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About Us

Founded in 2016 by Vickson Domue, getbellyfix.com has come a long way from its beginnings in Maputo. When Vickson Domue first started out, his passion for Weight Loss, Diet and Lifestyle drove him to start this blog.

The motivation behind the Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle site is to offer both an instructive and (in the end) item asset that you can use to improve these parts of your life.

Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle

We will enable you to deal with the staggering deluge of data out there and will prescribe items and thoughts that can enable you to accomplish your objectives. In numerous occurrences, we will offer book proposals on themes extending from fitness, eating regimen, Lifestyle, and health too.

Indeed, we will recently include another area that will start posting our many book proposals that will bolster your accomplishment of achievement, wellbeing, and a superior way of life. We trust that you will look at it. Read more about this on our blog page.

Our point of view is one of interest and long-lasting health

Science, innovation, thoughts, and culture continually change and sticking to what we have constantly done or were educated during susceptible occasions isn’t constantly ideal. So we will search for the most modern approaches and thoughts.

Simultaneously, the human body and psyche are not new and they have produced for quite a long time before our cutting edge times, so here and there we will in general help thoughts and methodologies that consider this reality of long-lasting health.

Along these lines, we as a rule favor practice with a utilitarian segment and food, similar to varieties of the purported Paleo diet, Keto, supplements, weight loss instruments, Multivitavins and gadgets for use in preparing and working out.

Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle.


Improve Your Health- Weight Loss and Diet

A solid body and mind will help all parts of your life. Thus, we will explore weight Loss, Diet, and your lifestyle, just as other health-related issues. what has all the earmarks of being the precise inverse of what we ought to have found out about Weight Loss, Diet, and your lifestyle?

We were advised to shun fat for grains and starches, including sugar (which frequently filled-in low-fat food things). We will talk about various methodologies and instruments to accomplishing Weight Loss, Diet and your lifestyle, which is especially significant in our excessively stationary society.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle

Achievement and health independent from each other are insufficient. You require to live. In any case, how? We will investigate that question, with points that may run from movement tips to philosophical thoughts on the most proficient method to live.

Your way of life ought to have to teach and challenge your brain. Furthermore, there is an extraordinary delight in scholarly interests, including book-perusing on weight Loss, Diet, and your lifestyle. read more about this on our blog page


Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle

Our articles are based on thorough research we do before publishing. You can rely on them. However, We are not specialists or authorized specialists on these issues of Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle. We just offer our own point of view that incorporates research and reflection. A significant disclaimer is that we will offer thoughts and counsel on Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle, of the same quality as specialists, however, any choices you make to pursue this exhortation are simply your own and we are not liable to any damages you incur through the use of this materials. Do your very own examination and get counsel from your own authorized specialists. We trust we can be of help on these issues of Weight Loss, Diet, and Lifestyle. Read More about this on our Terms and conditions.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts as much as we enjoy providing them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Vickson Domue

About Us

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