3 Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

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3 Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person. Rowing machines furnish you with staggeringly exceptional exercises that can enable you to arrive at your fitness objectives quicker.

Most tall individuals have battled attempting to discover Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person that is enormous enough for them. In case you are in almost the same situation, you are in the right place. Your body will thank you.

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I exceptionally suggest the Concept2 Model D as the best rowing machine for a tall individual. Everything from the inseam measurement and handle position, to the tallness of the display suits taller individuals well.

I’ve checked on the WaterRower A1 for tall individuals who are keen on utilizing a water rower. A progressively reasonable pick, the LifeSpan RW1000, is additionally incorporated into this review for taller rowers who are on a more tightly spending plan.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

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Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

1. Top Pick – Concept2 Model D

The Concept2 Model D has an amazing long monorail and high adjustable screen. These features, together with the handle and foot pedal design, make it the best paddling machine for a tall individual.

Principle Features

Progress Tracking

I was happy to find that there’s a Monitor accessible with this paddling machine. It’s a Performance Monitor 5 and it enables you to track the progress of the training effectively and with unimaginable exactness.

It gives you ongoing input on the details of your exercise. You can remotely link it to pulse rater to have a better understanding of your heartbeat. (The heart rate belts would be acquired independently).

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Paddling machine exercises have been indicated to significantly less body fat. Along these lines, remaining on top of your exercise will make accomplishing these outcomes almost certain.


In case you’re tight on space, you’ll value the space-sparing design available.

You can just divide the paddling machine into two separate pieces. There are caster wheels attached to the base of each piece. Along these lines, moving it around and placing it away is easy.


There are just eight screws that you have to fit to assemble this paddling machine. The directions included making this procedure basic and fast.


I was amazed to find that the Concept2 Model D can link to different fitness applications. This gives you more choices in taking advantage of every exercise as you have a tremendous variety to browse.

If you want to compete, there are even online rankings ready. This is magnificent for some cordial challenges that can increase your fitness results.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Why it Suits Tall People

One of the most well-known issues that taller individuals keep running into rowing machines is the handle structure. The handles are situated according to your feet – and that is the most extreme they can go.

This is a no-go for tall individuals. They’re not ready to accomplish a full scope of motion.

The way that the handles are intended to be more distant than the foot pedals was one of the principles that made the Concept2 Model D attractive.

This is on the grounds that it guarantees you have a lot of reaches to get a full scope of motion with longer arms.

Also, there’s a monorail expansion bar provided as well. This allows you to extend the general length of the rowing machine by 5″. Along these lines, you’re ready to push with a most extreme length of 59″.

This is appropriate for individuals who are 7′ or taller!

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person
  • Some find the design of the seat feels awkward, particularly when doing longer exercises
  • Customers have referenced that the most elevated resistance setting doesn’t feel challenging enough

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

2. Best Budget-Friendly Choice – LifeSpan RW1000

While the Concept2 Model D is under the $1,000 territory, that is still unreasonably costly for certain individuals.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

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That is the reason I set aside some additional effort to examine the best rowing machine for a tall individual, that doesn’t use up every last cent.

Perhaps you just want a decent deal and you needn’t bother with the technology built in the Concept2 rowing machine.

The LifeSpan RW1000 was the main financially savvy rowing machine for tall individuals that I could discover.

Main Features


I loved the delightful way the edge has been made utilizing strong steel materials. It guarantees that the paddling machine is strong enough to keep going to you for quite a while ahead.

Space Saving

When completely collected, it quantifies in at 90 x 18.5 x 23″. In any case, if you’re hoping to spare some space in your home, you’ll be happy to realize that it includes a folding structure.

When you overlay this paddling machine up, it’s a substantially more conservative 34 x 19 x 64″ in size. This makes it much simpler to store away when it’s not being utilized.


With an LCD display, you’re ready to see all the data about your exercises. This incorporates the number of calories consumed, distance, time, and strokes.

Therefore, you’re ready to effectively monitor your progress. This makes it more probable for you to remain comfortable with the exercises.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Why it Suits Tall People

The monorail is an aggregate of 53″ long. That is just an inch shorter contrasted with the Concept2 Model D. In this way, you’re getting essentially a similar measure of extra space for around a large portion of the cost.

In addition, the length of the inseam is 38″. This is 1″ longer than the inseam estimations on the Concept2.

I preferred how the design of the LifeSpan RW1000 was made explicitly for tall individuals.

The back is lower than the front end, which gives you a more drawn out inseam length. This makes the paddling machine feel good for tall individuals to utilize.

  • The pulleys can be inclined to making noise after some time
  • Some noted that the front can lift off the ground when paddling with power

3. Top Water Rower – WaterRower A1 Series

WaterRower is the greatest brand when it comes to a rowing machine that is fueled by water.

I suggest the A1 Series in case you’re a tall individual searching for the most reasonable sentiment of paddling in the water. It attempts to copy what it resembles to push on the water by means of the turn cutting edge inside the water tank.

The trouble and obstruction rely upon how seriously you choose to push – which works simply like a genuine paddle boat.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Main Features


Through my examination, I found that users were satisfied with how comfortable this paddling machine feels.

This solace to a great extent originates from the design of the seat. You can push for long spans of time in comfort.

Moreover, the handles feel incredible to clutch and don’t bring on any distress.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Simple Maintenance

Keeping up this water rower is excessively simple.

To keep the water in the tank, you can simply put it in an upright position. I additionally enjoyed how keeping the water clean is simple.

Chlorine tablets accompany the paddling machine. You should simply include one tablet after every 4-6 months, and that is it!


Since this paddling machine works with water, the sound aggravation is low.

You can even now hear the water moving around because of the turning cutting edge, be that as it may, it’s significantly calmer contrasted with air and pressure-driven machines.

Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

Why it Suits Tall People

The most extreme inseam length that accompanies this A1 Series is 39″. This is extraordinarily long and gives you a lot of space to push.

I found that the M1 Series by WaterRower was the main other choices that had a more drawn out inseam length. Notwithstanding, you just get 1″ more and you’d need to pay about twofold the cost.


Some clients are frustrated that there aren’t any innovation highlights to follow the exercise progress

How To Measure Your Inseam Length

When your inseam length is longer than what a paddling machine offers, your scope of movement will be shortened, and you’ll feel awkward.

In this way, make certain to know your inseam measurement before buying a paddling machine. Start off by setting yourself upright against a wall and keep your legs around 5″ aside from one another.

Utilize an estimating tape that starts from the highest point of your foot that finishes at the base of your crotch.

The length is your inseam measurement. This is the number of inches there are between the foot pedals of the paddling machine to the seat.

Recommendation Summary

The Concept2 Model D is my main pick since it offers such a wide scope of advantages for tall individuals. With a more drawn outreach at handle position, taller individuals will have the option to get the optimum range of motion.

You can stretch out the monorail to guarantee that it’s optimal for individuals who are 7′ or taller.

Also, there are awesome progress following and network includes that users are happy with.

Having said that, it is an increasingly costly decision. Individuals on a budget who aren’t also objected to the mechanical features will lean toward the LifeSpan RW1000. It performs well and gives you incredible value for your money

My last suggestion is for individuals who are hoping to encounter what it resembles to push on water. The WaterRower A1 model doesn’t have any program or extra features. It has a long inseam length, making it phenomenal for taller rowers.


For male rowers in the US, the average height is 5’9″. Female rowers are normal of 5’3.5″. In this way, rowers are commonly taller, however, they are as yet battling to discover paddling machines (concept 2 forum) that suit them.

On the off chance that you’ve been in a similar situation, you can utilize this review to enable you to pick the best rowing machine for a tall individual.

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Best Rowing Machine For Tall Person

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