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ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review – Read This Before Buying

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ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review. While surfing the web for a home treadmill, it’s difficult to miss the SMART Pro 9000 by ProForm Fitness.

The Pro 9000 is among ProForm’s most developed treadmills available to be purchased. Three major advantages of possessing the new Pro 9000 are 1) the upkeep free track belt with five-year guarantee, 2) the opportunity to prepare your hardest without focusing on the machine, and 3) practicing with ProForm’s best set-up of gadgets. This model is likewise combined with a good guarantee bundle at the $1,999 deal cost.

Quick Summary

The SMART Pro 9000 home treadmill with 10″ show is one of ProForm’s most progressive cardio coaches. Prepared to deal with extraordinary every day exercises, it’s controlled by a 4.0 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Plus Motor and has a support free belt.

Its 10″ touchscreen is HD, and empowered for iFit. Also, similar to all Pro Series treadmills, the 9000 has slant/decrease settings from – 3 to 15 percent. Subtleties are beneath in the full Pro 9000 survey.

Our Rating

Rating: 93.1. The Proform SMART Pro 9000 treadmill drives the well known Pro Series from ProForm Fitness. Regardless of whether your home treadmill needs incorporate solid nuts and bolts or fun additional items, you’ll probably track down the 9000 amazing.

This model is outfitted with a similar 4.0 CHP engine that is found on long-distance race coach treadmills, and it has ProForm’s best presentation of the year: a high-def 10″ touchscreen.

This treadmill upholds uphill/downhill preparing with a force slant; has excellent belt rollers for smooth and calm activity; and is stacked with exercise direction and computerized diversion support.

The 10″ full shading HD touchscreen is the comfort highlight. This top of the line control focus upholds iFit Coach, which conveys limitless individual preparing. An Android internet browser is incorporated as well.

Additionally incorporated into the comfort are a cell phone viable speaker set, a two-speed fan, a tablet PC holder and a water bottle holder.

proform smart pro 9000 price

The Pro 9000 frequently sells for $1,699 during on the web promotion. (The maximum is $1,999.) If that is outside of your spending plan, possibly check the Pro 5000’s deal cost. The Pro 5000 additionally offers a 10″ touchscreen and gives nearly as much pull yet may be evaluated a lot of lower.

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill Review

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review - Read This Before Buying

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The ProForm SMART Pro 9000 blends a high-limit engine (4.0 CHP) with probably the flashiest presentations you’ll see on a treadmill: a 10″ wide top quality touchscreen that shows preset exercise programs, yet in addition underpins the intuitive preparing knowledge overwhelming the wellness business.

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With one major, delightful, screen you can screen your wellness progress. Some different features of the new ProForm SMART Pro 9000 are a foldable edge, an electronic grade with a range from – 3 percent to 15 percent, and 3″ worked in speakers.

The ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill is intended to fulfill genuine sprinters and it’s likewise a decent choice for families with a few learners.

To help overwhelming preparing this machine is outfitted with a similar Mach Z Commercial Plus engine that controlled the well known ProForm Boston Series treadmills (which were particularly intended for long-distance race preparing).

On the off chance that your cardio preparing needs aren’t uncompromising, you could be content with a less expensive elective that has a little engine, for example, the ProForm SMART Pro 9000.

The maximum for the new ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill is $1,159.54 yet you can hope to get over 40% off during a normal online deal. This price has knocked this treadmill into extraordinary compared to other Buys of the year.

proform smart treadmill

What We Like:

The ProForm PRO 9000 is furnished with an industrial-grade Mach Z 4.25 CHP motor. It’s very an engine that can give a high and consistent exhibition for delayed exercises with no issue.

Regardless of whether you’re near the most extreme weight limit, and regardless of whether you utilize the most noteworthy speed settings, the engine shouldn’t overheat or lose execution. A little flywheel is likewise prepared onto the engine to upgrade movement dependability and to diminish vibration.

The speed range given by the machine’s engine is somewhere in the range of 0.5 and 12 MPH. Obviously, speed must be changed from the machine’s support. Similarly concerning the slope and decay, there are catches for continuous change and fast determination change. The fast determination catches cover all the speed settings from 1 to 12 MPH.

The bolt keys for the slow speed change are bi-utilitarian. Whenever squeezed once, they will change speed by 0.1 MPH; in the event that you press and hold a key down, the track belt’s speed will change in additions of 0.5 MPH. The way that you can change speed in additions of 0.1 is all in all an or more, as you can without much of a stretch track down the most agreeable speed for your exercise.

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review

The actual engine doesn’t deliver a significant degree of commotion. Truth be told, it’s really tranquil. Be that as it may, similarly with respect to some other treadmill, your running rhythm will produce some clamor. Distinctively put, in an apartment complex, your neighbors will hear you running.

To wrap things up, the treadmill requires a standard 120V circuit. It accompanies a standard force rope with an establishing pin, for American-type outlets, not an AC connector. It’s suggested the utilization of a flood silencer, be that as it may, this isn’t provided with the crate. The force string connects to the machine at the front base. There’s likewise an ON/OFF switch work.


The ProForm PRO 9000 offers an amazing scope of features. Regardless, it’s outfitted with an enormous touchscreen LCD show with LED backdrop illumination which is like a tablet. In any case, it doesn’t have every one of the elements of a tablet. For instance, it doesn’t have an underlying internet browser like other applications. It just uses the inbuilt exercise programs and the iFit applications.

As far as wellness measurements, the console unit tracks time, distance, the quantity of vertical feet you have climbed, calories, and heartbeat. Obviously, it likewise demonstrates the current speed and grade settings, while the waist shows the profiles of the program being used. There’s moreover

There are both measurement and English unit settings accessible. All in all, you can have the speed perusing in km/h or MPH, while the distance in km or miles. For the distance went there is additionally a race track work. This shows the distance as a track of 1/4 miles (400 m), and tallies the laps that you complete.

The front handlebar under the comfort is furnished with heartbeat sensors. The unit can follow your heartbeat through a Bluetooth remote HR chest lash too. Be that as it may, this extra is excluded.

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review

There are 40 exercise programs accessible on the comfort. A portion of these projects have a stretch design, others center around an unhealthy consume, others will help you assemble endurance, and a few are for weight reduction.

Perhaps the best component of the machine’s comfort is its iFit similarity. It has Wi-Fi availability and can straightforwardly associate with your Wi-Fi to get to your iFit account. On the off chance that you have an iFit account and a functioning membership you can straightforwardly stream your information into your online iFit profile.

Along these lines, you can keep a superior track of your advancement. In addition, iFit gives you the likelihood to run on virtual ways downloaded through Google Map, rival other iFit clients, and an entire bundle of other pleasant highlights.

The support includes a few conveniences too. Above all else, it has a joined sound framework which is viable with most MP3 players, cell phones, and tablets. In this way, you can play your music through these speakers to profit by a higher sound quality than the one offered by your telephone or tablet speakers. There are volume contact catches on the correct side of the console.

Rather than other ProForm treadmills this one is furnished with double exercise fans. The two fans are put one on each side of the comfort; they’re genuinely huge and they give a critical cooling power. There are a few fan speeds accessible too, the controls for this being set on the base left part of the console.

A tablet holder is likewise included. It tends to be connected to the top piece of the comfort with the goal that your tablet will not cover the controls or the console show. Furthermore, there are a few frill plates formed into the comfort dashboard which gives you the likelihood to store your water bottle, TV controller, keys, telephone, or other little stuff.

Cushioning: Pro Series treadmill decks use ProShox padding to help make practice more secure and more agreeable than running on cement or black-top. Padding on the Pro 9000 decreases sway by up to 28%.

This padding framework is air-based: when you venture down an air chamber in the deck packs to lessen sway.

Exercise Programs: ProForm treadmills make it simple to prepare admirably and with great assortment.

The Pro 9000 has almost 40 preparing applications that mechanize the track’s speed and grade/decrease. These are classified as Speed, Distance, Calorie, and Intensity exercises.

iFit Coach Ready: iFit Coach is a paid membership administration with enrollment beginning at $9/month.

The Pro 9000 treadmill can run iFit Coach on its 10″ screen utilizing your home’s remote Internet association.

The most broadly publicized advantage in virtual open-air preparing. Utilizing Google Maps innovation, you can draw a genuine course and after that experience its highs and lows with assistance from the treadmill’s computerized incline.

At the point when Google Street Views are accessible, they can appear on your screen. Some different advantages of iFit Coach are remote details logging, an HD video library for practicing with superstar fitness coaches, and the alternative to download another and customized exercise each day.

Foldable: A SpaceSaver treadmill, the Pro 9000 can without much of a stretch be collapsed for capacity. Stun help causes you to move the deck into a vertical situation to spare floor space, and the deck tenderly drops back to the floor when opened for the following session.

Heart rate Monitors: The Pro 9000 Treadmill is sold with two pulse observing frameworks. You can pick remote telemetry (a chest tie is incorporated) or use holds on the handlebars.

Audio: Music is a perfect ally for exercise, so the Pro 9000 Treadmill has 3″ speakers to give you a chance to move to your music.

Frame & deck

Since it’s a machine very near light-business level, the ProForm PRO 9000 has a serious solid development including a high-grade steel outline. Notwithstanding, it incorporates a few ABS parts also. For instance, the side rail covers, the back and front base covers, the engine cover, and the comfort dashboard are not metallic. They don’t diminish the machine’s general strength, however, as their job is just defensive or restorative. The unit is evaluated for a client weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg).

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review

This ProForm treadmill isn’t probably the biggest machine accessible, yet it actually takes 77″L x 39″W of floor space when completely amassed. What’s more, ProForm suggests leaving at any rate 8′ (244 cm) of freedom at the back, and at any rate 2′ (61 cm) of leeway on each side for safe activity.

The machine has a collapsing plan. The deck can be collapsed up, its collapsing instrument coordinating a pressure-driven lift-help framework that works with the collapsing/unfurling of the deck. With the deck collapsed up, the machine’s length is diminished by approx. 2/3, while it’s all out stature acquires a couple of inches.

The completely gathered unit isn’t by and large light. It weighs approx. 295 lbs (134 kg). Consequently, it is prescribed to be conveyed and amassed by in any event two individuals.

however, whenever it is amassed, its vehicle is facilitated by the little wheels incorporated into the back piece of the front base casing. Thus, as long as you can lift and deal with a load of at any rate 45 lbs (20 kg), you ought to have the option to move the collapsed and amassed unit without an issue.

The front and back bases of the unit are furnished with flexible stabilizers. The two support poles are joined at the center by an ABS adornment plate, like the PRO 5000 model.

One final angle concerning the unit’s metallic casing that we will cover here is the paint finish. The ProForm PRO 9000 is covered with rust-proof and scraped spot-safe paint. The shading utilized for the base edge is dark, while the shade of the paint finish on the console poles is metallic dim.

The machine’s track belt offers a running foundation of 60″L x 22″W (152 x 56 cm), the biggest ProForm treadmill running surface. It offers a lot of room for a total and fulfilling step length in any event, for clients taller than 6’5″ (196 cm). It utilizes an uncompromising 2-employ belt, impervious to extending which gives a high adherence during running.

The belt is put into action by two enormous 2.5″ adjusted and delegated rollers which not just that give a magnificent foothold and security for the belt, they’re intended to delay its life expectancy. They coordinate modern evaluation metal balls for a smooth movement and durable execution.

The unit’s deck is furnished with the ProShox padding framework. This machine comprises two bigger padding components on each side. Notwithstanding, rather than other ProForm treadmills, for example, the ProForm 705 CST, the ProShox components are hidden by the side rails.

Regardless, the machine gives a running stage that retains up to 25% of the stun of each foot strike, bringing about a much wonderful ride and less agony in your hips, knees, and lower legs.

Incline, decline & step-up height

The ProForm PRO 9000 is outfitted with a programmed slant/decay framework. This implies the slope or decrease must be changed from the unit’s comfort. Additionally, certain preset projects will auto-change the slope or decay whenever chose.

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Review

The unit’s slope/decrease framework comprises of a little lift and engine set at the front of the deck. As you select a specific grade or decay level from the support, the engine determination the lift to give the pertinent slope or decrease.

There are 15 degrees of grade accessible, and 3 degrees of decay. The slope/decrease augmentations are 1%. The support has catches for slow increment or diminishing, however there likewise are speedy choice keys for the 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 grade settings, and – 3, – 2, – 1 decrease settings.

At 0% grade, the deck gives a rise of approx. 10.5″ (27 cm) above floor level. With the grade set at the most extreme, the front of the deck ascends by approx. 6 additional inches (15 cm). Thusly, to stay away from any roof issues, it’s prescribed to utilize the machine in a room with a roof that is in any event 20″-22″ (51-56 cm) higher than your own stature.

Warranty: The Pro 9000 is sold with lifetime inclusion for the engine and casing, five years of inclusion for parts, and a two-year administration understanding.

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Model ProForm PRO 9000



Rundown Price


Best Price



0 – 12 mph


  • 3 – 15%


4.0 CHP


22″ x 60″


ProShox Cushioning



iFit as it were

Max. Weight

300 lbs


EKG Heart Rate Monitor

with Wireless Chest Strap


77.16″ x 39.15″ x 70″


10″ HD Touchscreen

Cooling Fans

Frill Tray


Fast Controls


Edge: 10 years

Parts: 2 Years

Work: 1 Year

Rating: 93.1%

The ProForm PRO 9000 is an extraordinary collapsing treadmill with numerous highlights at a serious value point.


• 4.0 CHP engine

• High speed 12 mph

• 10″ HD full-shading touchscreen

• Spacious exercise territory (22″ x 60″)

• Power grade and decrease (- 3% to +15%)

• Chest tie for remote heartbeat checking

• iFit-empowered

• Smartphone-viable 3″ speakers

• Tablet PC rack with hold

• Foldable edge with water powered help

• Two-year parts guarantee


• Poor client assistance audits for ProForm

Proform Pro 9000 Workout Programs

Proficient exercise direction is readily available with 40 preparing applications customized into the support. Every exercise program can change the 9000’s belt speed and grade to help explicit objectives. Look over four objective classifications: speed, weight reduction, slant preparing and force.

Moreover the Pro 9000 treadmill console is empowered for iFit for limitless individual preparing (enrollment required). Utilizing the 10″ touchscreen or your own PC/cell phone you can exploit tweaked individual preparing plans, virtual outside preparing along Google Maps courses, HD video exercises from renowned fitness coaches, robotized details following and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Google Maps exercise programs from iFit Coach are particularly intuitive, as they control the track’s slope to reproduce genuine scenes and may incorporate Google Street View.

The iFit Family Membership bundle is incorporated for one-year with buy, and every membership upholds up to four part profiles.

ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Features

Engine power isolates the Pro 9000 from most other ProForm treadmills. The belt is controlled by a 4.0 CHP Commercial Plus engine, which is the very drive that powers long distance race coach treadmills in ProForm’s Boston Series.

ProForm’s best presentation screen is incorporated into the Pro 9000 treadmill support. This 10″ touchscreen can show exercise programs and the web in superior quality.

Another top component is the force slope and decrease, which have limits of – 3% and 15 percent. Control the incline yourself or let an exercise program do the work. At the point when iFit Coach is incorporated, the treadmill can change its incline to reproduce any genuine course you determine with Google Maps.

The maximum velocity for the track belt is 12 mph. (For considerably higher speed, see the Boston Series.) Heart rate observing is upheld with contact heartbeat perusers on the handlebars, in addition to the 9000 shows up with a chest lash for remote readings.

Additional items on the comfort incorporate a tablet PC holder, iPod-viable speakers, exercise fans, and a water bottle holder. This SpaceSaver treadmill can be put away vertically when additional floor space is required.

What We Don’t Like:

Quality Control: Quality control is by all accounts conflicting. Because of the high volume of machines they produce, new parts aren’t in every case promptly accessible.

A minority of clients end up testy when their machine separates and they need to stand by a long time for ProForm to fix it.

Return Policy: ProForm exercise center gear is sold with unconditional promises, yet clients could be in charge of return delivery costs and might be charged a 10 percent restocking expense.

Our Verdict:

The SMART Pro 9000 is an extraordinary bundle for anybody from the normal sprinter as far as possible up to the world-class long-distance runner. We like that this machine comes furnished with iFit similarity yet doesn’t require a membership.

If you need somewhat more treadmill than the normal, however, I would prefer not to pay first-class business wellness hardware costs, look no more distant than the ProForm Pro 9000.


The SMART Pro 9000 is one of ProForm’s most exceptional treadmills regarding engine force and gadgets. It’s intended to help genuine preparing while additionally assisting with making exercise meetings fun.

Keep in mind that a downside of ProForm overall is inadequate client assistance, this top of the line treadmill isn’t probably going to trigger help calls.

On the off chance that such a treadmill attracts you, the principal issue is picking the correct model. The Pro 9000 is an extraordinary decision in the event that you’d see the value in the 10-inch HD touchscreen and need a substantial treadmill. Be that as it may, assuming your cardio preparing needs are lighter, the lower-evaluated Pro 5000 may be a superior worth.

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