23 Ways on how to slim down bulky thighs

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how to slim down bulky thighs. I know most people attend the gym to create muscle, but many ladies have issues with getting overly muscular legs once they exercise.
Some girls have even told me that their legs get bigger with running, barre, yoga, and other exercises that you simply wouldn’t expect to bulk up your thighs.

So, take care and track your body’s response to different exercises because it is extremely personal.
Let me get something straight- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having strong, muscular thighs.

But, some women like better to look more slim and toned. That they shouldn’t be judged for it or told that that’s not something to aspire to.


Everyone’s idea of “bulky” is different – I cannot stress this enough. this is often something I think every person should remember.
For some women, having just a little bit of muscle in their thighs could be an excessive amount, and for others, it’d be insufficient as their goals are different.

Make a change

Shaping, toning, and strengthening your thigh muscles are sweet for you. Stronger thighs mean you’ll you quicker, jump higher, and improve your overall stability. That’s why strengthening the legs may be a far better goal than simply attaining smaller thighs.

And, it’s important to recollect that overall cardiovascular and muscle health is what’s important — not the dimensions of your jeans.
While you can’t do one exercise to focus on only one specific part, certain exercises focus more on leg strength and endurance than other areas of the body. So if you’re looking to strengthen and tone your thighs, consider a couple of those exercises.

23 best Ways On how to slim down bulky thighs

These 23 activities will assist you on your fitness journey towards stronger thighs and healthier life!

How To Slim Down Muscular Thighs
Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay

1. attend an inside cycling class

If you’re conversant in indoor cycling classes, you recognize what proportion this sort of workout uses your thighs. That’s why indoor cycling is a superb choice not just for toning the legs, but also for cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Results of 1 2010 study showed a decrease in weight and fat mass in sedentary, overweight women after 24 sessions of indoor cycling.

2. Find a group of stairs

On average, running burns 295 calories per half-hour and 590 calories per hour during a one that weighs 154 pounds. once you include stairs in your running workout, you amp up the utilization of your thigh muscles. Since every step requires you to lift your body upward, it forces your leg muscles to fireside.

3. Take it to the sand

If you’re lucky enough to measure near a beach, certified trainer Armen Ghazarians recommends beach walking as how to strengthen your thighs. “The extra tension of walking on the sand will help tone and firm your thigh muscles,” he explains.

woman in white and blue stripe skirt and brown sun hat standing on water
Photo by Jasmin chew on Pexels.com

To get conversant in exercising on the sand, start with walking within the sand for 20 minutes every day. As your body gets won’t to exercising within the sand, you’ll add time to your daily workouts.

4. Do ballet-style workouts

It’s no secret that dancers have strong legs. “Dancing combines a cardio element with specific toning moves that are bound to make your legs look amazing,” says certified trainer Lyuda Bouzinova.

Bouzinova says the precise sequence is meant to lean the thighs and make long, toned lines by working all of the important thigh muscles during a specific order.

5. devour a sport

The quick change of direction required in many sports will help shape your legs from all angles, consistent with Ghazarians. Consider sports that need you to figure your thigh muscles aerobically, such as:

• swimming
• golf
• soccer
• running
• volleyball
• cycling
• dancing

6. Increase resistance training

Participating in total-body, muscle-strengthening activities a minimum of two days every week may assist you to burn calories, reduce fat mass, and strengthen your thighs. Include lower-body exercises like lunges, wall sits inner/outer thigh lifts, and step-ups with just your weight.

The key to strengthening the legs without bulking up is to stay the reps high (at least 15 reps per set). Perform three rounds of every exercise with minimal rest between each movement.
You can also add upper-body movements to your lower-body exercises for an excellent two-in-one move for overall fitness. for instance, grab some dumbbells and do lunges with a bicep curl, or squats with an overhead shoulder press.

7. Do bodyweight squats

The only method of speeding up your metabolism that has been scientifically proven is building muscle mass and/or tone. By boosting your metabolism I mean that you simply are often sitting and watching television and be burning calories at a better rate if you’ve got muscle content. you would like this factor on your side!

Too many of us attempt to reduce with just cardio and find ourselves stunting their metabolisms and gaining back any weight they will initially lose. Look under our full-length workout videos section for free-of-charge toning or strength training videos that you simply can do reception to extend your muscle mass.

The people that tell you to avoid squats to urge skinny thighs are equivalent people that are probably content with eating 2 crackers each day to remain thin (any more food than that and their crippled metabolism wouldn’t be ready to handle it).

Bodyweight squats, which is squatting using your body weight as resistance, burn calories, strengthen your leg muscles, and tone your thighs. Plus, you’ll do them anywhere, anytime.
Ghazarians recommend starting with 25 bodyweight squats, twice per day (50 total). you’ll squat while watching TV reception or after climbing a flight of stairs at work. If you’re ready for even more of a challenge, do this 30-day weighted squat challenge.

8. Work your inner thighs

Bouzinova says the inner thighs are notoriously difficult to focus on, and therefore the exercises that do tone them are a touch awkward. So, many of us skip them altogether. But if you are feeling funny doing the workouts at a gym, do them within the comfort of your house.

One great move is that the “platypus walk” that you simply can see during this Mission Lean YouTube workout. It works your inner and outer thighs also as glutes for a toned look.

9. Try some balance work

You can do balance work at home or the gym. “The balance work tones all of the smaller muscles in your legs and thighs, tighten them up quickly, and makes for beautiful, lean legs,” explains Bouzinova.

how to slim down bulky thighs
Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay

She says an honest move to undertake is single leg deadlifts on the Bosu ball or doing all of your whole workouts on a sandy beach to test your balance.

10. HIIT the cardio

Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and strengthens your heart. It also helps reduce body fat. Including both high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) and steady-state cardio in your overall exercise plan will assist you to reduce your total body fat and tone your thighs.

For a more advanced workout and calorie burn, consider adding one session of metabolic conditioning to your fitness plan. The CDC recommends that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, each week.
Combine both moderate and vigorous aerobic activity to urge a complete body workout.

11. pack up your diet:

“You can’t out-exercise a nasty diet” is how the old saying goes, and it’s true. If you overeat, you’re getting to be hard-pressed to consistently burn off those excess calories, and eventually, those extra calories morph into extra pounds and a stunning assortment of health problems.

While a calorie may be a calorie, whether eaten within the sort of carbs, fats, or proteins, morning, noon, or night, what you eat matters when it involves how easy or difficult it’s to stay weight off. Eat fresh foods; veggies, fruits, and whole grains should be your staples, alongside healthy fats and lean meats. 

Stand back from high sodium packaged foods, altered low-fat versions of foods, and eat as little processed food as you most likely can. this may improve your chances of losing weight, getting a trim & toned body, and staying healthy and disease-free.


In addition to eating less protein, increasing your calorie deficit heightens your chances of getting thinner thighs.
In this study, it had been shown that weight loss induced by diet reduces muscle mass without necessarily affecting muscle strength.
Reduce your daily caloric intake by curtailing on processed snacks and sugary drinks.


Spot reduction may be a myth that has plagued the fitness industry for many years. You see it whenever people perform ab exercises, butt exercises, or arm exercises.
Most of those workouts simply tone or build muscle in those specific areas but they are doing not reduce the general size.

Your body features a natural affinity for where it stores muscle or fat. this is often usually determined by your genes.
To lessen the looks of a particular part, try losing weight everywhere your body and not overworking that muscle group an excessive amount.


Most endurance athletes believe in a fasted state. this is often because it increases the oxidative capacity of the body. Muscles tend to supply more energy once they are in a fasted state.
You can cash in on this strategy by simply exercising within the morning before breakfast. this may not only reduce muscular thighs but also keep you energetic all day long.

15. TRY cardiopulmonary exercise

To reduce muscular thighs, you want to avoid exercises with tons of resistance. Such exercises cause your lower muscles to bulk up.
Instead, use less intense exercises like cardiopulmonary exercise. during this study, it had been shown that walking is effective in causing weight loss. Usually, the load loss is from bulky areas.

Power walking allows you to travel for extended, build endurance and use your glycogen and fat reserves. It also allows you to use your legs without building bigger leg muscles as you’d with cycling.


People answer exercise differently. It’s much easier for a few to build muscles than it’s for others.
If you’re a simple gainer, avoid lower-body resistance exercises. Do light cardio and upper body resistance training.

how to slim down muscular legs and thighs
Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

17. Watch your salt intake.

Salt makes your body retain excess water, which causes bloat which will affect your whole body, hips, and thighs included. “Water follows salt, therefore the more you eat, the more water gets stored rather than being filtered out by your kidneys,” says Moskovitz. “By curtailing, you’ll notice almost an instantaneous change in how you are feeling and the way your clothes fit.”

Per the American Heart Association’s recommendations, most people need 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day (the upper limit is 2,300 milligrams)—but many folks are becoming far more than that. crop by limiting processed foods, like sauces, canned veggies, and soups, which are often loaded with sodium.

18. Add more electrolytes into your diet.

You’ve seen them in sports drinks, but electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, and potassium are plentiful in many healthy foods which may already be in your diet.
All of them—and potassium, in particular—compete with salt. “The more [electrolytes] that you simply have, the less salt your body will retain,” says Moskovitz. “It helps keep the fluid balance stable, so your body flushes out water retention.”

Dark leafy greens, yogurt, and bananas are excellent sources of varied sorts of electrolytes. Moskovitz says everyone should aim for nine servings of fruits and veggies every day: two to 3 half-cup servings of fruit, and therefore the rest veggies (one cup raw or one-half cup cooked).

19. Make sleep a priority.

Not getting enough sleep can trigger you to form unhealthy food choices, says Dr. Fitch, who recommends accessing at least seven and a half hours an evening. “When you don’t sleep well you increase your appetite. the subsequent day you’re hungrier, and typically, for carbohydrates and fat,” she previously told WH. “When you’re tired your body wants to eat processed carbohydrates and sugar to remain awake.”

Going through a full sleep cycle nightly also promotes calorie-burning (win!). “REM sleep burns tons of calories,” Dr. Fitch says. “When you don’t sleep well you store more energy as fat as you become more insulin resistant and these higher insulin levels promote fat storage.” If you’ve got trouble falling asleep, the following pointers can assist you out.

20. Find ways to relax and recover.

Stress can cause your body to supply hormones like cortisol, which cause the body to store fat, Angela Fitch, MD, vice chairman of the Obesity Medicine Association, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, and school at Harvard school of medicine, previously told WH. Look, you cannot get obviate stress completely, but you ought to find your methods to assist minimize it.

Need some ideas? Try scheduling time far away from work and/or your phone, going for a walk, practicing meditation, and enjoying some self-care, like reading, getting a massage, or lecturing a lover who helps you unwind.

21. crop on carbs.

When your body transforms carbs into glycogen, they’re stored alongside the water in your liver and muscle. meaning the more carbs you eat, the more water your body stores. “That’s why tons of individuals find they lose a couple of pounds immediately on a low-carb diet. tons of that’s water weight,” says Moskovitz.

She suggests getting a minimum of 75 to 100 grams of carbs per day, although some people might need quite a bit more counting on their height, weight, and activity level.

Just don’t skip whole grains altogether, since they’re a superb source of filling, heart-healthy fiber also as folate, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. If you’re unsure of your carb sweet spot, ask a nutritionist.

22. Carry a water bottle around with you.

It seems counterintuitive, but the less water you drink, the more your body holds onto it. Drinking much water flushes out the surplus salt and fluids your body doesn’t need, reducing bloating.

It also helps curb your appetite, since dehydration mimics hunger. Moskovitz suggests aiming for 2 to 3 liters per day—on the upper end if you’re exercising or it’s hot outside.

23. Skip the cocktails.

A few drinks can sneakily add entire lotta calories to your daily intake. Whether you choose lager or alcohol, they will easily add up to a minimum of 100 to 110 calories per beverage, consistent with the U.S. National Library of drugs.

How To Slim Down Muscular Thighs
Photo by Geraud pfeiffer on Pexels.com

The foods you select to eat while under the influence aren’t usually optimal either. A study from the journal Appetite found that moderate drinkers were 24 percent more likely to order something savory like salty fries, which can be the sole edible item at your local dive bar, after drinking. And it’s not just the standard of food that affects your weight but the number you’re taking in, especially if you didn’t begin the evening with a hearty meal.

Can you go from Muscular Thighs to Slim Thighs?

Before you delve into trying to lose your muscular thighs, confirm that you simply don’t lose the calorie-burning powerhouse that’s muscle before you think about whether you’ll still have fat content left that’s pushing the muscle of your legs bent to make them appear larger. this might be the case if you carry the bulk of your body fat in your hips, glutes, and thighs.

How To Slim Down Muscular Thighs
Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

In other words, you don’t want to start out ridding yourself of calorie-burning muscle to form your thighs smaller, that’s unless you would like to extend the likelihood of an overall gain in weight, and body fat.

Keep the muscle and continue the squats; appreciate your strong legs, but check your diet if you are feeling such as you are understanding enough but still carrying a high percentage of body fat.

One more thing to think about; what’s wrong with muscular thighs on a woman?

The spindly pins that you simply see on runway models are hard to achieve and not necessarily a symbol of excellent health. consider all the items that a pair of strong, fit legs allow you to try to do.

A note about weight loss

Personal trainer Ben Lauder-Dykes, CPT, agrees, adding that losing fat (in general) comes right down to creating a calorie deficit for weight loss. And as you lose fat, you’ll strengthen and shape your body and build muscle during a particular area you desire via exercise.

know, not exactly what you would like to listen to (there are not any shortcuts, sry!). But there are a couple of steps you’ll fancy reduce bloat and inflammation and tone your legs while losing weight everywhere. Here are a couple of key habits to think about.

It’s important to notice that improving your fitness doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight. But, if getting leaner and changing your body composition is additionally a goal, you’ll get to burn more calories than you consume.

Many of the above workouts will burn calories and strengthen your muscles simultaneously. Remember, losing weight slow and steady is that the best way to maintain weight over time.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends losing about one to 2 pounds per week. people that do so are more likely to stay the load off.

It’s also important to avoid having an extreme diet that cuts out one food group entirely, like carbs, or is extremely low calorie, notes Bouzinova.
And, the advantages of weight loss go way beyond aesthetics. consistent with a 2018 study, losing inches within the thighs, hips, and buttocks may lower other risk factors for a heart condition.
Here are a couple of science-backed tips to reduce during a healthy way:

  • Drink much water, especially before meals.
  • Eat eggs for breakfast instead of grains.
  • Read food labels to chop back on added sugar.


Muscular thighs stem from intense leg workouts and high-calorie intake. Therefore, avoid intense leg exercises and crop on your calorie intake.
When choosing workouts, move far away from leg-centered workouts. Explore new regimens that employ the upper body to effectively reduce muscular thighs.

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