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NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review / read before you buy

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NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review. With a huge pivoting contact screen, a programmed incline and resistance control framework, and a huge library of worldwide rides, the NordicTrack S22i is perhaps the most component-rich savvy stationary bikes available, and the most ideal approach to prepare inside for certifiable cycling experiences.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle


  • Allows for live, trainer controlled programmed incline, decline, and resistance changes
  • Bright 22-inch pivoting HD contact screen
  • Excellent classes, arrangement, and teachers
  • Wide assortment of studio and outside exercises for all wellness levels
  • Features live classes and leaderboards
  • Built-in fan and adornment plate
  • Connects to Bluetooth earphones and pulse screens


  • Automatic coach control feature didn’t generally work in testing
  • iFit music needs improvement


Month to month Membership Fee $39

Footprint 55 by 21.9 inches

Screen Size 22 inches

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review


Stationary bikes can cause you to feel like you’re going no place quick, yet NordicTrack’s Commercial S22i Studio Cycle may very well fool you into believing you’re really navigating mountains in Colorado, passing cascades in Hawaii, or riding close to nineteenth-century ruins in Turkey.

Including a tremendous determination of coach drove open air exercises recorded everywhere on the world; a remarkable capacity to consequently change your incline, decline, and resistance as you ride; and an underlying fan that copies the breeze all over, this $1,999 piece of keen rec center hardware is quite possibly the most component rich stationary bikes available, and the following best thing to street cycling or mountain trekking.

The bicycle’s iFit stage offers a lot of assortment for everybody, including fledgling well disposed projects, live studio classes with serious leaderboards, and floor-based exercises to enhance your cycling meetings.

Furthermore, its 22-inch shifting and turning HD contact screen offers the ideal review plot for exercises off the bicycle. Some minor specialized issues keep it away from procuring our Editors’ Choice honor over the Peloton Bike+, yet it’s as yet an astounding brilliant stationary bike that emulates the experience of outside cycling better compared to any of its rivals.

The Only Bike That Automatically Inclines

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

Valued at $1,999, the S22i is NordicTrack’s best in class practice bicycle. It includes a 22-inch HD contact screen that slants here and there, and pivots 360 degrees for a decent review point when taking classes on and off the bicycle.

Like NordicTrack’s other associated exercise machines, the S22i accompanies a one-year iFit family plan. The family plan allows you to amount to four optional clients to your record (for an aggregate of five), so every individual’s exercise history and details are kept isolated. iFit for the most part costs $396 every year or $39 per month for the family plan, or $180 per year for an individual arrangement.

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You can utilize the S22i in manual mode without a membership, yet iFit is truly what makes it unique. It gives you admittance to a library of more than 17,000 exercises recorded in 40 nations crossing every one of the seven mainlands and an intuitive individual preparing features.

This allows mentors to control the incline, decline, and resistance of your bicycle progressively (however you can generally physically supersede their changes, on the off chance that you like).

The exercise library incorporates various arrangement that progress in trouble to help you increment your wellness level. With iFit, you can likewise make custom Google Maps-based exercises, and track your details after some time.

Like other NordicTrack machines, the S22i accompanies a 10-year outline guarantee, a two-year parts guarantee, and a one-year work guarantee. NordicTrack charges an extra $199 for conveyance, bringing the absolute cost of the S22i to $2,198. In the event that that is an excessive amount to pay forthright, you can fund it by means of a TD Fit Loan for $57 each month for a very long time.

NordicTrack additionally sells a $1,599 Commercial S15i Studio Cycle, which chiefly contrasts from the S22i in regard to screen size and resistance. The S15i gives you admittance to a similar iFit programming you get on the top-notch model, however, accompanies a more modest, 14-inch contact screen that additionally slants and pivots.

The two models can go up to a 20% slope evaluation and decline up to 10% to mimic the open-air landscape, yet the S22i offers 24 advanced resistance levels while the S15i finishes out at 22.

The capacity to slope and decline separates these machines from the resistance. With the presentation of the S22i, NordicTrack turned into the principal organization to offer slope and decline—a component commonly held for treadmills—on a stationary bike.

From that point forward, NordicTrack’s sister image ProForm has several bicycles with this component, including the $2,999 TDF Pro 5.0 and its archetype, however, they have all the earmarks of being unavailable at the hour of this composition.

A NordicTrack representative disclosed to me that the idea for this bicycle came from a gathering of organization engineers who likewise end up being fanatic street cyclists.

They created it as an approach to prepare inside during the cool a very long time for LoToJa, a popular and difficult beginner cycling race that begins in NordicTrack’s old neighborhood of Logan, Utah, and runs for in excess of 200 miles through high mountain passes to Jackson, Wyoming.

The S22i’s incline and decline innovation help emulate the vibe of riding all over genuine slopes and mountains better than customary stationary bike resistance frameworks alone. As the incline builds, you can really feel yourself beginning to recline and lose power in your legs.

The S22i at full slope

Regarding the plan, the S22i is genuinely conservative, estimating 55.0 by 21.9 by 56.9 inches (LWH), and its most extreme suggested rider weight is 350 pounds.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

It includes a steel outline with a customizable cushioned seat and non-slip handlebar, two water bottle holders, movable evening out feet, front wheels for simple transportation, two 2-inch carefully enhanced speakers, a helper music port so you can play your own music through the reassuring sound framework while you exercise, and Bluetooth support for remote earphones and pulse screens.

The S22i features a couple of other extraordinary advantages, including an exercise fan and a handlebar plate where you can put your telephone. The fan has a few speed settings and an Auto mode that consequently changes the wind current dependent on how quickly you’re accelerating.

The bicycle accompanies a bunch of three-pound free weights, which you can perfectly store on one or the other side of the handlebar plate.

There’s a brake handle on the edge, and grade, decline, and resistance controls on the handlebars. Most other savvy stationary bikes include an obstruction handle you go to make it simpler or harder to pedal, yet the S22i doesn’t.

You physically control your resistance with in addition to and short fastens on the correct handlebar (incline and decline controls are on the left), or computerized catches on the screen.

Since I’m utilized to the normal handle framework on contending machines, I discover the S22i’s resistance control fastens a digit awkward, yet fortunately, you may never need to utilize them, since the cycle consequently changes your resistance, incline, and decline during both on-request and live classes to coordinate with the territory and additionally the coach’s ideas.

Because of this element, all you truly need to zero in on during exercises is your rhythm (cycles each moment, or how quick you’re turning your feet). The Auto Follow features on the Peloton Bike+ works comparatively, yet it’s restricted to on-request classes, and can just control your resistance since the bike doesn’t incline and decline.

Not at all like Peloton’s fixed bicycles, the S22i doesn’t need uncommon cycling shoes, and its stock pedals don’t uphold them. The pedals that accompany the S22i feature customizable holder confines that take into consideration secure balance while wearing ordinary exercise shoes.

This style of pedal has its upsides and downsides. On the positive side, the pedals are less scary for amateurs, don’t expect you to buy costly clasp in shoes, and permit anybody with a couple of exercise shoes to utilize the bicycle.

However, cut-in cycling shoes help you ride quicker, making it simpler to pull, not simply push, on the pedals. On the off chance that you purchase the S22i, I suggest at last trading out the stock pedals with a couple you can cut into for added riding effectiveness (it’s viable with all standard street bicycle pedals and seats).

One speedy note on cycling seats: They are altogether moderately awkward, particularly for fledglings. Cushioned cycling shorts and bicycle seat covers, which are generally accessible in bicycle stores and online from around $20, can help.

One peruser I was relating with who claims the S22i said they discover the seat so awkward they can just ride for 10 to 15 minutes all at once, and plan to trade it out for an alternate one. As far as I might be concerned, the S22i’s seat is no more terrible than other stationary bikes I’ve attempted, however, I’m utilized to indoor cycling now.

Get a Wrench, Screwdriver, and Mallet

NordicTrack suspended its white glove gathering administration because of COVID-19, so the organization is just contribution curbside and limit conveyances as of this composition.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

This implies it will either leave the bicycle at your front entryway, or inside the hall on the off chance that you live in an apartment building or condominium, and you’ll need to collect it yourself. Luckily, the organization made an exemption for me (the advantages of being an item commentator) and sent a group to assemble my test unit.

While I can’t address the gathering interaction, I can offer a couple of notes. First off, the S22i sends halfway amassed, ensured by styrofoam, in a 202-pound box. Gathering requires two individuals, so you’ll have to select a relative or companion to help (ideally somebody convenient and solid).

In the client manual, NordicTrack says you just need a flexible wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and an elastic hammer to assemble it, and prompts against utilizing power instruments to try not to harm the parts.

The get-together guidelines don’t look excessively confounded, yet I propose looking at them prior to buying the machine to perceive what you’re in for.

The two individuals who gathered it for me got it going in around 30 minutes. All I needed to do was interface it to my Wi-Fi, sign into my current iFit record, and I was a great idea to go.

On the off chance that you own other NordicTrack hardware and right now have an iFit account, you can utilize similar accreditations to sign-in on the S22i. If not, you’ll need to make another record.

In the case with the S22i is an iFit gift voucher; simply enter the initiation code on the card while making your iFit record to reclaim your free enrollment. While doing as such, you need to enter your Visa number for reestablishment purposes. At the point when your free one-year preliminary is up, NordicTrack will naturally restore your membership except if you drop before at that point.

For ideal solidness, I suggest putting the S22i on a hard deck, or possibly a piece of pressed wood on the off chance that you should place it in a covered room. I have it in a room with medium-heap one end to the other covering, and the bicycle rocks from one side to another when I go quick—less that I’m stressed over it falling more than, yet not 100% consistent.

I’ve attempted to change the evening out feet a few times to make it steadier on my floor covering, yet I can’t get it awesome. This is somewhat disappointing, in light of the fact that I additionally have the SoulCycle Variis set up in a similar room, and it’s totally consistent.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

I’ve assessed a few other NordicTrack associated wellness machines, including the RW900 rower and the Commercial 2950 treadmill, so I’ve invested a great deal of energy investigating the iFit stage, and I’m a major fan. It offers such a lot of assortment, from live and on-request studio classes to picturesque open air rides, and there’s substantially more than simply cycling.

How about we start with the interface. At the lower part of the S22i’s first iFit screen, there are tabs for Home, Calendar, Create, Browse, and On-Air.

In Home, it shows your Weekly Stats on the left half of the screen, including your normal force yield (estimated in watts), calories consumed, distance voyaged, assessed rise gain, and absolute exercise time.

It offers a suggested arrangement you may like (or the following exercise in an arrangement on the off chance that you’ve effectively begun one) and a choice of different exercises to peruse dependent on your objectives, machine, and exercise history.

Here you can likewise get to your rundown of top picks (exercises you’ve set apart with the heart symbol).

In Calendar, it shows a rundown of all the iFit exercises you’ve spilled on the S22i and some other iFit-fueled machines you own, coordinated by date. It shows your calories consumed, distance voyaged, rise gain, and exercise term for every passage. You can tap on any one to rehash the exercise.

In Create, you can make and save custom Google Maps Street View-based exercises. You look for any place on the planet you need to investigate, tap the guide to drop pins on your beginning, and places to pause, at that point press Save New Workout.

You at that point give your exercise a title and you can begin it immediately, plan it for some other time, or press the heart symbol so it’s additional to your top picks.

In Browse, you can look through exercises and other substance coordinated by arrangement, mentor, and classification (dynamic recuperation, novice, broadly educating, worldwide, mountain, street, strength, and studio).

There’s likewise a My List area showing all the substance you’ve set apart with a heart symbol and any custom Map-based exercises you made. In case you’re inadequate with regards to inspiration, there’s even a choice of wellbeing zeroed in TED chats on the stage.

An inquiry symbol allows you to search for something explicit or channel exercises by type, landmass, length (under 20 minutes to over 50 minutes), climate (seashore, city, desert, backwoods, tourist spots, mountains, savannahs, studio, and waterfront), force (levels 1 through 7), language, other hardware required (hand weight, barre, blocks, free weights, portable weight, tangle, medication ball, or resistance groups), target space of the body, and mentor. You can likewise channel it to show simply the exercises you’ve finished, or to prohibit ones you’ve effectively done.

The On-Air tab is the place where you find live iFit exercises. From Monday through Friday, there are at present around 10 live classes on the timetable every day, which is very acceptable.

They air each hour from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. at that point from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. As of now, there are just three live classes on Saturday and none on Sunday. Peloton presently presents to 14 everyday live classes, so iFit isn’t excessively far behind.

In the iFit On-Air segment, there’s additionally a timetable of classes that you can stream on request with a live leaderboard. This element is extremely cool; you fundamentally start an on-request class simultaneously as others, and go up against only them on the leaderboard.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

At the point when you click on an iFit exercise, a review screen springs up showing a depiction of the class, a bio of the iFit coach driving the exercise, a rundown of some other gear you’ll need, for example, free weights or a tangle, a client rating out of five stars, and remarks individuals have left about it.

For cycling exercises, it additionally shows the ride distance, length, height gain, and force level, just as your assessed calorie consumption and assessed exertion score.

The assessed exertion score gives you a thought of how hard it will be contrasted and your typical exercises; the higher the number, the harder the exercise will be. The entirety of this data tells you what you’re in for to assist you with choosing if you need to do that exercise.

At the point when you start an exercise on the S22i, regardless of whether it’s a studio class, open air, or guide based meeting, you generally get going with a three-minute warm-up.

During the warm-up, there’s a commencement clock on the screen, and you can see your details up top, including your rhythm (RPM), slant, resistance, time slipped by, and watts. On the left half of the screen, there are computerized slant control catches (- 10 to 20).

A catch on the lower part of the screen allows you to interface Bluetooth earphones. On the correct side, there are computerized resistance control catches (1 to 24). You can end the warm-up ahead of schedule and go directly into the exercise, in the event that you like.

At the point when the genuine exercise starts, you’ll see the equivalent details referenced above at the highest point of the screen, alongside the advanced incline and resistance controls on the left and right sides, individually.

You can swipe on the correct side of the screen to trade out the computerized resistance control catches for a leaderboard that allows you to see rankings for normal RPM, distance, exertion score, height acquire, assessed calories consumed, and watt-hours.

Typically, when you take an on-request iFit class, there are now a large number of individuals on the leaderboard, however, there are a lot of decent sifting alternatives. You can, for example, channel the leaderboard to show simply different clients in your age range, or simply the individuals who are doing the exercise simultaneously as you.

Studio exercises imitate the experience of being in a store exercise class. Before a live class starts, you can check a QR code to message the coach an inquiry.

During open air exercises, mentors regularly call attention to the sights en route, so you’re practicing and getting a visit. This aides take a break and makes the exercise fun: It resembles watching a nature or travel show while you’re working out. During custom and guide based exercises, you see a Google Maps perspective on the environmental factors, and the picture invigorates at regular intervals.

iFit exercises some of the time incorporate activities off the treadmill. You should think about buying a heavier arrangement of free weights, a portable weight, resistance groups, and an exercise tangle, in the event that you don’t as of now have them, so you can partake in the strength instructional courses.

You can tap the screen whenever to get to volume controls, enter full-screen mode, or interruption the exercise. In full-screen mode, you don’t perceive any measurements or the leaderboard. At the point when you finish an iFit exercise, there’s consistently a cool-down. You can chill off however long you like, at that point end it to save and view your details, including where you arrived on the leaderboard.

The one territory where I feel iFit has opportunity to get better is in music choice. The entirety of the classes I’ve taken have been set to what I can just portray as lift tunes, which is an enormous bummer during studio classes.

I’ve taken a few of the live studio classes with iFit mentor Ashley Paulson, and she is staggeringly rousing and learned (she even gave me a whoop one time, which was energizing), however, I feel like the faltering music truly hampers the experience.

It really is great that you can change the coach and music volume independently, on the grounds that I commonly quiet the last mentioned and play my own tunes on a different speaker.

Conversely, music is a necessary piece of the experience on Peloton and SoulCycle Variis bicycles. Classes on the two stages features astounding music across a scope of types.

You can channel classes by music classification, and the educators grouping their classes to go with the music. At the point when the tune goes ahead, for example, the educator may advise you to quit slacking to coordinate with the beat.

Variis classes normally consolidate movement, and toward the finish of a class, a Beat Match metric on the screen shows how in a state of harmony you were with the cadence. Furthermore, on Peloton, you can associate your Apple Music or Spotify record to save tunes you hear during exercises.

Experiencing the Adrenaline Rush

In the month that I’ve been trying the S22i, I’ve basically cycled streets and trails everywhere on the world, including Hawaii, New Zealand, Norway, and Turkey.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

I have some experience mountain trekking, in actuality, so I realize how hard and perilous the game is. Once in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest, the path was so steep I needed to get off the bicycle and walk it up the mountain prior to getting back on and clearing out on the drop.

Also, don’t get me going about the dread of mountain trekking Florida’s Alafia River State Park, where the danger of veering off the thin path into a bog and turning out to be croc food is genuine. Yet, however severe as it very well might be, mountain trekking is additionally perhaps the most thrilling thing I’ve at any point done.

The S22i copies that experience, allowing you basically to investigate excellent path all throughout the planet, without the peril. The S22i’s capacity to consequently slant when the coach begins climbing causes it to feel like you’re really there. The fan is a little detail that adds a great deal to the experience, mirroring the vibe of the breeze all over.

One of my #1 rides on the S22i is the picturesque and testing 404 Trail Climb in Crested Butte, Colorado, with iFit coach Ryan Petry. As he clarifies, cyclists everywhere on the world travel there to encounter the adventure of riding this beautiful and rebuffing high path.

I’d love to have the option to ride the 404, all things considered, sometime in the not-so-distant future, yet until further notice, I feel fulfilled preparing for it on the S22i.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review

The open air exercises are such a lot of fun that they make me anxious to get back on the bicycle for a long time, so it is ideal there’s no deficiency of them on the iFit stage. Past controlling your rhythm and urging you to push your hardest, the iFit mentors frequently recount anecdotes about their own lives and wellness ventures.

During outside meetings, they normally call attention to the sights and offer social data, so you’re really getting a visit and an exercise, which helps every meeting fly by.

I get an adrenaline surge when I watch the iFit coaches cross perilous mountain trails and streets, trusting they don’t clear out. I’m almost certain iFit wouldn’t post a video if a coach got harmed, yet it’s still energizing to watch.

I was on the edge of my bicycle seat when I watched Tommy Rivers Puzey plummet Col de la Colombiere, a celebrated Tour de France pass with a few obscured turns, and felt like I was preparing directly close by him as he disclosed how to securely transform into corners.

In case you’re searching for a stationary bike that can help you train for a certifiable cycling trip, there could be no greater alternative than the S22i.

All things considered, I would be neglectful in the event that I didn’t make reference to a couple of slight mechanical issues I encountered with my test unit. During two separate exercise meetings, the bicycle’s programmed changes didn’t work.

This happened once during an on-request exercise, and some other time during a live class. At the point when it occurred during the live class, the resistance catches on the correct side of the handlebars likewise neglected to work, which means I could just change my resistance with the on-screen controls.

Fortunately, I had the option to fix these issues by essentially restarting the bicycle (unplugging it at that point stopping it back in), and it has since worked perfectly in a few live and on-request classes.

A NordicTrack representative said that restarting the machine is just a brief fix for this issue. He rather suggested recalibrating the incline framework, and routinely checking for and introducing parts Maintainance.

To align the decline framework, tap Maintenance > Calibrate Incline > Begin, and the casing will naturally ascend to the greatest incline level, lower to the base decline level, and afterward get back to the beginning position.

To check for firmware refreshes, tap Maintenance > Update. On the off chance that an update is accessible, it will start naturally. To try not to harm the cycle, don’t kill the force while the firmware is being refreshed.

The Next Best Thing to Road and Mountain Biking

No one needs to put resources into an exercise machine just to lose interest after the first month and watch it gradually transform into an expensive apparel rack. That shouldn’t be an issue with the $1,999 NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle.

Its iFit stage offers a huge number of intuitive, coach drove exercises to keep you returning for a long time, including beautiful rides shot everywhere on the world and live studio classes with serious leaderboards.

Adding to its worth, the stage offers plenty of tangle-based classes, including yoga and strength meetings, that will help you stay dynamic when you need a break from cycling.

In the jam-packed keen stationary bike market, the S22i additionally stands apart for its programmed coach control include, which one-ups the Auto Follow capacities of the pricier Peloton Bike+ with the capacity to consequently control your resistance, and also your incline and decline. Most other savvy stationary bikes can’t incline and decay, not to mention do so consequently.

In spite of the fact that uncommon and handily stationary, some specialized issues, alongside dreary music on the iFit stage, keep the S22i away from receiving our Editors’ Choice honor.

In spite of the fact that on paper it offers fewer features for more cash, the $2,495 Peloton Bike+ now our top pick in the savvy stationary bike market for its awesome, music-centered classes and more trustworthy equipment.

However, in the event that you favor grand open air exercises to studio classes, or you’re searching for a bicycle that can help you train for a true experience, the S22i totally worth considering.

NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle



• Allows for live, mentor controlled programmed decline, decay, and resistance changes

• Bright 22-inch turning HD contact screen

• Excellent classes, arrangement, and educators


• Automatic trainer control feature didn’t generally work in testing

• iFit music needs improvement

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NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review / read before you buy
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