you fail to remember the whole experience.

I thought the times of having fun were finished, regardless of whether the advantages I saw with the keto diet far exceeded my longing to enjoy to a great extent. I abhorred this, all I needed was a chocolate bar that would not toss me out of ketosis and was flavorful as well.

Fortunately, there are Kiss My Keto lunch rooms before I went as it were of attempting to persuade myself that I didn’t care for chocolate or that the bizarre taste in the wake of eating different bars was really agreeable. In spite of the fact that we as a whole realize that would not have worked.

Kiss My Keto Review: Taste, Test And Personal Opinion!

What Is Kiss My Keto?

I’ve been here and there keto for about a year, however chose to get genuine this time around. One organization that sprung up was Kiss My Keto. Truly, I thought it was another keto nibble box organization when I joined to do an audit.

Kiss my keto review

Ends up, it is anything but a tidbit box (however in case you’re perusing this folks, it is anything but a poorly conceived notion. Membership boxes are hot at this moment).

All things being equal, they sell their own keto items. I had never bought keto supplements since I just ate keto-accommodating food varieties, yet I figured what the heck. I’ll check them out and see what occurs.

I was amazed that I really utilized all that I purchased, and really plan on purchasing more. Continue to peruse to perceive what Kiss My Keto items I plan on loading up on!

What Did I Order From Kiss My Keto?

I kept it reasonable with my first box, and got things I was sure I would utilize and like.

• keto bars

• keto coffee

• keto protein

• exogenous ketones

Exogenous Ketones

The exogenous ketones were different to me. I’ve heard great and awesome things about them, particularly one side saying that they can help on the off chance that you use them right, and others saying they are totally futile.

Kiss my keto review.

I don’t test my blood or breath for ketosis. I utilize the pee strips still. I know some long-term keto individuals don’t suggest them; however, they are modest and basic for the present. I notice this since I didn’t gauge whether the ketones kept me in ketosis, or assisted me with arriving at it.

What I saw was an increase in energy when I drank them. This was before I perused anything about how they work. I did only some regular field testing and carried some to the exercise center with me.

Truly, I had a feeling that I drank a milder variant of a pre-exercise drink. You know, the ones with huge loads of caffeine that prepare you lifted and to siphon press? It wasn’t actually that solid, however, I felt a flood of energy subsequent to drinking them such a lot that I needed to hope to check whether there was caffeine in the blend.

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Additionally, I felt that they assisted with my keto influenza simply this week. I generally get fluffy-headed going into ketosis (I was out of it for about seven days because of occasion cheating). Drinking the ketones relaxed the fluffy migraine I think, albeit this is simply episodic!

These specific exogenous ketones were very pungent, as Gatorade. I don’t know whether that is standard for exogenous ketones.

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Keto Protein

Another champ here, despite the fact that I don’t know how frequently I’d really use it. The flavor was extraordinary, however, there was a tad bit of unusual “sugar-free sugar” trailing sensation like a great deal of phony sweet items. This persistent flavor can be relieved by blending in with almond milk, whole milk, or coffee!

Kiss my keto review

I actually favor my own jock-style whey protein for the flavor and protein content I need for my exercises. I realize a few groups blow a gasket about devouring an excessive amount of protein from glycogenesis, however by what other means am I expected to fabricate muscles?

Get Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones Here

Keto Bars

I got a blend of three flavors in the assortment box: chocolate peanut butter, chocolate coconut, and chocolate treat mixture. All flavors were delicious!

I was definitely not an enormous aficionado of the treat mixture flavor since you could taste the stevia more. Peanut butter and coconut bars had more grounded flavors, so the stevia taste was not as solid.

I found that they were somewhat coarse on the surface at room temperature, yet placing them in the cooler fixed that. Indeed, even my sweetheart, who is non-keto, loved them. Truth be told, she loved the treat mixture one the best.

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What Makes Kiss My Keto Snack Bars So Great?

Loaded with supplements, you can add the Kiss My Keto bar to your keto diet plan without feeling remorseful. Every ingredient meets the keto diet’s large-scale necessities, so it is ideal to enjoy a quiet sweet treat.

These bars have 13-grams of fat, 7-grams of fiber, 10% MCT oil, 9-grams of protein, and 0-grams of sugar. This implies that they just have around 2-grams of net carbs.

You can even understand each word that is on the ingredient list. Which is not normal for some keto-endorsed bar. Assuming you need to google something, you will be soothed to realize that you won’t track down an extensive rundown of synthetic mixtures that could likewise have a long rundown of results.

Keto-Friendly Bars With High-Quality Ingredients

• Kiss My Keto snack bars are exceptionally formed so they won’t raise your insulin after a serving since they are made with 45% unadulterated cacao, otherwise called certified dim chocolate, and they are normally improved with the lightest dash of Stevia and Erythritol. This improves them for the individuals who are utilizing a keto diet for diabetes.

Kiss my keto review

• Do not let the possibility of Stevia interfere with your contemplations. It is basic information that many individuals discover Stevia overwhelmingly sweet with a severely delayed flavor impression. Notwithstanding, that isn’t accurate with Kiss My Keto snack bars.

• They utilize only the smallest sum. So slight, that not one of the many five-star audits docked focuses or even referenced that they thought Stevia was the destruction.

• Using Stevia rather than the maltitol that most different bars use implies that Kiss My Keto additionally pondered your gastrointestinal framework.

• So long are the times of being rebuffed subsequent to eating a maltitol-filled bar and suffering around 12-hours of stomach swell and gas only for attempting to appreciate a protein-pressed chocolate bar.

• Now, assuming you are believing that you don’t have the foggiest idea what erythritol is, continue to peruse. In the event that you have had such an industrially delivered heated great, you have had erythritol. It is quite possibly the most widely recognized sugars among cooks, and totally protected to burn-through.

• Kiss My Keto some way or another figured out how to do this without forfeiting taste or surface. You will scarcely believe, these bars don’t taste at all fake as numerous keto-endorsed bars do. Furthermore, your sweet tooth will be completely fulfilled.

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from: Kiss My Keto

There are 3 flavors in the white box. These are:

Birthday Cake

Maple Donut

Salted Caramel


I was very astonished by the brittle surface of the Kiss My Keto bars. The last keto bar I’d eaten was a mission bar and I discovered it so difficult to bite I tossed it out.


That joined with the dreadful taste, it was a really simple choice to store the mission bar straight in the receptacle.

Interestingly, The Kiss My Keto birthday cake bar had the surface of a delicate brittle, chewy treat.

The flavor was very like a vanilla added cake. Not very overwhelming and not very sweet.

I could taste a trace of the stevia separate the birthday cake bar is improved with. I for one incline toward erythritol or priest natural product for improving, however the stevia taste wasn’t really awful.

I wouldn’t allow that to deter me from requesting these keto bars once more.

Each Kiss My Keto birthday cake bar has 3 grams of net carbs. The absolute carbs is 16 grams, with 13 grams of that being fiber.

The Kiss My Keto birthday cake bars have added MCT oil, palm piece oil and coconut oil. Absolute fat is 19 grams, of which 14 grams is immersed fat.

The palm bit oil is utilized to make the white chocolate covering.

In the event that you are a vegetarian following the ketogenic diet, the Kiss My Keto bars lamentably will not be for you, as they contain entire egg powder, egg whites, and whey protein.

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The maple doughnut seasoned bar resembled an eruption of flavors as I bit. This was a significant astonishment!

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From the start the Kiss My Keto maple doughnut bar tasted nutty. The bar contains almonds, cashews and cinnamon, so the nuttiness bodes well.

In any case, at that point comes the maple, which resembles an explosion of pleasantness that follows that nuttiness… and it’s acceptable.

I could really see little bits of almonds inside this bar. This is a demonstration of the nature of Kiss My Keto bars and the spotless ingredients utilized.

The carbs, fats and fiber content are equivalent to the birthday cake bar, with 3 grams of net carbs per bar.

In case you’re an enthusiast of doughnuts and maple syrup, I see no motivation behind why you will not appreciate the Kiss My Keto maple doughnut bar.


I’m by and large a fanatic of anything caramel-related, especially when joined with ocean salt.

The Kiss My Keto salted caramel bar was intriguing. It was sweet, however not excessively sweet. The salt adjust the pleasantness very well.

I could taste a trace of salt now and again, others less so.

I could again taste the almonds and see almond pieces all through the bar.

The surface was somewhat drier and brittle with the salted caramel bar. This might have been brought about by me avoiding the bars with regards to their bundling as I write this survey?

Normally, I didn’t just whittle down each…

The flavor was more unobtrusive with the salted caramel and would most likely be liked in the event that you have to a lesser extent a sweet tooth. Maybe I was expecting the flavor blast of the maple doughnut bar?

Having attempted every one of the 3 keto bars, I would doubtlessly arrange the blended box once more. I could envision getting overpowered with 12 bars of one flavor. Out of the three white bars the maple doughnut flavor would be my most loved up until this point.


Keto Bars – 12 Count

Kiss my keto review

Get The Keto Bar Variety Pack Here

These are the first Kiss My Keto bars, likewise accessible in 3 flavors:

Chocolate Coconut

Chocolate Cookie Dough

Chocolate Peanut Butter

I truly thought I’d favor the Kiss My Keto White bars over the chocolate bars, to where I wasn’t going to arrange the chocolate bars from the outset.

It was just that Kiss My Keto offered stunning types on checkout to add the chocolate bars to my shopping basket that I requested. This type was dreadfully nice to refuse!

From an advertising viewpoint, Kiss My Keto’s amazing to offer a too decent to even think about rejecting variety and I’m certain the up-sell rate would be enormous. From a shopper’s point of view – best. choice. ever.

The chocolate bars are rich, debauched and generally speaking… exceptional.

This uncommon type may have been to move more established stock, as you’ll see the pressing is marginally extraordinary to the fresher white bars. The chocolate bars actually had long dates and phenomenal quality.

We should review each Kiss My Keto bar separately…


The main thing I saw about the chocolate coconut bar was the distinction in the consistency of the actual bar.

Kiss my keto review

It was milder than the white bars, with to a lesser degree a treat like appearance and disintegrate, and even more a delicate, chewy surface.

The coconut flavor was exquisite, albeit fairly overwhelmed by the rich chocolate covering.

The chocolate coconut bar has 4 grams of net carbs – 1 gram higher than the wide range of various bars. I wouldn’t let that trouble me nonetheless, on the off chance that I truly needed a rich debauched treat. I discovered it so rich, I’d most likely just eat half.

The absolute carbs in the Kiss My Keto chocolate coconut bar is 17 grams, fiber is 11 grams and sugar liquor 2 grams.

Absolute fat is 20 grams, of that 14 grams is immersed fat. This would come from the coconut oil, cocoa spread, medium chain fatty substances and almonds.

All the Kiss My Keto Chocolate bars contain unsweetened chocolate. In the event that you are not acclimated with unsweetened chocolate this could be somewhat of a stun regardless, it is rich. In any case, not severe, similar to dim chocolate can be.


This would need to be my most loved so out of sight all the Kiss My Keto bars.

Kiss my keto review

The treat batter taste was something I was anticipating from the white bars.

The rich chocolate covering and treat batter inside makes for a stunning flavor blend.

There were additionally chocolate chips inside the bar and like with the white bars, I could see little almond pieces.

The Kiss My Keto chocolate treat mixture bar has 19 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein and 3 grams of net carbs.

This bar is improved with a mix of erythritol and purged stevia extricate. Maybe that is the reason it’s my most loved up until now, with a superior equilibrium of sugars?


From the start chomp of the Kiss My Keto chocolate peanut bar, you are hit with a delectable nut taste. This is then trailed by the rich chocolate covering.

Kiss my keto review

Get The Keto Bar Variety Pack Here

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On the off chance that you are a fanatic of peanut butter and chocolate, I’ll be amazed on the off chance that you don’t care for this bar.

The nut flavor comes from nut oil and ocean salt. Like the other Kiss My Keto bars, there were once more, little bits of almonds all through.

I truly loved the little bits of almond all through the bars. A few buyers have remarked they didn’t care for this.

In case you’re somebody who likes something super smooth, be ready for a couple of pieces and pieces to a great extent.

Actually, I believe there’s nothing more terrible than eating pre-bundled food sources and not actually realizing what has gone into the item.

Seeing a piece of almond or almond shell inside the bar fulfilled me. The ingredients say almonds – and look there they are!

The nuts additionally give the bars a little smash on occasion. This, joined with the other quality, gluten-free and soy-free ingredients make the Kiss My Keto bars a heavenly decision.

Pros of Kiss My Keto bars:

• These bars are made with real ingredients.

• They are intended to not influence ketosis.

• Your insulin level will stay level because of Kiss My Keto’s light-gave expansion of characteristic sugars.

• These bars look like real chocolate in both taste and surface.

• They are supplement stuffed, so you can have confidence that you won’t feel like you have quite recently gorged on treats.

• Kiss My Keto bars are separately wrapped, so they are incredible for when you need something to get in and out.

Cons of Kiss My Keto bars:

  • Whether the chocolate is keto-affirmed or not, chocolate is as yet helpless to dissolving in the warmth, so it is most likely best to not leave them in the vehicle.
  • They contain nuts, so those with nut hypersensitivities can’t encounter the keto ecstasy that Kiss My Keto bars permit.
  • These bars are as of now created in an office that likewise handles wheat. That implies that assuming you are celiac, it is most likely best that you don’t take the risk.
  • There are just four flavors. Trust me, you will wish you had more.

Kiss my Keto Coffee

Appreciating this keto espresso was the greatest shock for me since I’m an espresso big talker. Indeed, it’s simply powdered espresso with chocolate and sugar. Nothing insane here. Be that as it may, it’s simply really helpful and scrumptious to have close by.

kiss my keto coffee

Here and there I’d drink it in a hurry in the event that I hadn’t eaten and required some energy and food in my body. Here and there, I’d simply have it as an evening nibble. Now and again on the off chance that I expected to change my macros a piece and get more fat I’d have another cup for the duration of the day. With 21 grams of fat in one bundle, it’s an extraordinary method to help your fat admission for the duration of the day.

I found that it doesn’t blend consummately with “hot” water. I needed to blend it in with boiling water, mix, at that point microwave until steaming hot, or let it sit for a couple of moments to allow everything to break down into the fluid. On days where I was eager, I just drank the clusters, which you can find in the picture underneath.

Get Delicious Keto Coffee Here!

At any rate, I’ll request a greater amount of keto espresso to have available without a doubt.

How Does Kiss My Keto Compare To Other Boxes?

Since Kiss My Keto isn’t a membership box, it’s not actually tantamount. In any case, if you somehow happened to arrange month-to-month, at that point you could make your own custom month-to-month keto box!

How might it pile up?

All things considered, truth be told, I think you’d get exhausted pretty quick. There’s not that a lot to peruse on the Kiss My Keto site regarding energizing items. They have some great stuff, don’t me wrong, yet for instance, they just have two kinds of keto protein (chocolate and birthday cake).

I do suggest in any case, that you look at their blog!

Kiss My Keto will not pass your socks over regarding having odd and wild keto stuff to attempt each month. Nonetheless, they do have some strong items worth testing.

Would this be able to Help You Reach Your Keto Goals?

The response to this inquiry is totally YES. They have a decent scope of items for assortment of circumstances. The bars, espresso, and enhancements are ideal for snacks for the duration of the day.

I enjoyed having them around to help me change my macros to fit in my appropriate fat substance, and furthermore, they were extraordinary to have available for crises when I just couldn’t cook (I ordinarily cook 2-3 dinners consistently). Having a keto-accommodating bar close by assists a ton with holding you back from going after your lady friend’s sweet granola blend as an evening nibble.

Will I Order From Kiss My Keto Again?

Indeed, I’m now arranging my next request. For one, I need to load up on Keto Coffee. I’m likewise intrigued by their different enhancements however, in particular Replenish, Stablize, and Energy.

Specifically, I need to attempt keto energy. Indeed, even on the keto diet, I’m really torpid and am constantly keen on approaches to keep up energy without burning through huge loads of caffeine. Anything merits an attempt!

I’d likewise prefer to attempt the electrolytes to perceive how it helps my rec center recuperation. I don’t work out really hard to where I would really require electrolytes, yet once more, anything merits attempting to improve my exercises and recuperation times.

Get The Keto Bar Variety Pack Here

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