HOW TO GET SKINNY LEGS: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

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How to get skinny legs. It is safe to say that you are thinking about how to get thin legs?

The Need to feel certain about your dresses, shorts, and tights. What’s more, the need to feel astounding at the beach, not doubting about your butt and thighs.

The issue is, you don’t have a clue how to eat and train to get thin legs without building an excess of muscle all the time. Also, regardless of what the popular conclusion says: Women can become unreasonably massive… for their loving.

Woman with skinny legs dancing music

In all actuality, not every person reacts to exercise similarly. the hereditary qualities decide the sorts of muscle filaments to have, it decides the proportion of testosterone to estrogen and where muscle to fat ratio is stored.

What’s more, it additionally determines our body type.

Most ladies needed to do cardio to lean out their legs, yet are always pushed to do weights and lift heavier and heavier. Cardio is generally impossible.

And whenever somebody whined about getting massive, the mentors would state “you can’t get bulky, women need more testosterone to get cumbersome.”

It is crucial to assist ladies with seeing how to get thin legs and how to do resistance training to get conditioned without getting cumbersome. In this way, we should get to the point!

The most effective method on how to get skinny legs 3 STEPS:

  1. DO MORE EFFECTIVE CARDIO –Low to direct power cardio, for example, fast walking is the way to getting thin legs.
  2. DO THE CORRECT RESISTANCE TRAINING FOR YOUR BODY TYPE –  I’ll cover the 3 primary body types, assist you with discovering yours, and mention to you what sort of resistance training you ought to do to lose crawls from your thighs and get fit legs.
  3. EAT THE CORRECT DIET FOR YOUR BODY TYPE –  A sound diet will assist you with thinning down your legs and lose muscle to fat ratio.



Figuring out how to get thin legs begins with knowing how your body functions. Along these lines, attempt to remain with me for the science.

CrossFit gym fitness training

Low-Intensity Cardio is the best exercise you can accomplish for getting slender legs.


Your body makes energy in two essential manners:

At the point when your body utilizes the anaerobic pathway, it utilizes creatine phosphate and puts away glycogen (sugars) to deliver energy.

Your body will utilize the anaerobic pathway for:

At the point when your body utilizes the oxygen-consuming pathway, it uses stored away fat, stored away glycogen (starches), and on events, protein to create energy.

Your body will use the aerobic pathway for:

  • Low-power work out (counting low-force cardio, for example, walking).
  • Low-force practice burns FAT, and this is the reason it is very significant when seeing how to get thin legs.

At the point when I talk about low to direct force cardio, I’m looking at walking.


Walking is the best kind of activity for lean legs. It will help dispose of excess fat on your legs and lean them out. Also, strolling burns a shockingly high number of calories.

young people are walking

In any case, it is imperative to refer to that long, slow cardio (for example walking) isn’t the best method for getting more fit generally speaking if that is your principal objective. At the point when you are attempting to get more fit, you must attempt to burn a higher number of calories than you are eating.

Be that as it may, here we are concentrating explicitly on the most proficient method to get more slim legs.


Take a stab at doing at least an hour of intensity walking every day. Keep in mind it’s simply walking!

At the point when you do cardio at a low to high force for example walking, your body consumes stored glycogen (carbs) first, and afterward fats.

The more you work out, the more fat your body will burn. Along these lines, by doing longer power walks, your body will burn fatter and it will assist you with getting fit legs.

You can, in any case, spread times of cardio throughout the day.

For instance, you can do 6 x 10-minute walks for the duration of the day, which rises to an hour of cardio.

All things considered, the more you stroll in a single period, the more fat you will burn, and the snappier you will get thin legs.

However, you will encounter huge fat loss from your legs by both spreading cardio throughout the day, and doing your walking across the board hit. They are both incredible for helping you get lean legs.

Walking will certain dispose of fat from your legs. It is extraordinary for thinning down your legs, however, you have to join it with resistance training to tone them up further.

resistance training won’t just tone your legs, yet it will also increase your metabolism and assist you with consuming more calories. This assists with, generally speaking, weight loss. More on that below.


Running burns a LOT of calories, so it is incredible with weight reduction.

Be that as it may, running doesn’t appear to fill in what strolling accomplishes for getting more slender legs, particularly for certain body types (see more underneath).

jogging along the road

On the off chance that skinny legs are your objective, you should concentrate for the most part on walking and add some running to blend it up.

Reward TIP: For getting more slender legs quicker, ensure you do significant distance running as opposed to walking and abstain from running tough or utilizing the steps that can build up your quadriceps (front of your thighs).

Step by step instructions to GET SKINNY LEGS WITH THE CORRECT CARDIO


  1. It is imperative to ensure that you are doing your cardio on a level surface. Walking tough will utilize your quadriceps and glutes and this will cause fatigue.
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2. Try to maintain a strategic distance from the cross mentor/curved machine and incline walking on the treadmill.

How To Get Skinny Legs
skinny leg treadmill running

I see a lot of ladies doing this and keeping in mind that it might consume a bigger number of calories than walking on a level surface, you will build muscle and it won’t assist you with getting slender legs.

There are better activities you can do to form muscle and benefit your entire body, and there is a superior method for doing your cardio.

3. You ought to likewise maintain a strategic distance from the step machine and turn bicycle as these will manufacture muscle in places you may not need.

Only one out of every odd cardio exercise is similarly useful for thinning down legs, particularly for certain body types.


At the point when you are running, your body is in the “fat-consuming zone” and this is the way to get skinny legs.

The fat-consuming zone is the point at which your pulse is between 60-70% of your highest pulse.

Your highest pulse is straightforward: 220 less your age.

Reward TIP: If you simply expect to walk at a medium-quick pace, your pulse will be in the correct zone. You don’t have to go max throttle and feel truly puffed out. Focus on a quick pace, yet you ought to have the option to keep up this speed for at any rate 60 minutes.


Your speed will rely upon your tallness and the length of your legs. Taller individuals will have the option to walk somewhat quicker.

Illustration of female skinny legs in green high heels on a light pink background


Walking is incredible for thinning down your thighs, not including muscle mass!

The more walking you do, the better your outcomes will be. My suggestion is to do it consistently if you can, or if nothing else 5 times each week at least.

Most health rules indicate that you should attempt to stroll at least 10,000 steps per day and this is a decent manual for pass by.

Be that as it may, as I referenced, the more the better! So I generally attempt to focus on in any event 10km every day.

Here are some useful hints on the most proficient method to accomplish more cardio every day:

  • Start your morning off with a walk. A decent approach to sneak during the 10kms every day is to set your alert somewhat before and take a walk when you get up. In addition to the fact that this gets it off the beaten path early, yet it is progressively successful for consuming fat as you are doing fasted cardio.
  • Split it up. Attempt to do a 5km walk toward the beginning of the day (some of the time do 6 or 7km) and afterward attempt to make up the rest 3-5 km for the duration of the day just by doing as much walking as possible.
  • Track your results. Use the free Health application which tracks your means and kilometers to remain propelled. There are additionally bunches of free pedometer applications that you can download onto your telephone to assist you with following your distance and arrive at these objectives.

If you put forth an extremely cognizant attempt to do loads of walking for the day, it’s not as hard to arrive at 10kms as you might suspect!


There are a ton of advantages for doing cardio in a fasted state for lean legs-consuming fat all the more effectively being one of them.

How To Get Skinny Legs
skinny leg treadmill running

Walking works if you do it whenever of the day. Be that as it may if you need to realize how to get thin legs quick, walk before anything else before you have eaten anything –this is known as fasted cardio.

Intermittent fasting has many benefits, however, when you practice before anything else on a vacant stomach, you will wind up copying increasingly fat.

At the point when you first wake up, you have not eaten for at least 10 or so hours. This implies there isn’t tremendously stored away glycogen (carbs) in your body to be spent for energy.

Bonus TIP:

Fasted cardio works best if you are exhausted from glycogen (for example you don’t have many stored away sugars). So to make your fasted cardio exercise truly work, attempt to have a low carb supper the prior night.

5. The most effective method to STAY MOTIVATED TO DO MORE CARDIO

Next time you go out for a long walk, bring a companion or tune in to the new collection of your preferred craftsman, a book recording, or a digital recording.

One of the most widely recognized objections I catch for walking is that it is exhausting. Here are a few hints that I use to help keep me engaged during my everyday cardio:

  • Whenever one of my companions needs to accomplish something, I will consistently check whether they need to make up for lost time over a walk. It’s surprisingly better on the off chance that you can get yourself a standard walking pal.
  • If I’m without anyone else, I CAN NOT do cardio without music. I use Spotify and I download my walking playlist with the goal that it is accessible regardless of whether I don’t have the web or wifi. every time I add new melodies to my playlist, I’m really eager to take a walk and hear them out (yet I do LOVE music!).
  • If I am walking on a treadmill, I download a TV show and put it on my telephone and watch it while I walk. It’s better than viewing the TV show sitting on the lounge chair or lying in bed.

Alright, presently when we secured the cardio part, how about we proceed onward to the subsequent stage.


The most famous activities like squats and thrusts can without much of a stretch include muscle mass!

You can not get thin legs on the off chance that you are doing inappropriate resistance training.

On the off chance that you do the off-base activities, your legs will either remain the same (and won’t thin down regardless of what you do) or get greater and bulkier.


You should maintain a strategic distance from quad-centered activities that assemble muscle at the front of your thighs. This may make your legs beef up, particularly if you gain muscle without any problem.

These activities incorporate squats, rushes, burpees, and any overwhelming style exercises that you see in CrossFit exercises. Particularly anything with substantial loads.


To tone up your legs and butt without including mass, you should focus on lighter workouts. Think Pilates-roused moves, for example,

  • Donkey kicks
  • Glute spans
  • Lying leg lifts
  • Lateral leg lifts
  • Leg augmentations
  • Clams with open toes

Extra TIPS:

  • Have a read of this blog entry for subtleties on how to do opposition preparing without getting massive.
  • For full exercise recordings that won’t include mass, attempt my Train Like A Model Free Video Course.

8. The most effective method to EXERCISE ACCORDING TO YOUR BODY TYPE

If you need to realize how to get thin legs, understanding your body type is significant. There are 3 principle body types, which I will quickly clarify:

  1. Ectomorph –this body type is naturally very thin (think Victoria’s Secret models). They are tall with long arms and legs and think that its hard to put on muscle and fat. They likely as of now have very thin legs.
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2. Mesomorph –this body type isn’t too dainty like an ectomorph and isn’t overweight, they’re simply normal size. They can typically put on and get more fit rapidly and can pack on muscle rapidly as well.

3. Endomorph –this body type is naturally greater. They are typically short to medium tall with shorter arms and legs (yet not generally). They can put on muscle and fat rapidly, and think that it is hard to get more fit.

Plenty of people ask me what my body type is, and I would state I am a mesomorph.

It’s essential to work out (and eat) as indicated by your body type so you can get the best outcomes.

If you are an endomorph body type and you’re doing bunches of truly difficult work and eating a moderate to a high measure of carbs, you’re not going to accomplish the best outcomes or get results as speedy as possible.

Endomorphs need more cardio and a low-starch diet. Along these lines, you should realize your body type, and tailor your program to both your body type and your objectives.

This is a rundown of how to do cardio and obstruction preparing to suit your body type:

Step by step instructions to GET SKINNY LEGS – ECTOMORPH

A portion of the popular female ectomorphs are Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, and Taylor Swift

  • Ectomorphs are generally effectively slim, so they don’t generally need to realize how to get lean legs.
  • Ectomorphs should concentrate on getting conditioned, instead of losing fat.
  • Ectomorph ladies should concentrate more on resistance training and possibly do cardio in the event that they need to (yet it’s a bit much).

Step by step instructions to GET SKINNY LEGS – MESOMORPH

Renowned female mesomorphs incorporate Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jessica Biel.

  • Mesomorphs are viewed as “regular competitors” since they gain muscle and lose fat effortlessly.
  • Mesomorphs ought to do a blend of cardio (both low power and high-force cardio) and obstruction preparing.
  • Walking ought to be something that they do each day if conceivable.


Step by step instructions to GET SKINNY LEGS-ENDOMORPH

A portion of the world-renowned endomorphs is Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Beyonce.

Many ladies ask me how to get thin legs on the off chance that they have an endomorph body type, and if it’s even conceivable. It is more testing than with the other two body types, yet certainly conceivable.

It will be increasingly hard for endomorphs in light of their body shape, so cardio should make up most of their program, and they ought to likewise attempt to do however much strolling as could be expected.

I suggest strolling at any rate 5 times each week and attempt to run a couple of times each week as well.

Endomorphs ought to also do some obstruction preparing and their exercises ought to be exceptional to attempt to consume loads of calories. But, they ought to be mindful so as not to try too hard on opposition preparing as they can mass without any problem.

Note: If you are a short endomorph, you may encounter your legs getting cumbersome with running. If so, I would abstain from running and simply do strolling.



Each body type has a “flawless eating regimen” so ensure you realize what is your body type.

You can do heaps of strolling and do all the right opposition works out, yet if you aren’t eating a sound eating routine and aren’t eating the perfect measure of nourishment, you won’t get results.

To get more fit by and large and thin down your legs, you should eat less nourishment than your body needs. Here are a few hints for keeping up a solid eating regimen:

  • COUNT CALORIES FOR ONE WEEK –We regularly disparage what number of calories are in the nourishments we are eating. I suggest tallying calories for only multi week to get an idea on how much you’re really eating.
  • WORK OUT HOW MANY CALORIES YOUR BODY NEEDS –  Read this blog post to discover your day by day calorie admission. When you know this, you can turn out what number of calories you have to eat to get in shape.
  • DON’T BE TOO RESTRICTIVE –  I don’t suggest tallying calories long haul, as this can prompt an undesirable relationship with nourishment. Simply hold it to multi week so you have a superior comprehension of what you’re eating.
  • EACH BODY TYPE HAS A DIFFERENT “Impeccable DIET” –  This free body type quiz will disclose to you which body type you are and you what you ought to eat for thin legs. In the event that you haven’t done it yet, I strongly suggest you do.

On the off chance that you made it entirely through here-great job! We should recap all that we’ve secured and afterward move the most incessant inquiries I get posed by ladies I am working with.


  • Low to direct force cardio (for example strolling) consumes FAT
  • Walking is by a wide margin the best kind of activity for disposing of abundance fat on your legs
  • Aim to walk each day, and on a level surface
  • The all the more strolling the better – 10km every day is a decent objective;
  • Running, HIIT and obstruction preparing don’t consume fat while you are doing them, yet at the same time lead to in general fat misfortune
  • Resistance preparing will help give your legs shape and tone, and lessen cellulite
  • Avoid overwhelming obstruction activities, for example, squats and lurches, and spotlight on lighter Pilates-style activities, for example, jackass kicks, glute extensions and lying leg lifts.
  • There are 3 principle body types (ectomorph, mesomorph, end
  • There are 3 fundamental body types (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph). Realizing your body type will assist you with understanding the best activities and diet for you.



Well not really. Running is an anaerobic action (recall that, I examined it above).

This implies when you are running, your body will consume glycogen and creatine phosphate, not fat. However, toward the beginning when you are developing rate, it may consume fat.

On the off chance that you run gradually for longer separation, so you aren’t generally puffed out, your body might use some fat. However, all things considered, I trust you are in an ideal situation getting the full advantages from running by running quicker. This will assist you with expanding your wellness and it will burn LOTS of calories.

On the off chance that you need to consume fat and get lean legs, strolling is superior to slow running. A few ladies have revealed to me that they get excessively strong just from running.

This is because running builds some muscle. I realize that a great deal of Victoria’s Secret models doesn’t run for this explanation.

As I referenced above, if you are shorter and are an endomorph body type, your body may get massive from running. If you find this transpires, I would abstain from running. You can in any case get extraordinary outcomes from strolling, so center around that!


Opposition preparing is an anaerobic action, so it will consume put away glycogen (carbs) and creatine phosphate (not at all like strolling which consumes fat).

In any case, opposition preparing improves your digestion, which thusly builds the number of calories you consume.

This is significant for getting in shape by and large. In this way, it is significant with regards to fat misfortune.

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Opposition preparing builds muscle, however, so you should be cautious.

You have to do the correct kind of opposition preparing so you don’t pack on an excessive amount of muscle in an inappropriate spot.

It’s critical to work out (and eat) as indicated by your body type so you can get the best outcomes.


You may be enticed to keep away from obstruction preparing by and large, yet it is as yet significant.

As I just referenced, it builds your metabolic rate so you consume more calories for the day.

Furthermore, it likewise helps shape your legs – without opposition preparing, they won’t look extremely conditioned and you are more probable to develop cellulite or a “skinny fat” look.


Not right away. While high-intensity interval training causes weight reduction, it doesn’t ordinarily burn fat while you’re doing it.

Like obstruction preparing, HIIT consumes put away glycogen and creatine phosphate.

The biggest benefit of HIIT is that you will consume bunches of calories in a short exercise, you will in any case keep on consuming calories after your exercise, and it fabricates muscle which improves your digestion and causes you to consume more calories for the day.

To give you a thought, I will for the most part consume a similar number of calories in a 25 moment HIIT exercise as I will during a 1-hour power walk.

HIIT isn’t essential for getting slender legs and can regularly make your legs beef up (particularly the endomorph body type).

In this way, you simply should be cautious when doing HIIT workouts and abstain from trying too hard on leg activities, for example, burpees, hop thrusts, bounce squats, box hops, and so on.

On the off chance that you are attempting to decrease muscle on your legs or you build-up effectively, it may be ideal to evade HIIT out and out.

The most famous leg practices like squats and jumps can undoubtedly include undesirable muscle mass.

The most effective method to GET SKINNY LEGS WITH HIIT CARDIO

I referenced that HIIT doesn’t generally consume fat. However, you can do HIIT cardio that makes you consume progressively fat and lean out your legs.

My preferred sort of HIIT to lean the legs explicitly is interim running.

A great many people do runs at their most extreme pace for around 30 seconds and afterward rest for 30-60 seconds. This sort of running is going to make you fit yet may cause massive legs.

Interim running is one of my most loved HIIT exercises. However, you ought to be cautious with trying too hard, as it can include undesirable muscle size.

I like to do my HIIT cardio by doing 2-minute quick pace runs (not a hard and fast run) and afterward strolling for 1 moment. I at that point rehash this 5-10 times, contingent upon my wellness level.

As a rule, I do this quick pace goes around 13-14 km/hr.

This kind of exercise consumes a LOT of calories and is extraordinary on the off chance that you need to propel yourself. Be that as it may, it is extremely troublesome and on the off chance that you are not effectively fit, I would not suggest it.

If you are fit and might want to do it, do this once every week at the least.


Lamentably, the main thing that will assist you with reducing strong legs is time and abstaining from utilizing these muscles.

Strolling doesn’t construct muscle, yet it doesn’t cause you to lose muscle either (except if you are eating super low calories and low carb, which I don’t suggest).

Running fabricates some muscle, yet not as much as obstruction preparing and high-force interim preparing.

I realize that sounds somewhat befuddling, so I have composed a considerably more point-by-point blog entry on how to decrease strong thighs. Have a perused on the off chance that you need more data on this subject.


Alright, so I know a ton of you are most likely reasoning that you can’t spot diminish fat from certain body parts.

Also, this is consistent with a degree.

Be that as it may, my legs get significantly slimmer when I do low-power cardio and a progression of activities portrayed in my 3 Steps To Lean Legs Program, in any event, when my eating regimen isn’t great.

I can’t pick precisely where the fat falls off from my legs. Be that as it may, most young ladies, including myself, store generally fat around the inward thigh region.

Also, this is the place I will in the general notification the most contrast.

The best cardio for thinning my thighs has consistently been strolling.

I do accept that you can’t generally spot decrease fat from a specific body region, particularly your stomach, arms, face, and so forth.

In any case, you can reduce the fat from your lower body explicitly, you can’t pick whether that originates from your calves, thighs, butt, and so on.

I have done a great deal of cardio in my time including strolling, running, cycling, swimming, and heart stimulating exercise classes, for example, body step and body assault.

The best cardio for thinning my legs has continually been walking.

Diet also makes light of a section in thinning your legs, but cardio will consistently have a significant impact.

As far as I can tell, doing heaps of strolling and eating a modestly decent eating routine is preferred for getting lean legs overeating an ideal eating regimen, and not doing any strolling.


Anaerobic exercise (running, HIIT, opposition preparing) is fabulous for you and your general wellbeing!

The main issue that a ton of ladies have with this kind of exercise is that it makes them get cumbersome and fabricate an excessive amount of muscle in their legs.

That is because these exercises are designed to do that.

You can at present do these exercises with a particular goal in mind so you don’t get massive.

I have posted a few free thin legs workouts on my blog – these are opposition preparing exercises that you can do to tone up your legs and butt, without getting excessively strong and massive.


Eating well is critical. However, in case you’re not used to having a solid eating routine and you don’t know where to begin, I recommend you attempt it for up to 14 days.

I have a FREE 7 Day Slim Legs Diet Plan that will assist you with becoming accustomed to a sound eating regimen yet additionally it will assist you with thinning down your legs.

You can download it underneath 🙂

The most effective method to GET SKINNY LEGS FAST

Appropriate change requires significant investment. Be that as it may, if you are submitted, this is how to get thin legs quickly.

Above all else, you have to get off your butt and take care of business! You can do all the perusing you need, yet if you don’t try it, you’ll never get the legs that you need.

Strolling is incredible for getting lean legs, and I suggest that you do heaps of it! Be that as it may, it isn’t the best method for shedding pounds from your whole body.

You ought to utilize both your vigorous and anaerobic frameworks to build your general wellness, increment your digestion and consume more calories.

This implies doing some higher power exercise, for example, running and obstruction preparing, just as the strolling.

A decent exercise program for in general fat misfortune ought to incorporate a mix of these kinds of exercises –


Running; and

The right kind of opposition preparing

On the off chance that you need results quickly, you need the correct kind of program, with the goal that you don’t burn through your time testing and attempting various things.

Something custom-made to give you the EXACT outcomes you are searching for, an arrangement that has been attempted and tried by others, composed by somebody who has been the place you are at present.

What’s more, the best part is that she realized what kind of activity to do to tone up (and get enthusiastic goods!) without getting greater legs

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