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Echelon Connect EX5S Bike review

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Echelon Connect EX5S Bike review. The Echelon EX5S is a strong twist bike that was worked for intuitive preparing at home. When the 21.5″ HD touchscreen is combined with the Echelon Fit application, you will be inundated in an assortment of live and on-request virtual exercises, just as grand rides across the globe.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

All things considered, we aren’t so certain the expansion of the HD touchscreen merits the cash. This bike costs almost a large portion of 1,000 bucks more than the EX5 model. The EX5 is essentially indistinguishable in specs, besides the EX5S’s expansion of new kick monitors and force ports.

In the event that you as of now have a tablet kicking around the house that you could use with the EX5, at that point paying $400 more for the EX5S doesn’t appear to be great. Peruse more about the EX5S’s exercises, highlights, and purchaser precautions beneath.

Echelon Connect EX5S Bike

Pros and Cons


  • Touchscreen: 21.5″ HD touchscreen is ideal for vivid exercises and flips 180° for off-bike schedules.
  • Stats Tracking: With the other Echelon bikes, you don’t approach your details except if you interface with the application on your own tablet. With the EX5S, you can see your details while you are riding, if you have a membership.
  • Flywheel: Heavy 13 KG flywheel upholds 32 opposition levels, which will be testing enough for most riders.
  • Durable: Heavy-obligation steel edge can deal with any exercise.
  • Compact: The EX5S is minimized and light enough to suit most home exercise centers.
  • Handlebars: Competition Aero framework offers more noteworthy development and flexibility.
  • Competition Seat: Comfy seat with 6″ switch style change.
  • Storage: Dual water bottle holders on handlebars and weight rack behind the seat.
  • Diverse Pedals: SPD viable just as completely flexible to confines.
  • Motor: New engine for exact opposition.
  • Extras: Kick monitors and back and front force ports are highlighted distinctly on the EX5S.


  • Price: We’re not persuaded that the expansion of the touchscreen and a couple of additional items merit the $400 value bounce from the EX5 model. This is particularly obvious on the off chance that you as of now have a tablet at home which you could use with the EX5.
  • Limited Functionality: Even however you have the touchscreen, except if you buy the Echelon Fit membership, there’s still no inherent diversion or programming on this bike. We like that you can follow your details on this bike when you’re riding (without a membership), however.
  • No Other Apps: You can’t utilize some other applications like Spotify or Netflix on the touchscreen. The just application you can access on the screen is Echelon Fit. This is fine on the off chance that you have a membership, yet on the off chance that you decide to interruption or drop this, the touchscreen can’t be utilized for some other type of diversion while you’re riding.
  • Warranty: A 1-year restricted parts and work guarantee isn’t amazing, particularly at this cost point.

Echelon Connect EX5S Bike Review


Month to month Membership Fee $39

Footprint 54 by 20 inches

Screen Size 21.5 inches

Our Rating

Rating: 84/100

The Echelon EX5S was worked for intelligent preparation. Like the EX5, it has the most highlights and best execution of all the Echelon Connect bikes. Weighing only 124 lbs. (also, at only 20″ wide and 54″ long), the EX5S is similarly pretty much as reduced and light as the EX5, and will work in most home rec center spaces.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

In the event that you intend to move it around from one space to another after exercises, the EX5S makes this simple with its front-mounted wheels. What we disapprove of is the leap in cost from the EX5 to the EX5S. Here, you are essentially paying for the expansion of the touchscreen.

Beside the minor increases of the kick watches and force ports, the EX5S is actually indistinguishable to the EX5, which costs around $400 less. Assuming you as of now have a tablet in your home, paying almost a large portion of 1,000 bucks more for the EX5S doesn’t appear to be a brilliant buy.

All things considered, on the off chance that you don’t have a tablet (you can utilize a cell phone, yet this doesn’t give as vivid an intuitive preparing experience), or rather you need one which you can simply leave on the bike for intelligent preparing just, at that point the EX5S could be an incredible choice for you.

Like different bikes in the arrangement, it’s a strong twist bike that can deal with any exercise you toss at it. It includes a 13 KG flywheel and 32 degrees of attractive opposition like different bikes. An opposition seat, ordering obstruction change handle, and a new engine for exact attractive opposition are likewise included.

Like the EX5, the EX5S highlights an opposition Aero handlebar framework. These handlebars take into account a more noteworthy scope of development than those on the other Echelon bikes. This new plan gives the EX5 and EX5S a more current, premium feel.

The plan likewise obliges for the expansion of double water bottle holders and the new keen gadget mount for the touchscreen. Beside the touchscreen, there aren’t numerous contrasts between the EX5 and EX5S. The EX5S simply incorporates kick watches and back and front force ports. It’s additionally somewhat heavier, weighing 124 lbs. (where as the EX5 is 112 lbs.).

Matched with the Echelon Fit application, the touchscreen conveys a vivid preparing experience that will keep you propelled. We do have a few issues with the application (the assortment and nature of exercises isn’t just about as cleaned as a portion of the other wellness membership applications available), however we presume this will just improve over the long run as the Echelon wellness local area develops. Get the upsides and downsides of the EX5S beneath.

Who Should Use The Echelon EX5S Indoor Cycle?

At a fundamental level, this bike is 100% outfitted towards those hankering the best in class tech, who need to ascend to the highest point of leaderboards while preparing close-by individual twist class fans without leaving their own homes.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

The enthusiastic mentor who’s independent/confident will not be all-around served to pay the premium for this bike. They’ll be in an ideal situation going to the all-around assembled and more reasonable EX3 and EX5 models that don’t accompany an inherent screen.

This bike is additionally a strong fit for those needing a balanced arrangement of exercise choices also, as FitPass permits clients to exploit a large group of preparing alternatives off of their bike too. Their writing computer programs are very much driven by quality educators, and your entrance can likewise permit you to stream these different classes by means of your brilliant TV as well, which opens up significantly more exercise openings.

We’ve heard many individuals raving about the class quality so that by itself could represent the moment of truth the arrangement for certain individuals when settling on this bike and the NordicTrack S22i.


A lot of individuals have jumped on board with Peloton Bike since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, however, its superior value puts it far off for some. In case you’re searching for a more reasonable other option, Echelon offers only that with its top-of-the-line Connect EX5S bike.

Beginning at $1,639.98, it’s as yet a weighty venture, and a class enrollment costs extra, yet it’s around $600 not exactly Peloton, and offers a comparative involvement in regular live classes, propelling leaderboards, and a huge and changed library of on-request exercises on and off the bike.

All things considered, Peloton remains our Editors’ Choice for its enormous client local area, reconciliation with Apple Music and Spotify, and better opposition controls.

Plan and Price

Echelon causes a few distinctive To interface fixed bikes, yet the EX5S is its first-in-class model. It includes a 21.5-inch HD contact screen and 32 degrees of attractive opposition you physically control with a handle. The Peloton Bike has a similar size contact screen, however allows you to adjust the opposition level from zero to 100.

The EX5S undermines Peloton’s cost, however, it’s as yet costly, and you need to pay extra for a class enrollment, which is standard for brilliant exercise machines. Echelon offers a few estimating alternatives, beginning at $1,639.98 for the bike, a one-year guarantee, and one-month participation.

The Echelon enrollment costs $39 each month, equivalent to Peloton and $10 more than MYX Fitness, a best-in-class rival in this space. You can select to pay for a yearly or two-year membership forthright when you buy the bike to save $79.89 or $359.77 individually throughout the participation.

On the off chance that you buy the bike with a yearly or two-year plan, Echelon defers the $199.99 conveyance expense and offers financing choices beginning at $65 or $72 every month, individually.

In correlation, Peloton charges $2,245 for simply its bike, a one-year guarantee, and conveyance/arrangement. MYX Fitness is the most moderate of the three, beginning at $1,199 for the bike and a Polar OH1 pulse screen.

Echelon EX5S Features

The EX5S has an inherent 21.5″ HD touchscreen for you to appreciate intuitive exercises on. The touchscreen has speakers (similarly as a tablet would have) so you can hear the exercise classes, however there are no outer speakers for you to play your own music through.

It’s a strong bike, including a tough steel outline and smooth plan. Despite the fact that it’s the heaviest model in the arrangement, it’s actually light and reduced enough for most home rec centers. The bike is 20″ wide and 54″ long, and weighs 124 lbs. In the event that you need to move it to another room after your exercise, simply utilize the front-mounted vehicle wheels.

Like different bikes in the arrangement, the EX5S highlights a hefty 13 KG flywheel and 32 degrees of obstruction, offering a smooth ride and enough test for most riders. The EX5S additionally includes another engine for exact attractive obstruction, which you can change with the simple to-utilize ordering opposition change handle.

Concerning solace, the EX5S highlights an opposition-style seat that can be pushed ahead, in reverse, all over with a 6″ switch style change. As referenced, the EX5S’s opposition Aero handlebar framework (likewise found on the EX5 model) is diverse from the ergonomic handlebars found on the EX1 and EX3.

They take into account a more prominent scope of development, for one or the other execution or solace arrangement. They likewise include Echelon’s new savvy gadget mount for the touchscreen and double water bottle holders.

We love that every one of the bikes has a tablet holder (and for this situation a touchscreen mount) that you can flip 180°. Simply jump off, turn your touchscreen 180°, and attempt an off-machine exercise like Zumba or reflection.

It’s an incredible method to stir up your cycling routine and differentiate your preparation. Like the EX5, the EX5S additionally has a weight rack behind the seat which can hold a bunch of 2 lb. free weights (excluded with buy). Like all the Echelon Connect bikes, the EX5S’s pedals are SPD viable with completely movable toe confines.

Warranty and Guarantee

Like the other Echelon Connect bikes, the EX5S is transported with a one-year restricted parts and labor guarantee. Maintenance agreements are accessible for procurement. Also, Echelon allows a 30-day unconditional promise, yet remember that discounts avoid dispatching and restocking.


Peloton Bike

Read Peloton Bike Review

MYX Fitness

The EX5S has a comparative dark and red plan to Peloton. I for one like the vibe of the white MYX bike the best out of the three as it mixes in with my home stylistic theme, however, my beau favors the EX5S.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

The EX5S’s showcase flips 180 degrees for exercises off the bike, however, it doesn’t turn side to side like the MYX bike’s tablet. Concerning different highlights, the EX5S has two handlebar-mounted jug holders, a rack behind the seat for two free weights (sold independently), and force ports toward the front or back to give you situating choices.

It measures 54 by 20 by around 59 inches (LWH) and weighs 124 pounds. It’s genuinely simple to move around and discover space for, because of its generally smaller plan.

The bike is suggested for riders 4 feet, 11 crawls to 6 feet, 4 inches (however Echelon says it has riders going from 4 feet, 5 creeps to 6 feet, 8 inches utilizing its bikes) and as much as 300 pounds. The Peloton Bike additionally upholds as much as 300 pounds, while MYX Fitness upholds up to 350.

Like the MYX Fitness bike, the EX5S highlights SPD-viable pedals with movable toe confines. Echelon suggests wearing cycling shoes with the EX5S as they help equally convey powers across the lower part of your foot, yet they’re excessive. The Peloton Bike, in the meantime, requires to Look Delta-viable clasp in shoes.

Assembly and Setup

Echelon normally incorporates assembly alongside delivery yet has briefly suspended it because of COVID-19 safety measures.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

Luckily, gathering the EX5S bike isn’t excessively troublesome. Echelon gives perhaps the best manual I’ve seen, with shading photographs and composed directions for each progression of the get-together cycle. My beau did a large portion of the gathering for me and had the option to do it in around two hours.

At the point when I initially got on the EX5S, it shook side to side as I accelerated and didn’t feel strong, an issue Peloton clients have additionally confronted. My sweetheart and I moved it to an alternate space to ensure the floor wasn’t lopsided, however it actually wobbled.

We at first fixed the issue by setting a region floor covering under one side of the bike, however, that is clearly not an ideal arrangement. After some online examination, we understood that one of the front feet wasn’t completely tightened.

We turned the bike on its side, sunk the culpable foot as far as possible, and that fortunately fixed the issue. From that point onward, the bike was totally solid.

When you get it set up, you just plug it in and adhere to the directions on the screen to interface it to your Wi-Fi. I previously had an Echelon account from when I checked on the Reflect exercise reflect, so all I needed to do was enter those qualifications utilizing the tablet’s on-screen console.

On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a record, you’ll need to download the Echelon Fit versatile application (accessible for Android and iOS) and pursue one. When pursuing a record, you can enter your sexual orientation (female or male) and weight.

I propose adding your weight to your profile as it expands the exactness of calorie consumption gauges when you’re working out. You can likewise add a moniker, your area, and a photograph that will show up on the leaderboard.

The application requests that you check the chronic number on the bike’s presentation mount, after which it ought to show up in the application; simply select it and you’re all set. At the point when associated, the bike will signal and the light underneath its handlebars will change from glimmering to strong blue.

Working Out With the EX5S

When taking a class on the EX5S, you see your rhythm (cycles each moment), obstruction level (one to 32), and yield on the screen, actually like on the Peloton Bike. Estimated in Watts, yield is a blend of your opposition and rhythm. On the off chance that you increment your opposition as well as rhythm, your yield will rise, and the other way around.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

During Echelon (and Peloton) bike exercises, the teachers advise you to focus on a particular rhythm and obstruction level. The two organizations rank their leaderboards dependent on your yield.

On the screen, it likewise shows your normal and best yield, distance, speed (mph), calories consumed, pulse (on the off chance that you have a pulse screen associated with the bike), how long you’ve been working out, and how long you have left.

It doesn’t show the name of the tune that is playing, one benefit Peloton offers. On Peloton, you can even save tracks you find during classes and sync them to your Apple Music or Spotify profile.

The Echelon Connect interface has five tabs on the base: Featured, OnDemand, Schedule, Progress, and that’s just the beginning. On the Featured screen is a merry go round of impending live classes. Under that are segments for Challenges, new classes, well known rides, 20-minute rides, rides with arm exercises, virtual rides in places like Spain and Hawaii, sustenance recordings, and 30-moment and longer rides.

In the Challenges segment inside the Featured tab, Echelon has an excellent Bike Basics arrangement that I prescribe looking at in case you’re new to indoor cycling. There are three recordings in the arrangement, the first tells you the best way to change the seat and handlebars for your extents.

The subsequent video goes over legitimate cycling stance and the measurements you see on the screen when working out. The third video is a fledgling agreeable ride.

In the OnDemand tab, you can peruse studio classes, beautiful rides from one side of the planet to the other, and FitPass exercises. In the FitPass area, there’s a wide scope of classes you can do off the bike, including armloads, Barre, center, HIIT, kickboxing, Pilates, strength, extending, and yoga.

You can peruse OnDemand classes by level (fledgling, moderate, and progressed), length (five minutes to two hours), educator, type, and music classification.

In the Schedule tab, you can peruse impending live classes and channel them by type (cycling, strength, tone, and stretch). On non-weekend days, Echelon offers a constant flow of live cycling classes toward the beginning of the day and evening, and a couple in the day, so there’s a decent possibility you’ll see one when you need to work out.

Prior to adding my weight to my profile in the Echelon Fit application, I discovered the EX5S’s calorie copy computations to be overestimated. During one 20-minute ride, for example, the EX5S assessed I consumed around 700 calories, while my Apple Watch Series 5 said it was under 200. At the point when I refreshed my weight in the application, the calorie consume gauges were significantly more exact.

As another person to indoor cycling, I discovered Echelon’s Bike Basics arrangement extremely supportive. Above all, it showed me legitimate structure: Your elbows ought to be marginally twisted and wrapped up, and your knees ought to be in accordance with your body, not bowing out to the sides. On the off chance that your knees are following out to the sides, it’s a sign your seat might be excessively low.

You should put the bike pedal ready of your foot, which implies your foot may not reach the finish of the confine. The handlebars are intended to help you balance, not to help your weight. What’s more, the hardest piece of cycling is becoming accustomed to the seat, the educator said. I discovered the EX5S’s ocean to be quite agreeable, particularly contrasted and the MYX bike, which is firmer.

In case you’re new to indoor cycling, you may feel somewhat sore from the start paying little mind to which bike you go with. Over the long haul, you’ll become acclimated to it. Cushioned bike shorts can help.

At the point when you start an exercise, you’ll see heart and earphone symbols on the screen. Simply tap them to associate your extras. The bike is essentially soundless, so I can utilize it with Bluetooth earphones first thing without awakening my sweetheart in the neighboring room.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

The Fitbit reconciliation additionally fills in true to form. Subsequent to associating my record by means of the More tab on the bike’s screen, my Echelon exercises appeared in the Fitbit application and tallied toward my week after week practice objective.

It’s decent that the EX5S’s screen can shift 180 degrees, particularly since pelotons can just go here and there a couple of inches, however, it would be better on the off chance that it could likewise pivot side to side. To see the screen during floor-based exercises, you need to put the EX5S in a spot with void floor space in front or behind the bike.

In correlation, the MYX bike’s tablet can both slant all over and turn an entire 360 degrees, so you can undoubtedly move it around for the ideal survey point when you’re doing exercises on and off the bicycle.

Exercise Programs

Despite the fact that the EX5S accompanies a touchscreen show, it doesn’t offer any preset exercises. Like the wide range of various bikes in the arrangement, intuitive preparing is the situation. With Echelon models, this is conveyed through the Echelon Fit application.

Paying for participation to Echelon Fit will permit you to benefit as much as possible from the EX5s’ vivid 21.5″ HD touchscreen. Without it, there’s actually no reason for purchasing this model, as you can’t utilize the touchscreen for some other applications like perusing the news or watching Netflix.

The just application that you will actually want to access on the screen is Echelon Fit. You can’t get to any classes on the screen without a membership. With Echelon Fit, you’ll gain admittance to an assortment of on-request and live exercises, just as picturesque rides in areas across the globe.

Despite the fact that we have discovered issues with the application previously, the assortment of exercises and client experience keeps on improving. We’re almost certain that it will proceed with this route as Echelon and their cycling local area develop. Month to month and yearly memberships start at $39.99 each month, and this incorporates admittance to FitPass for your off-bike exercises like yoga, pilates, or strength preparing.

Different bikes in the arrangement are “bring your own tech” models. You need to utilize your own tablet or cell phone to screen your details like speed, calories consumed, and distance. The EX5S enjoys a benefit here. On the off chance that for reasons unknown you decide to interruption or drop your membership, you can in any case see your details while you are riding.

When you quit riding, you will lose your details. This nonetheless, is everything you will actually want to see. As referenced, you can’t utilize some other applications on the screen, or access classes without a membership. For remote pulse observing, simply interface your remote gadget to the touchscreen, and the application can follow this.

The FitPass subscription

Echelon offers subscriptions to its FitPass streaming service in a few different ways. Here’s how it breaks down:

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review
  • Connect + Extra Mile: $39/month. This includes all Connect rides, as well as Extra Mile content consisting of Pilates, yoga, stretching, and others. 
  • Connect Annual Plan + Extra Mile: $399.99/year.
  • Connect 2-Year Plan + Extra Mile: $599.99/year.
  • Flex Ride Plan: $19.99/month. This includes all live and on-demand Flex Rides. 
  • Flex Ride Plan + Extra Mile: $24.99/month. 
  • Flex Ride Annual Plan + Extra Mile: $239.99/year. 
  • Extra Mile Plan: $12.99/month.


Generally speaking, the EX5S is a sturdy twist bike that upholds vivid intelligent preparation with the assistance of its HD touchscreen. Like different bikes in the arrangement, its substantial flywheel, and 32 obstruction levels utilized close by the assortment of Echelon Fit exercises will keep you tested and spurred for quite a long time to come. All things considered, we do disapprove of the value hop from the EX5 to the EX5S.

In case you’re determined to have an underlying screen committed to your wellness machine, the EX5S could be an extraordinary choice for you. Simply remember that you actually need to pay for the membership to Echelon Fit to benefit from this bike.

You will not have the option to utilize some other applications on the screen, like playing music from Spotify or getting up to speed with shows on Netflix. We like that you can see your details when you’re riding, however this is actually everything to the touchscreen without a membership, which appears to be quite silly in case you’re contributing the $400 extra for the screen to begin with.

On the off chance that you need the best worth machine from the arrangement, we would say to decide on the EX5 model. You’re fundamentally getting a similar bike without the touchscreen. In the event that you have a tablet around the house, this is actually the best worth choice.

The bottom line

The Echelon Connect EX5S Bike might not have a similar distinction or however many features as the Peloton Bike, yet it’s a brilliant option for fundamentally less cash.

Echelon Smart Connect EX5S Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be able to utilize any wellness application (for example Peloton) with this Echelon bike?

No, you can’t utilize the Peloton application (or some other application) with the Echelon EX5S: the 21.5″ touchscreen will just associate with the Echelon Fit application. You could cycle along to another wellness application on your own tablet, yet the app(s) won’t interface with the bike to show your constant exercise details on-screen.

Is Echelon a decent bike contrasted with Peloton?

Albeit the Peloton bike has the heavenly name, the Echelon bike offers something similar (or possibly basically the same) exercise insight without burning up all available resources. This Echelon model most intently reflects the Peloton experience due to the 21.5″ HD touchscreen.

Would you be able to utilize the touchscreen to stream Netflix or go on the web?

No, you can’t utilize the Echelon EX5S bike’s touchscreen to stream Netflix or go on the web. You can just access Echelon Fit exercises on it.

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Echelon Connect EX5S Bike review
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